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Can a Conservative Be an Atheist

PJTV Member Hambone2 wants to know if a conservative can be an atheist. Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle toss this issue back and forth, and their answers may surprise you. Find out what they have to say on this episode of Klavan & Whittle.

Faith War USA

Atheists and leftists be warned, the Christians of America are here to stay. Wild Bill preaches for the faithful.

God Help Us All

It wasn’t particularly shocking when the Democrats scrubbed all references to God from the party platform this summer. If ever a party stood for amorality and atheism, it’s the modern-day Democrats. But now that the Daughters of the American Revolution are following suit, that’s a sure sign that political correctness is running roughshod over Christianity.

The DAR even removed “America the Beautiful” from the group’s official documents because it mentions God. Henceforth, perhaps the acronym DAR should stand for “Damsels Against Religion.” H/T iOwnTheWorld

Atheist Hypocrites

Militant atheist John Wolff files a grievance with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, complaining about a Lancaster County restaurant offering a discount for diners who present a church bulletin on Sundays. ¬†Joining Wolff in his discrimination charge against Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen: The Freedom from Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based outfit claiming to represent some 17,000 atheists, freethinkers, agnostics and skeptics. ¬†Up next, look for Wolff and the FFRF to demand that Prudhomme’s add Devil’s Food Cake to its menu and black out its TV sets except when Real Time with Bill Maher comes on the air. In short, these aren’t freethinkers, but hypocritical brownshirts wanting to stamp out everyone’s beliefs except their own.

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