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Why Roosters Aren’t Endowed

A new study from the University of Florida in Gainesville has discovered why male chickens and other birds do not have a penis. Around 97 percent of bird species have little or no phallus, even though they reproduce through internal fertilization.

Although chickens have a penis in the embryonic stages of development, it regresses over the course of maturation because of a genetic program that causes cell death at the tip of the growing penis.

How Penguins Lost Their Flight

A new theory might explain how penguins lost their ability to fly. The theory says birds can’t have wings good at both flying and swimming, and penguins made the tradeoff.

True Facts About the Duck

Only three percent of birds have penises. Perhaps none are as endowed as one species of duck. Ze Frank provides the low-down.

The Drunken Birds of Spring

As spring approaches, we anticipate the fluttering butterflies and the capering baby lambs, but we can also expect to see some birds hammered out of their minds in the trees, and perhaps rolling on the ground. In most cases, says Hank Green, these birds have overindulged in the fermented berries and other fruits that froze during the winter and are now thawing – proving an irresistible treat for many kinds of birds. H/T The SciShow


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