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Asteroid Wranglin’

Hank Green has some good news about NASA, which has now been assigned a new mission to capture an asteroid.

Profits in Space

Planetary Resources is an asteroid mining company. Its president, Chris Lewicki, joins Glenn Reynolds to discuss the profit potential from space exploration. Platinum and other precious metals exist in abundance in space. Is space the next big growth industry? Find out. Also, watch for our companion piece coming later today — Hank Green on the topic of Asteroid Wranglin.’ H/T PJTV

Weird Science

President Obama is demanding more money for green energy initiatives in his second term. As if Solyndra wasn’t a big enough bust the first time around. Meanwhile, one of the anchors at CNN asks aloud whether global warming contributed to an asteroid nearly swiping the planet Earth. Ben Crystal offers all the Weird Science news on this edition of The Great Eight from Personal Liberty Digest.


It’s a Bird! It’s a Planet!

Our dear planet Earth is the hotbed of cosmic activity this year. Let’s recap some recent news. A meteor explodes over Russia, an asteroid barely missed crashing into Earth, and later this year, we will see a comet in the skies that will shine brighter than the full Moon.

Asteroids, Comets, Meteors. Ever wonder about the difference among those 3 celestial bodies?

Early Warnings for Meteors

Australian astronomer and popular scientist Fred Watson explains the significance behind Russia’s rare meteor strike and the Earth’s close encounter with an asteroid happening so close together. He says the incidents highlight the need for early warning systems so such celestial bodies can be detected and, if possible, deflected before they strike the Earth. H/T WorldNewsAustralia

Interesting enough, some of the best images of Asteroid 2012 DA14 came from Australia’s Gingin Observatory. Here’s a NASA video from the observatory showing the asteroid darting past the Earth.

The Meteorite Threat

The meteorite that struck in Russia’s Urals wreaked havoc as its exploded. This RT video shows the tremendous hole in Chebarkul Lake made by meteorite debris.

Meanwhile, Asha Tanna, science reporter for Channel 4 in Great Britain, outlines the threats posed by asteroids and meteors should they rain down into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Asteroid Heading Our Way

Calling Bruce Willis.

This coming Friday, a 130,000-ton asteroid is set to pass perilously close to Earth. NASA has been tracking the asteroid and believes it won’t strike the planet. But what if NASA is wrong about this projectile, known as 2012 DA14? Robert Lee Hotz from The Wall Street Journal runs down what you need to know.

Meanwhile, new evidence has emerged that another asteroid — although a much larger one — wiped out the dinosaurs.

Paintballs to the Rescue

How could we save the planet if an asteroid was careening toward Earth? Nuke the rogue Earth-crosser? How about bombarding the asteroid with millions of paintballs? That’s actually a legitimate option, or at least one being considered by the United Nations’ Space Generation Advisory Council and explored in this edition of SourceFed.

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