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Not Your Daddy’s Sesame Street

Obama is sweating bullets in Berlin, CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson claims she was hacked and the CIA places al-Qaeda on the US taxpayers’ dime. All this, plus Muppet prisons, in this edition of THE GREAT EIGHT, hosted by Ben Crystal for the Personal Liberty Digest.

Like Lambs to the Slaughter

The NSA keeps its eyes on the prize. Obama likes the ladies. And Bill Maher looks in the mirror. All this — plus — Joe can spell! Presented by Ben Crystal in this week’s edition of The Great Eight from the Personal Liberty Digest.

Can You Hear Us Now?

It’s not paranoia if they really are listening. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, doesn’t get it. And, Baghdad Jim is back! All this — plus — Miss America in this week’s edition of The Great Eight with Ben Crystal.

The Holder Follies

Where’s “Agent 99” when you need her? How does Eric Holder spell relief? And — can’t talk right now, the Attorney General might be listening. All this — plus — no “Choom” in the courtroom, as Ben Crystal presents this week’s The Great Eight from Personal Liberty Digest.

More Muslim Mayhem

What does the beheading of a British solider in Woolwich and the Boston Marathon bombings have in common? Simple. You could never guess the religious orientation of the perpetrators from reading the US newspapers. In this edition of The Great Eight, Ben Crystal has some fun with the media’s Islamophobia, as well as wondering aloud where’s Colonel Klink when the IRS needs him most.

Obama Cares!

Barry and Michelle tighten their designer belts. History repeats itself for poor Piers Morgan. And the First Athlete sucks at two sports. All this — plus — MORE COWBELL — in this edition of The Great Eight with Ben Crystal.

Attack of the Fresh Produce

Ben Crystal from Personal Liberty Digest wonders if President Obama’s signing of the Monsanto Protection Act will spur a fresh produce counter-attack. In this edition of The Great Eight, Crystal also weighs in on Ashley Judd’s decision not to run for Senate in Kentucky and on Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s latest belligerent warnings.

Those Droning Democrats

Sorry, Barry, but the Capitol is a “no-fly” zone. Hugo drops dead. And: Locusts/Gadflies, 2016! All this — plus — assault pastries in this edition of The Great Eight with Ben Crystal.

Weird Science

President Obama is demanding more money for green energy initiatives in his second term. As if Solyndra wasn’t a big enough bust the first time around. Meanwhile, one of the anchors at CNN asks aloud whether global warming contributed to an asteroid nearly swiping the planet Earth. Ben Crystal offers all the Weird Science news on this edition of The Great Eight from Personal Liberty Digest.


The President’s Demotion

Liberals used to hold up President Obama as a new messiah. Now, comedian Chris Rock says we should all view POTUS as “our dad.” What’s with the demotion? Ben Crystal broaches the question in this edition of The Great Eight. An incident involving Obama getting his creep on with Nancy Pelosi also leads Crystal to wonder why Democrats are so hung up on kids.

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