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Al-Qaeda’s Bloody Footprints

Inside video footage shot by a security firm paints a disturbing portrait of the terror faced by hostages in the Algerian gas plant overrun by al-Qaeda-linked militants. The video aired on Channel 4 in Great Britain, prompting the Foreign Minister to announce that counter-terrorism work in Algeria and other North African countries would intensify in the coming weeks.

They’re Going Home

Britons breathe a sigh of relief after their rescue from an Algerian gas plant where they were taken hostage by Islamic extremists. Algerian state media reported Friday that about 660 captives had been freed, including 560 Algerians and 100 foreign nationals. But there were still 30 or more foreign nationals unaccounted for, either trapped inside or killed by the 30 militants who stormed the complex. The plant is operated as a joint venture by Sonatrach, theĀ Algerian state oil company; Britain’s BP and Norway’s Statoil. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

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