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LOL With a Conservative

Welcome to a rarity in our country–a conservative comedian! Brad Stine makes his first appearance in traditional Virginia, where he wows the audience with his integrity, intelligence and a hilarious brand of conservative comedy. Stine tells the crowd, “You hunt, you fish and you don’t apologize for it. I love that about you people. That’s America. Not a bunch of people lockstep with the politically correct: Oh, don’t shoot the animals, they might get their feelings hurt.” Please return to LOL next Tuesday for another journey through the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

Political Correctness is Marxism

Comedian Brad Stine traces the origins of political correctness to Marxism and explains why it’s undermining our freedoms in a conversation with Victoria Jackson. He also touches upon the prejudices of liberals and how their embrace of multiculturalism is hollow — because they don’t really honor or provide a platform for those holding opposing views.


Comedian Brad Stine tackles political correctness and the wussification of America.

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