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Have Beer, Will Travel

Beer drinkers in a Prague restaurant are being treated to a stellar performance with model trains delivering pints to tables along their 700 meters of rail track. The trains at Jan Paukert Restaurant can travel up to 20 kilometers per hour, passing model bridges and lakes on their beer delivery route, fostering a great atmosphere.

How to Open a Beer

A collection of the most hilarious, creative, and impressive videos of people opening cans or bottles. Some techniques are more effective than others. All set to music by The Arrogant Worms. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

The Origins of Beer

Although it is hard to pinpoint an exact date, researchers believe that beer dates back to the days of cereal agriculture, around 10,000 BC. In 3500 BC, the first recorded evidence of brewing was left on clay tablets by Sumerians in the epic of Gilgamesh. Those tablets revealed that the majority of brewers were women.

Drink Beer and Stay Healthy

Want to stay healthy this winter? Forget about cough drops and cold medicine. Go out and buy a six-pack of beer. A new study has shown beer contains a chemical can can ward off a common virus.  Of course, Sapporo, the Japanese beer brand, funded the study, so no telling if it is completely scientific. If you’re concerned, play it safe — and stock up on a 12-pack. H/T Instapundit

World of Beers LXXX

On tap tonight: Carlton, Australia.

We conclude World of Beers with a skydiving extravaganza. Hope you enjoyed our series of 80 beer commercials spanning the globe. Skol!

And check in tomorrow for our new series — Go! Girl! Go! — running through November and December. Go! Girl! Go! will compile some of the hottest dance numbers ever recorded on celluloid, whether in Hollywood or Bollywood, Rome or Rio de Janeiro.

World of Beers LXXIX

On tap tonight: Hamm’s, USA.

From the land of sky blue waters.

World of Beers LXXVIII

On tap tonight: Red Bavaria, Argentina.

A divorced man makes a bitter discovery: It’s a dog’s life.

World of Beers LXXVII

On tap tonight: Pure Blonde, Australia.

Beer and blonde virgins: Hail Valhalla!

World of Beers LXXVI

On tap tonight: Murphy’s Irish Stout, United Kingdom.

Samurai belly-up to the bar in a classic anime commercial.

World of Beers LXXV

On tap tonight: Brahma, Argentina.

You do the voodoo so well.

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