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Westerners Join Muslim Jihads

While President Obama attempts to deflect the barrage of foreign policy critics from his own party, his administration is now confronted with the growing problem of American Jihadis. Amy Holmes, host of “The Hot List” on The, shares some incredible stories of Westerners leaving home to join Muslim Jihads abroad.

Get Ready For Ebolacare

“Several people in New York and Ohio are being tested for the Ebola Virus,” Jodi Miller reports. “So President Obama is about to announce the rollout of his latest program–Ebolacare. Miller also highlights Nancy Pelosi, U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, Russian bombers and Joe Biden in this edition of NewsBusted.

Anybody Out There?

The one question that has baffled us for millenia is: Are we alone in the universe? With more than 500 trillion suns like ours in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, more than 100 trillion galaxies and the increasing number of exoplanets in the universe, it is nearly impossible to think that there is nobody else. Hybrid Librarian takes a look at this mystery and nine others that have stupefied our greatest minds.

World Still Silent On Genocide

In a moving and terse commentary, Fox News’ Lisa Daftari scolds Hollywood’s inner liberal circle for using their stardom to spew politically correct and basically uninformed opinions. Most recently, actors Penelope Cruz and her husband, Javier Bardem, blasted Israel for committing genocide, pointing to the 1,800 Palestinian casuaties as compared to 64 for the Israelis. Daftari argues these numbers do not tell the real story. Such as the stories of how Hamas use Palestinian children as human shields, hide their weapons in schools and civilian areas or how the Palestinian people have now turned against Hamas. Meanwhile, genocide is a reality in Syria, Iraq and the Sudan. Daftari has some pointed advice for these Hollywood zealots: “If you don’t know all the facts, stay quiet. Otherwise, use your voice to address real global calamities.” Listen to the rest of Daftari’s commentary on Fox News.

The Man Who Made Us Laugh

Whether conservative, liberal or Libertarian, Robin Williams made us all laugh. So it is with a heavy heart that we mourn his sudden death earlier this week. Williams was blessed with a God-given talent in many areas, among them comedy and drama. He either had us rolling in the aisles or shedding buckets of tears. ABC News takes a look back at some of Williams’ unforgettable moments in the craft he mastered.

The Right Way to Eat Fruit

If you love fruit, chances are you’re eating your orange or mango the wrong way. The following demonstration shows you how to eat six popular fruits the correct way in this unusual edition of BuzzFeedBlue. Get more of the lighter side of side here on LOL in a brand new installment next Tuesday.

A Sinkhole Treasure Trove

It seems a normal sinkhole discovered in Wyoming in the 1970s turned out to be chock-full of ancient treasures. The sinkhole was discovered at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in northern Wyoming and dubbed The Natural Trap Cave. Before the Bureau of Land Management placed a grill over the top of the cave to protect the public, scientists rappeled to the bottom of the naturally cold environs to find several well-preserved remains of animals who plunged to their deaths from 12,000 to 23,000 years ago. Hosts Joe Bereta and Steve Zaragoza delve deeper into this story in this edition of SourceFed.

The All-Powerful Google

Google, which was once merely a search engine, is now one of the most powerful technological tools on the planet. The Internet giant gained notoriety for bringing us instant information on just about any subject we desired. Now it can transport you anywhere on the globe, courtesy of Google Earth, including your front and back doors. Great for travelgoers and to pass the time, but what about our civil liberties, you ask? In this edition of Liberty Treehouse, host Raj Nair and The Blaze’s Amy Holmes discuss the pros and cons of the all-powerful Google.

Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction

The Permian-Triassic extinction event 250 million years ago was the worst the world has ever seen. That was followed closely by the extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. Recent research published in The American Journal of Science says the amount of extinctions happening now around the world is beginning to look like what scientists are calling Earth’s sixth mass extinction event. Join Hank Green for the details in this edition of SciShow, plus a look at the world’s first transparent animal–the see-through mouse.

Proof’s in the Liberal Pudding

While running for president in 2008, President Obama ranted and raved that President Bush had single-handedly increased the national debt by $4 million on his own over eight years, more than all previous presidents combined. Well, after winning the presidency in 2008 and re-election in 2012, Obama obliterated Bush’s record, increasing the debt by another $7 million in just six years, one example of the proof is in the liberal pudding. Another glaring example, says Joe Dan Gorman, is the state of the economy. “Obama and his media are telling people, ‘The economy is fine.’ Your the only one that’s struggling. Everyone else is doing great. They point to this ridiculous six-point something unemployment rate. You know, it’s easy to have a low employment rate when you don’t count everybody. The real unemployment rate remains in double digits at 12.2 percent.” Check out this riveting edition of Intellectual Froglegs as Gorman unveils that the proof is really in the liberal pudding.

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