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Nutball Scrawls on Painting

A 28-year-old woman associated with the 9/11 Truther movement has defaced Eugene Delacroix’s painting “Liberty Leading the People.” The iconic 1830 work, commemorating the French Revolution, is believed to have served as the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty.

The woman struck while the painting was on loan to the Louvre-Lens Museum, an art museum in northern France that often displays works from the Louvre’s collection. She used a red permanent marker to scrawl a Truther message on the painting. Police apprehended her, but prosecutors have yet to release her identity.

Jail time is too cushy for this vandal. She should be airdropped into the Sahara, wherever the Jihadi insurgents are now holed up, and forced to fend for herself among her own kind.





Make Me a Sandwich

Some people just aren’t happy when they get a meal. Take this whiner, who was so upset by the ham and turkey sandwich he got at a deli that he called 911 to complain and seek police intervention. ┬áThe dispatcher tries her best to calm him down, but he’s persistent. Wonder if he also calls about the missing holes when he goes to a donut shop? At least, then, the police response time is likely a little faster. H/T Moonbattery

Calling 9-1-1

Erick Erickson, conservative blogger and CNN contributor, goes on the network to explain SWAT-ting, a practice in which one’s detractors, political or otherwise, use deceptive 911 calls to bring the police swarming around your home. Erickson was the victim of just such an incident following his decision to blog about Brett Kimberlin, the convicted Speedway bomber, perjurer and drug dealer, who now runs a couple of non-profits supposedly engaged in ensuring fair elections. This is the same fellow who tried to pervert the 1988 election by claiming a few days beforehand that he had previously sold marijuana to GOP Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quayle — a claim debunked by Kimberlin biographer and New Yorker contributor Mark Singer.

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