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Is Sharknado Possible?

Well? Is it?
But that doesn’t mean that this … bizarre … attempt at cinema doesn’t raise some interesting questions. Questions explored in this episode of SciShow. Hold on to your buckets!

Your Pee is Pollution

Ever wonder what happens after you flush? You should, because your pee is causing problems! Hank Green talks about how, and why, human waste is having weird effects on the natural world, like homicidal fish and hermaphroditic frogs.

A Herd of Fainting Goats

Fainting goats are born with a condition called myotonia congenita, which causes their leg muscles to tense up as part of the fight-or-flight response.

Bizarre Animal Secretions

You’re probably aware of lots of the things we take from animals, but for centuries, humans have been sneaking animal secretions into a bunch of things you probably didn’t know about, like your Easter candy, your Mom’s perfume, and even that cigarette you probably shouldn’t be smoking. We also continue to enjoy delicacies that are only made possible because they come out of some animals’ mouths, glands, and butts. Hank Green explains.

A Slobber of Dogs

Pleated Jeans’ Jeff Wysaski suggests better names for groups of animals. For instance, why call them a herd of yaks when a pack of yaks sounds so much better?

Echinoderm Show & Tell

Alex Dainis from the Bite Sci-zed vblog returns from a dive off the coast of Massachusetts with an Echinoderm — a sand dollar — for a quick and informative show and tell.

Flirting With Animal Facts

Three of these are myths…do you know which ones? H/T Pleated Jeans

Blood-Sucking Animals

Hank Green introduces us to 6 blood-drinking (or otherwise consuming) animals that you may not be aware of. Don’t freak out…

True Facts about the Tapir

Remember, if you never take any risks, you might fade away. Tapir takes advice from the bird, the bear, the pig and others, but should she heed the recommendations? H/T Ze Frank


The Majestic Grolar Bear

Although polar bears and grizzly bears aren’t all that similar and are definitely separate species, they can interbreed and create fertile offspring in the wild. Hank Green brings us the story of these misfit bears, which he likes to call grolar bears.

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