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Brits Halt Antarctic Project

British scientists have called off a $13 million drilling project that was an attempt to search for traces of prehistoric life at Lake Ellsworth in Antarctica. The project could be resumed in the future, but first some daunting technical challenges must be overcome.

Antarctic Ice Mass Grows

Scientists are observing record growth in the sea ice extending out from Antarctica. Northward winds are driving the annual growth, amounting to an area roughly equal to the size of Connecticut. This Antarctic expansion comes at the same time that the polar ice cap in the Arctic has been shrinking. Robert Lee Hotz from the Wall Street Journal has the details

Flat Earthers Take Aim at NASA

Conspiracy theorists organized under the banner of the Flat Earth Society have targeted NASA, charging the space agency uses fake and altered images to support the idea that Earth is round. The society believes our planet more closely resembles a thin wafer, with the frozen ice packs of Antarctica stretching along the Earth’s outer limits to keep the oceans from draining off. ¬†Formed in 1956, the society is small — fewer than 1,000 members — but global in scope. Its most-famous member: The British musician Thomas Dolby (“She Blinded Me With Science”). H/T SourceFed

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