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Stay Away From Western Ideas

A memo uncovered in China is warning the country’s Communist Party to stay away from Western ideas. And President Obama passed out the same memo to Democrats last week! Jodi Miller also discusses the antics of Hillary Clinton, Anthony Wiener and Chloe Kardashian on this week’s edition of Newsbusted.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Watch out for the Flying Monkeys as the Obama Administration takes aim against guns. You can hear the cackling. “I’ll get you my pretty…and your Bill of Rights, too.” Meanwhile, the staffers at Current TV are scrambling to find new jobs now that Al “Jazeera” Gore has sold the network. Hear all this and about Bill Clinton living out his Oedipal fantasies in this edition of The Great Eight with Ben Crystal.


Al “Jazeera” Gore’s Sellout

Dick Morris, who used to work for Al Gore, lays into his old boss for selling Current TV to Al Jazeera for $500 million. Al Jazeera wants a platform to promote Islamic jihad right smack in the United States, Morris warns. But already some powerful opposition is materializing to the deal. Time Warner cable carried Current TV but says it won’t carry Al Jazeera’s broadcasts. Will other cable and satellite systems follow suit and snub the Arab propagandists? Stay tuned.

President Auto-Pen

Obama leaves the real work to the “professionals.” They’re certainly scraping the barrel for heroes these days. And — THAT is CNN? All this, plus: Al Gore cashes in with Al Jazeera as Ben Crystal presents The Great Eight from the Personal Liberty Digest.

Al Jazeera Coming to America

It’s official: Al Gore’s bumbling, laughably low-rated Current TV network will now become an arm of Arab propagandists. Qatari-owned news network Al Jazeera has finalized a deal to buy the American liberal cable channel and transform it into Al Jazeera America. Now that Al Gore has become Al “Jazeera” Gore, how long before MSNBC sells out to the Russians?

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