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Six Political Illusions

“The first thing [children] think about of government is that it is like a super parent,” says author and Reason Magazine contributor James Payne. Payne points out that seeing government as having the virtues of a parent — wisdom, responsibility, money, unlimited funds for whatever you need — has led to illusions about what role the government should be playing in our lives.

Payne sat down to talk with Reason TV at Libertopia 2012 in San Diego, Calif. to discuss his book Six Political Illusions: A Primer on Government for Idealists Fed Up with History Repeating Itself.

Miracle on Wall Street

Our government shouldn’t make us “donate” billions in corporate welfare to businesses each year. To learn more, visit

The Green Energy Boondoggle

People know about the failure of Solyndra, but many aren’t aware: Solyndra was but the tip of the icberg. The Obama Administration underwrote a large assortment of green energy companies. Nearly all of these firms boasted close ties to leading Democratic donors, fund-raisers and politicians, and most have gone belly-up, with millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars lost in the process. H/T Moonbattery



Come on Down to Crazy Barry’s

At Crazy Barry’s Car Lot, we’re offering crazy bailout deals on Chevy Volts! H/T small dead animals

Cronyism Isn’t Capitalism

Why are the taxpayers always on the hook when the federal government engages in crony capitalism, and tries to manipulate the free market and pick out winners and losers from among private businesses. Andrew Klavan explains the pitfalls.

GM: The Deadbeat of America

They’re barely selling SUVs, but you can bet that GM will get its engines rolling for the next government bailout.

Auto Bailout a Failure

President Obama often touts the bailout of Chrysler and GM as a signature achievement of his administration. But at this point, the verdict is out on whether the bailout actually benefited the economy. Taxpayers remain on the hook for billions of dollars in losses, and the Fed didn’t restructure the benefits and pensions received by auto employees, so the companies remain obligated for expenses they can’t pay over the long haul. Jenn Huhn from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation explains exactly why the bailout was bad news.

Does Stimulus Spending Work?

When the housing bubble burst, the Bush and Obama administrations turned to stimulus spending in an effort to create jobs. Now, the federal government has accumulated nearly $5 trillion in new debt, and the unemployment rate hasn’t improved whatsoever.

Antony Davies, an associate professor of economics at the Palumbo Donahue School of Business in Pittsburgh, Pa., isn’t surprised by that failure. In a new video for LearnLiberty, he examines the data and shows, that since 1955, there’s been no correlation between government spending and job growth.

Lori Sanders from the American Enterprise Institute drills down into the numbers to show why President Obama’s job-creation promises have failed to materialize.

Monument to Solyndra Failure

The Obama Administration spent half a billion dollars propping up Solyndra, the California solar firm that eventually went bankrupt. Now, what do the taxpayers have to show for that lavish investment in alternative energy? Would you believe a glistening art display in a Berkeley botanical garden? H/T iOwntheWorld

Is Obama the Next Henry Ford?

Joe Dan Gorman revs up his engine, and comes out firing on all pistons, in a fast-moving riposte delving into the federal takeover of GM. Did you know each Chevy Volt costs about $50,000 more to produce than the sticker price? Now, that’s a surefire formula for business success and could lead to President Obama’s anointment as the next Henry Ford.

Joe Dan also examines Bill Clinton’s waggling finger of truth, the union-driven demise of Detroit and Michelle Obama’s new energy drink “Eh’ Whole” in this latest edition of the ever-provocative and always hilarious Intellectual Frog Legs.

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