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Oil Collapse Points to Crisis

The collapse of oil prices might well trigger the next major crisis around the planet, according to economic forecaster and author Harry Dent. “Most economists say that falling oil prices is good for the consumer. Of course it is. We save maybe $2 a day in lower oil prices,” Dent says. “But it’s going to burst one of the biggest bubbles we’ve had recently, the fracking bubble. We were told we’re going to be energy independent, we’ve got this great fracking revolution. It’s just a bubble industry.” Tune in to this edition of The Alex Jones Channel as Jones queries Dent about the impending economic doom.

The Ebola Disaster

It’s official: The Ebola Outbreak has infiltrated the United States and Americans are outraged. Alex Jones reports that a second nurse has contracted the deadly virus, while the Obama Administration continues to play games with political correctness and political expediency. Meanwhile the sophomoric blunders continue, such as bodily fluids from infected victims left unprotected in open areas of emergency rooms, insufficient hazmat suits for healthcare workers and busted protocal throughout the system. Jones breaks down the entire fiasco in this edition of The Alex Jones Show.

2nd American Revolution

Vice surveys the conservative resistance movement — from Tea Parties ┬áin Texas, to Oathkeeper rallies in Massachusetts, to the followers of faux-libertarian Alex Jones, with his dire, conspiratorial warnings of a pending New World Order. How dangerous is the threat of a totalitarian government, and can the public mobilize to safeguard our freedoms? Are we on the brink of a 2nd American Revolutionary War?

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. Ah, but how often does a nut find a blind squirrel? The answer lies buried in these 42 Alex Jones predictions, demonstrating time and time again that he’s no Nostradamus.

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