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How Measles Returned

Wasn’t measles eradicated in the United States years ago? Well, it’s baaack! But how? Hank Green says the disease has been back for about two months and the Center for Disease Controls says it could gain a foothold unless we get vaccinated. The current strain, Green says, comes from the Phillipines and might well threaten an endemic in our country. Tune in to this edition of SciShow as Green explains the unlikely comeback of the disease.

The Muslims Are Coming

A loyal citizen of the United Kingdom recently penned a letter to Wild Bill, warning of the impending Islamic invasion of the United States. The Brit wrote that the Muslims arrived in the UK peaceful and quiet and built mosques. Then the outrageous demands began, followed by Sharia Law and no-go areas for non-Muslims. And violence–rape and beheadings. “They want total domination. Fight for your freedom America, because they are coming your way,” he wrote. Wild Bill had an immediate response. “What you describe is the Muslim pattern. They do the same thing in every country that allows them in. The moderate Muslims are in it just as much as the throat cutters.” Listen to the rest of Wild Bill’s narrative in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Anti-Amnesty Ruling a Big Deal

The court’s decision to throw a monkey wrench into President Obama’s executive order on immigration amnesty is a bigger deal than what many think, according to political pundit Dick Morris. He says it’s an obvious move by the judicial branch to curtail Obama’s power grab and reign him in. Listen in as Morris explains.

Know Thy Enemy

Glenn Beck encourages both sides of the political spectrum to pay close attention to ISIS and what they believe before making any decision to put boots on the ground in the Middle East. “How can you have a sound battle plan or a strategy if you don’t know the goal of the enemy,” Becks says. The crisis might well end up as World War III, or as ISIS calls it, the last battle, he says.

Lyin’ Brian For President

“Some are now advising Brian Williams to run for the Democratic nomination against Hillary,” reports Jodi Miller. “After all, it’s already been proven that Hillary can be beaten by a lying phony.” Miller also zooms in on John KitzHaber, Dan Rather, Rosie O’Donnell and Alec Baldwin in this rollicking edition of NewsBusted.

The Holy War Begins

The ISIS beheadings of 21 Christians from Egypt shocked the world and has Fox News’ anchor Bill O’Reilly fuming. Meanwhile our illustrious president remains on the sidelines, reluctant to confront the terrorism head-on. O’Reilly, who now sees the Middle East disaster as the beginning of a new Holy War, points out that 57 percent of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling the ISIS crisis and 47 percent favor sending ground troops to Syria and Iraq to combat the problem, according to a recent Fox News Poll. Says O’Reilly, “The utter brutality that faces the world and the country today has to be confronted, and somebody has to lead that effort.” Don’t miss the rest of O’Reilly’s commentary.

10 Unexplained Photos

While photographing his daughter in 1964, a man captures what appears to be an image of an astronaut behind her. He claims there was no one else in the area at the time, and the Kodak Company confirmed that the photo was not tampered with. This is just one of 10 strange photos that have never been explained. Take a gander at this edition of The Richest to view nine other anomalies and judge for yourself.

The First Amendment Bullies

Alfonzo Rachel makes no excuse for being terse. He says atheists hate the Pledge of Allegiance, but still use it to force atheism on others. “Atheists aren’t being ostracized and bullied,” says Rachel. “Actually, aren’t you atheists using the heavy hand of the state to infringe more and more upon the first right of the First Amendment? I don’t recall hearing about people going around suing others to make them say ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance or sue anybody to say the Pledge of Allegiance at all.” Check out the rest of Rachel’s rant in this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

Did the Past Really Happen?

Did the past really happen, or did it all begin last Thursday? Michael Stevens calls the theory “Last Thursdayism,” and it questions everything that’s happened on our planet. In this unusual edition of Vsauce, Stevens explores how future inhabitants of Earth will remember us.

Government vs. Small Business

Two of the staples of the conservative platform are less taxes and small government. And this is especially espoused when the Goliath which is our government takes on small business, aka David. More times than not, government thrives on creating obstacles for small business, as has been prevalent in the current administration. Consumer advocate John Stossel welcomes small-business owners Martha Boneta and Marty Kotis to discuss their experience with Big Brother in this edition of Liberty Pen.

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