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Returning the Stolen

Thirty-two years after Argentina’s military dictatorship, a heartbreaking legacy emerges. Hundreds are discovering that their ‘parents’ are impostors, responsible for the kidnap and murder of their real parents.

Shave It

After the rain forest around him is bulldozed, a cagey monkey makes his way to the big city, operating under the principle: If you can’t beat them, join them. But while he enjoys many successes and achievements in his new realm, a big part of him is still screaming to be wild. This flashy animation comes from 3DAR, a creative studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. H/T Kuriositas

A Short Love Story

A young girl’s dreams of romance are embodied by a couple of pencil-outlined birds that escape from one of her drawings. The full title of Carlos Lascano’s work is A Short Love Story in Stop Motion. Lascano is a well-known Argentine animator and illustrator, whose 2005 work, Legend of the Scarecrow, was nominated for a Goya as the year’s best animated work.

Big Challenges Await Pope

After years of watching Cardinal Bergoglio in action in Argentina where he does a lot of political work, pundit Dick Morris offers important insights on his likely course.

Argentine Elected New Pope

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected the new Pope of the 1.2 billion strong Roman Catholic Church on the second day of the conclave of Cardinals at the Vatican. The 76-year-old is seen as a conservative and the first ever Jesuit pope of the Catholic Church. He will be called Pope Francis I and replaces Benedict XVI who resigned from the papacy last month.

Argentina Descends into Chaos

Rocked by high unemployment, double-digit inflation and a shrinking economy, Argentina is now teetering on the brink of mass unrest, as waves of looting are occurring around the nation. This follows the largest union strike of the past five years that effectively closed down Buenos Aires for a 24-hour period. Opposition has grown to the rule of Cristina Kirchner as the government has been unable to control the crime or straighten out the economic mess. H/T Moonbattery



Hidden Formula

Ever wondered what are the secret ingredients used by Coke? Without divulging the formula, directors David Daniels and Ray Di Carlo from Buenos Aires, Argentina, offer an animated account of the exotic adventures and hair-raising challenges you’ll face if you try to get to the bottom of the mystery. The full title of their 2008 work is The Secret Secrets of Coca-Cola’s Hidden Formula Revealed. H/T Animation Blog

World of Beers LXXVIII

On tap tonight: Red Bavaria, Argentina.

A divorced man makes a bitter discovery: It’s a dog’s life.

World of Beers LXXV

On tap tonight: Brahma, Argentina.

You do the voodoo so well.

World of Beers LXVII

On tap tonight: Fernet Cinzano, Argentina.

The eyes have it.

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