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Al Jazeera One-Ups MSNBC

The Al Jazeera America network made its long-anticipated debut in the U.S. last week. Says Jodi Miller, “It’s the perfect choice for people who hate America, but can’t stand watching MSNBC!” Miller also weighs in on WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning’s recent announcement to get a sex change and Anthony Wiener’s response, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s resignation and the impending government shutdown in this edition of NewsBusted.

Russians, Wikileaks Appalled

A US military judge has found Army private first class Bradley Manning “not guilty” of aiding the enemy. However, he was found guilty of 19 remaining charges, meaning that he still faces the possibility of over 100 years behind bars. Russia’s RT  network and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange cast the decision as a landmark blow against journalism and free speech. Strange, seeing as how Bradly Manning is hardly a journalist nor a clearcut whistleblower, so much as a shady and desperate character and a nervous basketcase whose weaknesses were exploited by both the Russians and their puppet mouthpiece — Assange, who might as well be tied at the hip to Putin. Boo freaking hoo!

One…Hundred…Billion Dollars!

First the North Koreans threaten to nuke us. Now the Anonymous beehive is pledging to rain down chaos in retribution against the US Department of Justice for strong-arming Internet guru Aaron Swartz, compelling him to commit suicide.

Anonymous hacked the US Sentencing Commission website on Saturday and implanted this video warning. Lord knows, the Department of Justice is hardly a paragon of justice. But it’s impossible to take the Anonymous cyber Robin Hoods seriously when they hold forth riff and raff like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning as their idols. Go ahead boys, hotwire a Cheetos factory and strike a blow for global freedom. H/T Small Dead Animals

Almost Gone

Rock dinosaurs Crosby, Stills & Nash unveil their latest protest song “Almost Gone,” bemoaning the arrest of Bradley Manning and his pending military trial. Who’s Bradley Manning? A traitor who violated his oath of office by taking it upon himself to indiscriminately release thousands upon thousands of classified documents.  Not only did he place American soldiers and agents in grave personal danger through his treason, but now he’s trying to escape the moral and legal consequences of his reprehensible act. Sorry, CS&N. Manning is hardly an innocent babe in the woods or a political prisoner. He’s just a sniveling, confused weasel — a domestic spy — deserving of neither our pity or respect.  And if this flaccid and whiny song is any indication of CS&N’s artistic abilities, these geezers are, in the words of Jackson Browne, running on empty. Time for them to exit — stage left.

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