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Analyzing the Paris Attack

The political fallout from the Paris terror attacks has reached a boiling point, but pundit Dick Morris says everyone is missing the real meaning of the assault. “This is not just plain terrorism. This is a totally different, qualitative kind of terror attack,” Morris says. “Because it was motivated not randomly to cause death and destruction and fear and terror. It was motivated to modify the behavior of the European and American media so that it came into accordance with Sharia Law.” Tune in as Morris elaborates in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

More Obama Excuses

Jodie Miller reports, “President Obama is still defending his absence from the Paris unity march. Says it’s no big deal because Raul Castro didn’t go either.” Miller takes on John Kerry, James Taylor, Josh Earnest, Ohio ISIS plot, John Boehner and the National Enquirer in this edition of NewsBusted.

Picking Apart Obama

The 2015 State of the Union Address was classic Barack Obama. Same old political rhetoric, same old threats, same unfulfilled promises. A number of Cato Institute scholars turned a critical eye to the president’s address and give you their take on his pronouncements.

No Binoculars Doomed Titanic

OK information junkies, did you realize that the crew of the Titanic could have avoided their fatal collision with the Atlantic iceberg if they had been using binoculars to scan the ocean? Turns out, David Blair was given the job of second officer on the Titanic but he was replaced. And when he left the ship, he took the key to his locker, which contained the binoculars. The ship’s lookout leader later admitted that with those binoculars they would have spotted the iceberg in plenty of time to avoid it. Check out 25 other things that changed history forever in this edition of Mental Floss hosted by John Green.

ISIS Strikes Again

ISIS has returned to its savage ways, threatening to behead two Japanese citizens if Japan does not agree to a $200 million ransom. Canadian Broadcasting Company anchor Heather Hiscox talks to Japanese TV editor Miki Ebara about freelance reporter Kenji Goto, one of the kidnapped citizens.

Nature’s Nuclear Reactor

Hank Green and SciShow takes us to Gabon, Central Africa, where two billion years ago a unique set of conditions came together to form the world’s only known natural nuclear reactor. Green takes us to the Oklo Mine, site of this phenomenon, and adds, “No radiation suit needed!”

Obama in Bed With Wall Street

During the 2008 presidential campaign, then Senator Barack Obama raked big banks and Wall Street over the coals, stirring protests against the rich throughout the nation. Fast forward six years and it appears the administration has become more than a bit cozy with the top one percent. “It was kabuki from Day 1,” says Joel Kotkin, editor in chief of New Geography. “Particularly in 2008, had the vast majority of support on Wall Street, The New York Times dubbed him the “hedge fund candidate” and he had very good relations with the big-money people in Chicago. So there’s always been this sort of kabuki. He does that one thing that’s sort of rhetorical and then he does the real thing.” Listen in as Kotkin continues his discussion of Obama’s love-hate relationship with Wall Street in this edition of “InstaVision,” with Glenn Reynolds, on PJTV.

A Planet On the Move

It was a mystery to geologists why our continents drifted about the planet, occasionally glomming together then breaking apart. Not until the 1960s was it discovered that the Earth’s crust is broken down into fragments called tectonic plates–and they are moving. Host Henry Reich explains the fundamentals of this phenomenon in this edition of Minute Earth.

The New Tea Party

Although President Obama’s parade of progressive minions will continue forward with their radical agenda, Wild Bill says not to worry. The new year, he says, will have many positive revelations to combat the liberals, including a swell of Black Americans in the Tea Party. “Black Americans can now see two diverging roads,” says Wild Bill. “One, following the tired, old race-baiters line and the violence that will bring. Or to take a stand against thuggery and to call for honesty and decency in America.” Check out the latest edition of Wild Bill for America as he explains.

Oil Collapse Points to Crisis

The collapse of oil prices might well trigger the next major crisis around the planet, according to economic forecaster and author Harry Dent. “Most economists say that falling oil prices is good for the consumer. Of course it is. We save maybe $2 a day in lower oil prices,” Dent says. “But it’s going to burst one of the biggest bubbles we’ve had recently, the fracking bubble. We were told we’re going to be energy independent, we’ve got this great fracking revolution. It’s just a bubble industry.” Tune in to this edition of The Alex Jones Channel as Jones queries Dent about the impending economic doom.

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