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Christianity And Freedom

A PJTV member recently submitted a question to the network asking, “Is Christianity uniquely qualified among all religions as the best basis for freedom and prosperity? Hosts Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan tackle this sensitive question with some enlightening conclusions.

It’s Opposite Day For the Left

If you listen carefully to the litany of proclamations and assurances from the Obama Administration and the progressive left over the last few years one thing is certain: Everything they’ve said has had an opposite outcome. Conservative political commentator Andrew Klavan has labeled the phenomenon Opposite Day. In this edition of Truth Revolt, Klavan lays out a laundry list of promises from Obama himself that did not come to fruition.

Is ISIL Islamic?

When President Obama proclaimed ISIL, or ISIS, to be the JV team of terrorism, it came back to bite him badly in the behind. Now our Commander in Chief is riling up folks again. In an address to the nation recently, Obama declared, “ISIL is not Islamic.” Conservative political commentator Andrew Klavan was taken aback by the comment and has chosen to assemble a crack team of investigators to vett the remark in this edition of Truth Revolt.

Defining Truth

PJTV gurus Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle define the ever-absorbing question that has befuddled mankind: What is the truth? Listen in as each gets a bit philosophical in their responses.

Can a Conservative Be an Atheist

PJTV Member Hambone2 wants to know if a conservative can be an atheist. Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle toss this issue back and forth, and their answers may surprise you. Find out what they have to say on this episode of Klavan & Whittle.

Benghazi Scandal

Andrew Klavan and Stephen Crowder have a spontaneous breakfast discussion about Benghazi, the scandal that the Obama administration and its compliant media supporters conspired to bury in the sands of the Sahara.

The Left’s Dream Factory

PJ Media’s Andrew Klavan talks to PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell about Hollywood and the potential upswing in Conservative-principled films. He cites some encouraging trends, but says Hollywood still serves as a dream factory for the Left, glorifying radicals and rewriting history to present liberals in a better light.

Why Are Conservatives So Mean

Andrew Klavan explains why it sucks to have to act like a grownup, citing lessons drawn from the observations of Alex de Tocqueville.

Facts of Life for Liberals

In this episode of On the Culture, Andrew Klavan explains how the free market works in a way that even Progressives can understand.

If We Survive

When he wrote his latest novel If We Survive, Andrew Klavan didn’t imagine he was creating an allegory describing the 2012 election. But the election has certainly cast this adventure tale in a new light. If We Survive tells of a group of young Americans taken out of their comfort zone, and stripped of their freedoms, when they are trapped in a Central American nation undergoing a Communist revolution. Left to their own devices and wits, can they find their way home? Klavan talks about the book with PJTV’s Alexis Garcia.

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