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Switch It Up Day

The “progressive” educators at a Wisconsin school scheduled “Switch It Up Day,” encouraging boys to dress as girls and girls to wear boys’ clothes. Adam Carolla describes the exercise as a classic case of bullying, while Bill O’Reilly is more blunt — lambasting the teachers as pinheads.


Johnny Depp: Scarf Addict

An animated Adam Carolla interviews Johnny Depp about his extensive scarf collection, his skills as an escape artist and how he’s immune from fire.

Samuel L. Jackson’s A Tool

Samuel L. Jackson has emerged as one of the most strident Hollywood mouthpieces for the Obama administration. But does Jackson practice what he preaches? If he advocates higher taxes for you why does he appear in movies designed to take advantage of every last tax shelter possible? Hear Adam Carolla’s R-rated take on the subject.

Change Your Life

Only one species on the planet can change itself for the better. You belong to that species. Don’t waste the opportunity! Live, learn, grow. A few words of advice from Adam Carolla, presented by Prager University.

Don’t Count on Luck

Because if Lady Luck or the government handed you everything you dreamed about, you wouldn’t have any incentive to work or to use your intelligence or to truly realize your potential. Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla lays it out for you, in plain English, in his first course for Prager University. H/T InstaPundit

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