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Obama vs. Reagan

Perhaps Ronald Reagan was the most accomplished, well-rounded and formidable Commander in Chief this nation has ever had. His patience and saavy delivered us from sure economic disaster. His stern hand sent a chilling message to the Communist East, bringing down the Berlin Wall and summarily ending the Cold War. Fast forward to today, and our country is again in jeopardy from terrorists who are over-running our allies and threatening to destroy our freedom. Are you satisfied with President Obama’s response? What would Reagan do? Take a moment to carefully listen to the following video, brought to you by Stefan TV, titled: “Obama vs. Reagan: How to Handle Terrorists.” Then you decide.

Virus Strain a Worthy Foe

The mysterious Enterovirus that has enveloped the country is posing major problems for the U.S., especially for our children. A particular strain of the virus, D68, is a worthy adversary. In this edition of SciShow, Hank Green explains the science of the latest virus to break out in the U.S. (Update: Sadly, since this video was shot, there have been two confirmed deaths due to the virus, both children ages 21 months and 4.) Also in this edition of SciShow, Green examines the planet’s looming population boom, which is expected to reach between 9.6 and 12.3 billion people.

ISIS War Bad News for Hillary

Dick Morris opines that the ISIS-U.S. War in the Middle East threatens to undermine Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in the looming 2016 presidential election. “This is not going to be a quick one,” Morris says. “It’s going to go on, it’s going to involve tens of thousands of American troops and politically, it’s going to leave the left seething with anger.” Tune in to this edition of Dick Morris Reports, as Morris dissects the gloomy facts.

Loch Ness Socialism

Bill Whittle takes aim at the Socialist Utopia of progressives. Like the Loch Ness monster, Whittle says, Socialist Utopia is a cryptid, something rumored to exist but without actual proof. Magical thinking, in other words. “Magical thinking not only dulls reason, it kills reason,” he says. “Because magical thinking is actually a form of anti-thinking. It’s belief in something not because of evidence but in spite of evidence.” Listen to the rest of Whittle’s analysis on this edition of “Firewall” on Truth Revolt.

In Search Of Lost Treasure

The Barber dime is perhaps the rarest coin in American history, even though more than 4 million were made. The story goes that a shipment of the Barber dimes was en route from the Denver mint to Arizona (the video inadvertently says Phoenix to Colorado) when the wagon train tipped over and plunged into the impassable Black Canyon of Gunnison, in Colorado. Numerous searches for the treasure have been in vain, leaving only about a dozen dimes currently in existence. Danger Dolan gives us a glimpse of 14 other lost treasures that have never been found.

The Great Weed Debate

The states of Colorado and Washington stunned the nation when citizens voted to legalize marijuana. The move was a bad one, says Kevin Sabet, professor of psychiatry and a former senior advisor for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. He says time will tell whether we’ve replaced a system of minor arrests for possession of weed with a public health tragedy of legalization. Consumer and investigative reporter John Stossel engages Sabet in debate and takes a look at how the legalization of marijuana is working out in Colorado in this edition of LibertyPen.

A Plea to the President

When President Obama addressed the nation over the ISIL/ISIS threat in the Middle East, he adamantly disassociated the terrorist organization from Islam. In an emotional plea to Obama in the following video, former Muslim-turned-Christian and son of a Moroccan imam, Brother Rasheeed, passionately attempts to set the record straight. “I can tell you with confidence that ISIL speaks for Islam,” he says. “ISIL’s 10,000 members are all Muslims. None of them are from any other religion. They come from different countries and have one common denominator–Islam.” Tune in to Brother Rasheed as he begs President Obama to drop the political correctness and see ISIL for what is is.

Assault On Freedom Of Speech

The question on the proverbial political table: Is campaign finance reform a good way to regulate money in politics? Nationally syndicated, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will thinks not. Will says campaign finance reform is nothing more than a euphemism for controlling freedom of speech. Listen in to his argument in this edition of Prager University.

First Lady Drops Surname

Jodie Miller says, “As the midterm elections draw near, many Democrats are now distancing themselves from President Obama. To give you an idea of how bad it is, First Lady Michelle Obama is now simply going by Michelle.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features the Ebola virus, NFL, Louisiana Senate race, Nik Wallenda and cosmetic surgery.

America the Beautiful

It wasn’t long out West when thick smog obliterated the view of the majestic San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles; the Great Lakes were cesspools of toxic waste and factories belched smoke all across the country. The good news today, is that the smog is gone, the Great Lakes are teeming with fish and America’s skies are practically free of poison. Political commentator Bill Whittle says that despite the bleak issues facing our country, America still is engulfed in the exceptionalism that has made it the greatest nation in the world. Listen to his extraordinary tribute in this unusual episode of “Afterburner.”

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