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How to Get a Boyfriend

MirandaSings gives some excellent advice on love, sex and how to get a boyfriend! H/T AVByte

Console Wars: The Musical

Ps4 vs Xbox One with a surprise winner! West Side Story Musical style! What is your console of choice? H/T AVByte

Superman: Draw My Life

Superman, the Man of Steel, reveals his secrets! In song!!! H/T AVByte

Facebook: The Musical

Are you also a Facebook addict?!
Don’t forget to share and like! :)

H/T AVByte

Take It Slow

Peter Hollens sings “Take It Slow” accompanied by a frolicsome and acrobatic ensemble filmed in slow-motion. ┬áH/T AVByte

Google Is Your Friend

Whatever the question, Google has the answer. The search engine is ubiquitous and ever-expanding. If George Orwell was alive today, perhaps Big Brother would not broadcast over a big TV screen, but instead via the Internet.

Alex Gibson, Molly Gallagher, Josh Israel, Olivia Dunn, Jake Satterfield and Elizabeth Oldak star in this AVbyte original musical.

Star Wars — The Musical

With a helping hand from the Disney princesses, J.J. Abrams pumps up Darth Vader for Star Wars: Episode 7. But first, J.J. has to get over his Star Trek hang-ups. H/T AVByte

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