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.50-Caliber Weapons on Border

While President Obama lounges at Camp David, turmoil on the southern border is reaching a fever pitch. In a bold move unfolding over the weekend, drug cartels fired on U.S. Border Patrol agents with .50-caliber weapons, escalating what has been a never-ending disaster. And if that wasn’t enough, while the gunfire ensued illegal immigrants continued their trek across the border, this time on Jet Skis, believe it or not. Fox & Friends weekend crew Heather Nauert, Jon Scott and Peter Johnson Jr. discuss the turn of events.

Some Pretty Dumb Laws

After festival revelers made a complete mess of a 1996 festival with Silly String in Southington, Connecticut, town officials clamped down in a hurry. The partygoers sprayed Silly String on police, marching bands and cheerleaders, prompting the community to ban the sale of Silly String in shops. This is just one of 15 dumb laws around the world uncovered by the adventurous Danger Dolan. Are they dumb laws, or just a bit silly? Check out the other 14 and decide for yourself.

America Needs a Challenge

On a pleasantly warm afternoon at Rice University in Houston in 1962, our youthful, brash president challenged America. President John F. Kennedy laid out the country’s plan to put a man on the moon. “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the others things, not because they are easy but because they are hard,” he said. That was 52 years ago. Where have the challenges gone and what do we strive for today? PJTV’s, Bill Whittle says, “Nothing we do is audacious anymore. Everything we hear from this president (Obama), and to be fair, for many, many years before he arrived, is hectoring and prissy and trivial and beneath us.” Check out this edition of “Afterburner” as Whittle eloquently dishes out a mix of passion and intellect.

Robo Friends Have Arrived

Eat your cartoon heart out George Jetson. In this edition of SourceFed, host Trisha Hershberger tells us that the world’s first robot assistant has arrived. Maybe not quite as sophisticated as Rosie the Robot of The Jetsons fame, but Hershberger says, “The reality of a somewhat affordable home robot/assistant companion is on the horizon.” She says the robot will come with a speedy processor, voice and facial recognition, sound isolation technology and an LCD touch screen. What else can we ask for?

Paul Rodriguez KOs CNN

Steve Malzberg, host of Newsmax’s “Give Me 5,”  focuses on the immigration crisis on our southern border, where more than 50,000 children from Central America have spilled into our country, many of them sans parents. Malzberg says the media discourse on the issue took an unexpected turn when conservative comedian Paul Rodriguez frustrated CNN commentator Don Lemon. Lemon, who asked Rodriguez why our nation is so divided on the issue, was visibly stunned when he didn’t get the answer he expected. “I don’t think we are divided,” said Rodriguez, who is Mexican-American. “I think America has its heart in the right place. We need to be compassionate, we need to be strong and enforce our laws. It is precisely why we need to make it clear to these countries that regardless of the obvious trauma that they’re going through, we have to set laws and let them know that it’s not the land of milk and honey.” Listen to the conclusion as Lemon responds.

A Myriad of Obama Failure

President Obama’s first Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said, “Nevert let a good crisis go to waste.” And our 44th Commander in Chief wasted no time implementing that ideal. “He used that ‘crisis’ to promote socialism and fundamentally to transform the United States in very important ways,”  political commentator Dick Morris says. Obama, of course, began with the ill-fated stimulus package to the Obamacare debacle to the General Motors bailout to the many other programs that failed miserably to resurrect our economy. In this week’s history edition of Dick Morris Reports, Morris explains each of the failed programs.

Millenials Are Evolving

Wanna hear a surprising fact? Millenials aren’t dyed-in-the-wool, far left liberals as many in the mainstream media would have you believe. Reason TV-Rupe polling director Emily Ekins says, “Millenials are no more likely than Americans over 30 to say they’re Democrat. Instead, they’re three times as likely to say they’re Independent and half as likely to say they’re Republican.” In this edition of Reason TV, Ekins delves a little deeper into the factors driving the Millenials.


Jeff Dunham and Friends

Ventriloquist and stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham shows off his unique talent in this visit to Comedy Central. In this segment, Dunham wows the audience with Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Walter the Grumpy Old Man, Bubba J the Beer-Drinking Redneck and Sweet Daddy Dee the Pimp. LOL will be back next Tuesday for another chapter of the lighter side of life.

Beck to Help the Children

Glenn Beck is heading south for the summer. At the risk of harming his career, the controversial political commentator on The Blaze Network is trekking to the Mexico-U.S. border to literally lend a hand to the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have streamed across into our backyards. “Through no fault of their own they are caught in political crossfire,” Beck says. “And while we continue to put pressure on Washington and change its course of lawlessness, we must also help.”

Walking Eagle a Disgrace

Back off! Joe Dan Gorman is on the warpath against Walking Eagle, aka President Obama. Where did that Native American moniker come from, you ask? Gorman explains: “The funniest thing I heard is that Obama has an Indian name now. They call him Walking Eagle, because he’s so full of crap, he can’t fly.”  That’s the first salvo of many hurled at our Commander in Chief by Gorman in this entertaining edition of Intellectual Froglegs. While Obama claims he was a true-blue disciple of the Constitution in his previous life, you’d be hard-pressed to find any evidence of that in his nearly six years in the White House. “You know what, we really don’t even know what the hell he is. His college records are sealed,” Gorman says. “Everything about this dude is a fraud. Everything. His stimulus, his green energy, his ‘you can keep your healthcare,’ his ‘you can keep your doctor,’ his victory over Al Queda. This guy is a disgrace.” Tune in as Joe Dan continues his rampage.

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