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Brushing Up on Frog Facts

In this edition of Zefrank1, the nimble frog leaps into the limelight. The frog boasts a transparent eyelid, relies on its permeable skin for oxygen and sheds its skin every couple of days before eating it. Tune in for more amazing true facts about this graceful amphibian.


Raiding Your Brain

Because our brain is an electrical device, it can be interfaced with other electrical devices. So, with all the advances in technology, is it possible to hack your brain? Combining an ear implant with laser light, scientists agree the prospect of controlling the brain is possible. Check out this latest version of AsapSCIENCE for more details.

Your Pee is Pollution

Ever wonder what happens after you flush? You should, because your pee is causing problems! Hank Green talks about how, and why, human waste is having weird effects on the natural world, like homicidal fish and hermaphroditic frogs.

A Herd of Fainting Goats

Fainting goats are born with a condition called myotonia congenita, which causes their leg muscles to tense up as part of the fight-or-flight response.

The Scoop on Poop

The SciShow Talk Show has a new look! And a new guest who isn’t new at all – Jessi Knudsen CastaƱeda from Animal Wonders joins Hank Green to talk about one of her favorite subjects: poop! They are joined by Augusto CastaƱeda and Yucca the red-footed tortoise for a visit.

All This in 30 Seconds

In the next 30 seconds, your body will do an amazing amount of things.


How does the Mantis shrimp perform sonoluminescence, an awesome exercise that results in transforming sound into light. MinutePhysics explains.


New Body Part Found

Medical researchers in Great Britain have discovered a new body part — a previously unknown layer of the human cornea. Alex Dainis reports on the finding in a landmark edition of Bite Sci-zed, the 50th installment of her popular YouTube science series.

Your Internal Clock

Circadian Rhythms– It’s a fancy name for our body’s internal clock. And like it not, they dictate so much of what we do and how we feel. D News looks at why we have them and how they work.

Strength and Muscle Growth

What if I told you that superhuman strength may be possible in the near future? H/T AsapSCIENCE

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