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To Probe or Not to Probe

The Obama Administration now says the IRS probe has become a top priority. “Yes, it’s right on the top of their not-to-do list,” says Jodi Miller. In this special Fourth of July edition of NewsBusted, she also introduces a house cat running for mayor of a town in Mexico and addresses reports of the NBA being recruited to pump up Obamacare.


Balls Out!

Jon Hamm and the Sklar Bros explore why basketball and stripping don’t mix in this comic animation.





Today’s False Heroes

Col. Allen West discusses NBA basketball player Jason Collins. Collins revealed publicly that he is gay, and received a telephone call from President Obama. Col. Allen West contrasts this with the heroism of soldiers like Sgt. Greg Robinson, who became the first amputee to complete Air Assault School. The training was so grueling that Robinson broke his prosthetic leg twice. Did Sgt. Robinson receive a call from President Obama? Did other decorated soldiers like Army Lieutenant Col. Matthew Dooley?H/T PJTV

Adventures of Christopher Bosh

The full title of this animation is The Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse, portraying the Miami Heat basketball star as a superhero “on an Odyssean journey through neon-hued space” battling an evil sorceress. Some reports suggested Bosh didn’t take too kindly to the film, but it is quite funny, if a bit on the freaky side. It’s directed by the Miami-based Bleeding Palm, featuring art and animation by Ronnie Rivera and Christina Felisgrau.

Dennis in North Korea

Guess what? Dennis “The Worm” Rodman recently visited North Korea, where he made friends with Communist dictator Kim Jong Un. Did they play basketball? Did they discuss nuclear proliferation? Find out on this new music video from Alfonso Rachel. H/T PJTV

March Madness

Col. Allen B. West is excited for college basketball’s March Madness and looking forward to beating his fellow PJ Media co-workers in the 2013 NCAA bracket predictions, and taking home $30 in cash winnings. West suffered a painful loss in the office Oscar pool. In the wake of that loss, Col. West examined the difference between the NCAA basketball championship, and the Academy Awards. Find out why he thinks the basketball championship is a true form of American meritocracy, while the Oscars are just another form of crony capitalism. H/T PJTV

Mice in Training for the NBA

After recruiting new superstar players from China and Europe has the NBA run out of places to seek fresh talent? Not if this rodent training video is the real McCoy. Forget about Yao Ming or Dirk Nowitzki. Wait until you see the high-scoring games once the league drafts Pikachu and Mighty Mouse. H/T IMAO

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