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Everyone Likes Something Extra

The 1938 singing Extra jingle from Esso Gasoline, courtesy of The Prelinger Archives

Hugh Jackman, Dancing Fool

A swig of ice tea not only helps Hugh Jackman beat the summer heat, but also transforms the actor into a dancing fool. H/T CulturePub

The Thighs Have It

Girls in Tokyo are renting out their thighs as advertising space after a PR agent was looking for more inventive ways to get campaigns across. Sarah Kerr of ITN reports.

Va Va Voom

Drivers test-drive the Renault Clio, igniting plenty of excitement in this clever, if somewhat fanciful, ad. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Before They Were Stars

Vintage car and cosmetic television ads by before-they-were-famous stars. The lineup:

Robert De Niro – AMC Ambassador (1969)
Farrah Fawcett – Union 76 (1972)
Dustin Hoffman – Volkswagen (1966)
Kim Basinger – Bright Side Shampoo (1972)
Lindsay Wagner – Twice as Nice Shampoo (1967)
John Travolta – US Army (1973)
Cybill Shepherd – Cover Girl (1969)

Flo’s Not Funny

Wild Bill exposes Progressive Insurance as one of America’s most rabidly liberal businesses, pushing anti-Christian causes and supporting groups that are undermining American values. Yes, Flo has some hilarious routines, but there’s really nothing funny about the biased company she’s helping to market.

Styled in California

“This is a typical California day,” narrator Janis Paige announces as a family arrives at the beach in a convertible. Courtesy of Prelinger Archive comes this colorful 1960s advertisement for Montgomery Ward’s summer clothing line.

“California has become the fastest growing fashion and design center in the world,” Paige notes. Moreover, the people are happy, and it’s not because they’re on vacation. It’s because they live here. Everything is shiny and new — not wholly a rejection of East Coast opulence, but reflective of a different pace of life — one focused more on amusement. Mad Men viewers will appreciate this advertising campaign’s time capsule of an era.

Thar She Blows!

What happens if you can’t see where you’re peeing? Well, his wife is going to be delighted…


Nerd Wins the Office Lottery

A hot delivery man ignores all the sexy ladies to make out with a nerdy assistant.  Skyfilm Studio created this 2001 advertisement to promote the Hungarian lottery and show that winning the lottery is more likely to happen than this situation. H/T CulturePub

One Tall Drink of Water

Catwalking naked in glamorous high heels alongside a swanky swimming pool, Eva Herzigova channels Marilyn Monroe, perhaps establishing herself as the new Blonde Bombshell.



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