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Lesbians in Space

Janet Napolitano rides off into the sunset, President Obama trash-talks prosperity in Africa, and patriots at the local and state levels ponder how to reign in a rogue federal government intent on trampling our liberties. The hits keep coming in this hot, summertime edition of Intellectual Froglegs with Joe Dan Gorman.



Digital Effigy

In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Joe Dan Gorman charts the adventures of Captain Destructo in Africa. Closer to home, Joe Dan introduces President Obama’s three personal weathermen, all on the public dole to the tune of $400,000.

Stopping Genital Mutilation

The United Kingdom has a law on the books banning female genital mutilation, but the abhorrent practice has been more commonplace, especially among African immigrants, owing to a failure to prosecute violators and to protect victims.  Now, efforts are under way to bring those at risk out from behind a wall of silence. Channel 4 reports.

The Last Great Explorer

Sir Wilfred Thesiger was one of Britain’s last great explorers. In this intimate documentary shot briefly before his death, Thesiger talks about his experiences in the desert, Bin Laden, the American foreign policy and the rapidly changing Arab world.

‘The harder the life, the finer the type, no doubt about that,’ believes Sir Wilfred. Educated in the comfort of Eton and Oxford, he returned to the place of his birth, Africa, to embark on his extensive travels across the Middle East. He learned the ancient code of conduct that made survival in the desert possible: honesty, loyalty, courage, endurance and patience.


al-Qaeda’s Bad Employee

Former al-Qaeda fighter and mastermind of the gas plant hostage crisis in Algeria, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, was bad employee and his bosses told him so.

True Facts About the Aye Aye

Much like the pug, the aye aye walks the tightrope between radically ugly and cute as hell. Ze Frank presents the lowdown on the Madagascar lemur in the latest edition of his running “True Facts” series.

Unrest Spreads in Africa

France has sent around 300 soldiers to the Central African Republic to secure the airport and diplomatic installations in the capital of Bangui after rebels seized the city in fierce fighting over the weekend. The skirmishes claimed the lives of 13 South African soldiers. The French troops hope to restore order in the landlocked republic, a former French colony.

Africa’s Internet Scammers

Fraudsters in West Africa show Vice how they use internet scams to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims all over the globe.

While Nigeria’s 401 scammers may have written the book on West African internet fraud, their shtick looks like Compuserve compared to what’s going on in Ghana. Unsatisfied with the meager winnings from emailing thousands of random Westerners in hopes of convincing one poor sap they’re the treasurer of the Ivory Coast, Ghana’s scammers decided to stack the odds in their favor the old-fashioned way—witchcraft.

Taking a page from cyberpunk, traditional West African Juju priests adapted their services to the needs of the information age and started leading down-on-their-luck internet scammers through strange and costly rituals designed to increase their powers of persuasion and make their emails irresistible to greedy Americans. And so “Sakawa” was born.

Our Ostrich-Like African Policies

Under President Obama’s watch, North Africa has been transformed into a powderkeg. Radical Islamists have made inroads in Mali, and now are coming under airstrikes from France. Al Qaeda-linked terrorists have seized a BP oil complex in Algeria and taken Americans and other foreign nationals as hostages. Civil liberties are eroding in Egypt under a Muslim Brotherhood regime we helped to put into power. US Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Florida Republican and former chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, weighs in on this growing menace that the Administration seemingly wants to sweep under the rug.

Painted Bodies of Africa

In this episode of National Geographic Live, photographers Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith join forces to explore the art of using skin as a canvas. The practice is performed among many African tribes to attract the opposite sex, to differentiate oneself from the enemy and to access the spirit world. (Caution: Perhaps NSFW, owing to tribal nudity).

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