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Salt, Ice and Cold Drinks

Need an ice-cold refreshment on a hot summer day? A sultry Alex Dainis demonstrates how to add salt into the mix in this Bite Sci-zed episode, set to the music of Dolly’s “Bang Bang.”

Naked Mole Rats & Cancer

Naked mole rats, the butt of many jokes, those pale ugly subterranean rodents, might just hold a new key to cancer research. Alex Dainis of Bite Sci-zed explains.

New Body Part Found

Medical researchers in Great Britain have discovered a new body part — a previously unknown layer of the human cornea. Alex Dainis reports on the finding in a landmark edition of Bite Sci-zed, the 50th installment of her popular YouTube science series.

Burning Iron

In this episode of Bite Sci-zed, Alex Dainis demonstrates a hot experiment — How to ignite steel wool using a nine-volt battery to create iron oxide in a sparkling reaction!

Echinoderm Show & Tell

Alex Dainis from the Bite Sci-zed vblog returns from a dive off the coast of Massachusetts with an Echinoderm — a sand dollar — for a quick and informative show and tell.

Cannibalism in Swarms

Alex Dainis of Bit-Scized this week discusses cannibalism — first in locust swarms and then reports of cannibalism at the early American colony of Jamestown. It’s a frank discussion of a grisly topic, so viewer discretion is advised.


Genetic science has advanced to the point where extinct animal and plant species can now be brought back to life. Alex Dainis explains the process, identifying the passenger pigeon as a prime candidate for de-extinction.

Gaze Into the Sun

While you can’t look directly into the sun without damaging your eyes, the Solar Dynamics Observatory posts a dazzling array of solar images on its website. Alex Dainis of Bite Sci-zed offers an overview of what you’ll find if you visit¬†

Genetic Privacy

In this edition of Bite Sci-zed, Alex Dainis raises several pivotal questions regarding genetic privacy, few of which have easy answers.

Dishes and Membranes

In this edition of Bite Sci-zed, Alex Dainis explains how humble dish detergent relates to every one of your cells.

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