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College Profs Lean Left

A recent study concluded that higher education is politically liberal–by a landslide. No surprise here. College professors have been indoctrinating our children with leftist rhetoric for decades. Amazingly, says Matthew Woessner, professor of political science and philosophy at Penn State University, the liberal bias does not appear to affect conservative students, but it definitely is hindering liberal students. Check out the professor as he analyzes the study and uncovers more surprising facts in this edition of Prager University.

Charities Abusing Donors

From Kid’s Wish to Mother Teresa, charities worldwide are abusing the goodwill of donors. Alltime 10s unveils the 10 most shocking facts of these abuses, including a whopper at No. 1.

The Effect of Bad Science

“One of the great tragedies of the world has been the hijacking of science as a political weapon,” Wild Bill says. “Actually, I would call it a crime. Isn’t that what fraud is?” Wild Bill says bad science today lurks in three general areas–evolution, global warming and homosexuality. Tune in to this edition of Wild Bill for America as he explains.

Dealing With ISIS

The world was horrified when an ISIS fanatic beheaded an American journalist, then immediately marched another hostage in front of the camera and threatened to do the same thing if the U.S. continued its bombing sorties in Iraq. The shameless and revolting murder, says Dick Morris, is a definite call to action for the United States. But aside from any military response, Morris is calling for crippling the travel of terrorists to the U.S. In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, he lays out the details.

The Rich and Poor Get Richer

A recent study on poverty in America by the Heritage Foundation found that the rich are getting richer. But guess what? The poor are getting richer, too. So don’t put too much credence in the annoying rhetoric streaming from the Democrat Party and mainstream media lamenting the struggles of the less fortunate. Bill Whittle says we should be celebrating poor America’s riches, and he has the facts to back it up in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

Ancient Mayan Cities Found

Researchers from the Slovanian Academy of Sciences and Arts have uncovered a pair of gems in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Archaeologists unearthed the ancient Mayan city of Tamchen deep in the Yucatan jungle, then rediscovered Lagunita nearby. Lagunita was originally discovered in the 1970s but its exact location was never recorded. Joe Bereta and Trisha Hershberger dish out the details in this edition of SourceFed.

Defining Truth

PJTV gurus Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle define the ever-absorbing question that has befuddled mankind: What is the truth? Listen in as each gets a bit philosophical in their responses.

The M&Ms Blunder

Danger Dolan exposes the 15 worst business decisions ever because of greed, ignorance or just plain desperation. Among them was when in 1981 before the film was shot, ET director Steven Spielberg approached the Mars confectionary company to feature M&Ms as a small plot device in the film. Mars immediately declined, forcing producers of the film to go with their second choice–the Hershey Company and Reese’s Pieces. As you’ve guessed by now, Hershey profits soared in the coming months and Mars executives were left wiping egg off their faces. Checkout Danger Dolan’s compilation of 14 other poor business decisions.

Dirty Democrats Strike Again

It looks like the hapless Texas Democrat Party is up to its political antics again. On the surface, Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted for attempting to remove the head of the Public Integrity Unit (PIU). Turns out the PIU chief was booked for DWI and was aggressive and belligerent to arresting officers on top of that. But what the official media coverage is leaving out, is that the PIU head honcho was also guilty of failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. Wild Bill analyzes the ridiculous charges against Perry and how the Democrats have elevated breaking the law to an art form–much like their master in the White House.

Frenchy’s Luck Runs Out

In our hilarious video of the week, check out this French bulldog’s frustration as he tries, but cannot, reach his prize. Funny stuff posted by Piotr Nowak. And come on back to LOL next Tuesday for a rerun in the lighter side of life.

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