Secret Techniques to Milk a Man

Anal Sex but on MenPerverse, abnormal, deviant, unconventional, unnatural, degenerate, depraved, perverted; are all words used to describe anal pleasure. However, due to the adventurous minds and curiosity of humans, more than a few men and women are willing to try this. Surprisingly, research shows that more than a few men and women enjoy this sexual practice. In men anal pleasure is achieved by massaging the prostate or by in lay man’s language, milking the prostrate. The prostate is found in the anal canal. The major purpose or function of the prostate, however, is aiding in reproduction. The prostate glands secrete prostate fluid, one of the components of semen. This happens just before ejaculation in order to help prolong the life of sperms. The prostate walls also help in the ejaculation of semen.

Before milking or massaging the prostate, both the man and the woman must be clean. The woman should trim and file her nails to remove jagged edges. It is also very important for the man to empty his bowels and relax his body. Having a warm shower or having a body massage should help in relaxing your body. Relaxing the body aids in preventing the recticular walls are not broken. Wearing clinic gloves with lubricant on it is advised for safe sex. After you are both relaxed and ready, the woman should stimulate the prostate by massaging it externally by first touching and rubbing the perineum using the index finger while trying different sensations. For more results, using your free hand, touch, and stroke other arousal body parts. In order to find out the potent sexual areas where the man wants you to keep touching, communication should be constant.

Once you note the man or your partner has been aroused, slip your finger in the anus using water based lube. Slip your finger an inch up the anus. If your partner is still relaxed and in a cozy position slip your finger gradually up the rectal wall that faces the upper part of his body. The prostate feels like a round bulb tissue. Once you feel and find the prostate move your finger(s) in a side to side motion. Using your finger pads, massage the prostate making sure not to use the finger nails. You can also rub the perineum of your partner simultaneously for better results. You can also try this with various positions.

Anal pleasure may cause frequent discomfort feelings of using the toilet. However, research shows that it a feeling that is caused by the stimulation. The ‘feeling’ wares off after getting used to it. After good prostate massaging or milking a man easily goes over the edge. More often that not, men always reach climax. Always make sure you do it passionately and willingly. Remember you are dealing with an internal organ so show a lot of care. In the case of any complications seek a qualified specialist.

I wish you all the best in making his world of sexual pleasure a great haven. Good sex is one way you can make your partner always happy and content.