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The Prez is So Confused

“Polls show that most Americans don’t understand President Obama’s approach to fighting ISIS,” Jodi Miller says. So if you’re confused about the president’s ISIS strategy, don’t worry, so is he.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, First Lady Michelle Obama, the Senate Armed Forces Committee and Benghazi.

CIA Silencing Benghazi Sources

Obama Administration officials have dismissed Benghazi as a phony scandal. But if so, why has the CIA engaged in a massive and unprecedented campaign of intimidation designed to silence anyone and everyone who might know the truth about what transpired at Benghazi when armed terrorists attacked the US consulate?

In breaking the news, CNN said that essentially, the CIA is giving polygraph tests every month to more than a dozen CIA employees who were on the ground in Benghazi during the attack. Meanwhile, Great Britain’s The Telegraph claims the agency is trying to prevent its operatives from discussing the incident with the press or members of Congress in an attempt to hide details of an arms-smuggling operation.

Saudis Behind Benghazi Coverup

It wasn’t the election, but rather secret CIA-sponsored arms sales and Saudi money that motivated the Benghazi coverup, a recent political analyst reports. Pundit Dick Morris explores the disturbing implications, and asks how pervasively the Saudis are influencing US politics through bribes and secret campaign contributions.

Left Soft on Terrorism

Liberals have a difficult time recognizing radical Islam. They have an even harder time uttering these words, or other words like terrorism, jihadism and radical Muslim. The left does not have difficulty blaming Christians for every perceived injustice, so why can’t they blame jihadists for the Boston Marathon attack, the London beheading or Benghazi? Find out why on this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

They Want to Be Nixonian

Bob Woodward — who, as host David Gregory noted, is “no stranger to these kinds of controversies in Washington” — was among the panelists on Meet the Press this weekend. Which, naturally, revolved around the scandal-ridden Obama administration. Asked how the president has handled it, Woodward added to the list of “Nixonian” references.

“This is not Watergate, but there are some people in the administration who have acted as if they want to be Nixonian,” Woodward contended. “And that’s a very big problem.”

Elusive Search for the Truth

Ferreting out the truth on Benghazi, the IRS’ targeting of conservatives and the Justice Department’s phone taps of the Associated Press will be a difficult process, given the fact that no one in the Obama Administration — from the President on down — professes to know much of anything about any of these lingering scandals. Judge Jeanine Pirro offers her perspective on “the search for truth” in the scandal-plagued administration.

Paranoia Has Set In

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) appeared on the Andrea Tantaros Show to discuss the Benghazi scandal. Wolf says that Obama’s arrogance and paranoia led to the cover-up of the terrorist attack that left four Americans dead. Wolf recommends a select committee to investigate the cover-up.

West Wing Weak

The Obama White House has released the latest installment of its ongoing and self-congratulatory video series, West Wing Week. But despite touting itself as “your guide to all things 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.,” the new episode seems to be missing some of the key stories that have hit the headlines over the past few days. There’s no mention, for instance, of Benghazi or the AP phone tapping – and the IRS scandal is barely mentioned in passing.

Perhaps the White House is just too busy completely redacting documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act to fully document its recent highlights. In a surge of civic pride, Reason TV is happy to offer “West Wing Weak,” our look back at the administration’s past seven days.

All the News That Wasn’t

Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of murdering babies born alive.  “However, most networks didn’t report on the Gosnell trial,” says Jodi Miller. “They were already too busy ignoring Benghazi to find time to cover it.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on the IRS’ growing scandal involving illegal harassment of conservative groups,  the Justice Department snooping on the Associated Press and Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s defeat in her South Carolina Congressional race.

Why Benghazi Still Matters

Reason.TV cites three reasons why Benghazi still matters.

1. We still don’t know what really happened.
2. U.S. officials keep attacking free speech as the cause of the attack.
3. We still don’t have a foreign policy in the Middle East – or anywhere else.

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