Tips to Help Men Last Longer in Bed

woman wants you to last longerSex is a modernized and expected thing. The ability to be able to derive pleasure while also triggering pleasure for your partner in sexual intercourse is important. You know what’s also important? Being able to last long enough for your female partner to actually orgasm. Yeah, that’s important. Sex is a two-way road, buddy. If you have a bit of a harder time holding on, you are in the right place.

“So how can I last longer in bed?” you might ask. Well, for starters, here are a couple of tips to help you out a little bit.

Tip #1: Engage in foreplay.

Engaging in foreplay (making out, dry humping, light touching of the woman’s breasts, deep tongue kissing, sensuous massaging, groping, kisses on the neck, fingering, mouth on genitals and/or breasts, etc.) is often the most enjoyable part of sex (if done correctly). Foreplay is very likely to increase duration ability and pleasure.
If your foreplay is strong, it forces your body and brain to have patience and resistance before you reach the point of ejaculation. It also activates more pressure points, making the sex that much more enjoyable.
Your foreplay template should mostly be created to pleasure your female partner because you might often find that when they’re enjoying it, it turns you on even further. Making sure they’re being pleasured and taken care of before you get into the actual intercourse is vital for good sex, but it also gives you the chance to practice your self-control and not fall apart while fingering her.

Tip #2: Practice building self-control.

Self-control really is a big factor in sexual intercourse. This can be achieved by masturbating regularly, which is perfectly healthy for men of all ages. Masturbation builds stamina to help you last longer in bed. It also helps if you masturbate an hour or two before sex.
Building control can also happen when you masturbate and squeeze the head of your penis 10-20 seconds before ejaculation. Aside from squeezing, the “stop-go” method is also helpful, as it makes you stop yourself just before ejaculation and take a deep breath before you continue going.

Tip #3: Communicate with your partner.

If the sex doesn’t feel great, talk to your partner. Let them know what’s going on and how the two of you can work to improve the sexual experience. Also be sure to tell them what works and what doesn’t. If they’re doing something in bed that you just don’t vibe with, communicate that to them. It’s important to listen to what they have to say in return, as well, because it may just increase your pleasure and theirs with a small adjustment on your part.
With these three easy and helpful tips, you should have a much better sexual experience from here on out. All three are very important in your sex life, but don’t be afraid to experiment to figure out what you like. It’s great to be accommodating, but it’s also great if your partner is willing to try something different for you, as well. Now that you have this information up for your sleeves, you should have no problem lasting longer in bed, men.

3 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Cum!

Girl wants an orgasmThrough the span of humanity, many attempts have been made to understand precisely how one approaches pleasing a woman in bed. There have been many failures, however, specific steps toward this higher learning have been made. Wanting a woman is no small feat and indeed no task for the faint of heart, however, it can be finished.

Ladies fake orgasms. That is a fact. It is also a challenge because offering pleasure to a woman in bed is exciting that most men crave for. Anything worth having is hard work, however, the final products are always justified, despite all the trouble. Remember these three principles when you get yourself face to face with this sweet challenge.

3 Proven Steps to Make a Girl Cum!

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Administer #1 

Make it abundantly clear to your woman that she isn’t merely physically wanted yet esteemed and cherished as well. Be vocal with your praise and demonstrate her with actions precisely the amount she means to you. Compliment her regularly and hear her out when she talks.

Control #2 

Don’t merely have sex; make love. Take an opportunity to incorporate a considerable measure of cuddling and touching into your sex routine. Foreplay is essential for ladies to appreciate sexual intimacy. Touch her all over the place. Massage her, kiss her and ask her what she loves.

Run #3 

Develop your endurance to last longer in bed. On average it takes a woman twenty minutes to climax. The more you can continue the better the experience for both of you. She will have time to locate her release, and yours will be more extreme.

Sex ought to be a mutually satisfying knowledge. Discover what she loves and what makes her the most aroused. At last, it will serve you better. Love is a rollercoaster; strap yourself in and appreciate it. You should start by kissing her on the lips, ears, inward thighs and any other place that she finds arousing. Utilize your lips to delicately caress her body and your tongue to make her moan with pleasure. Use stretched out foreplay strategies to make your girl reach her first orgasm. Utilize your fingers and tongue to massage and tease her clitoris. Try not to stress on the off chance that you are unfamiliar with it. Her moans and snorts will direct you to flawlessness. Try not to be in a rush to penetrate her since folks usually don’t last long whereas girls take longer to reach an orgasm. Instead, proceed with the foreplay to make her reach orgasm until the point when she implores you to penetrate her. Even while penetrating her, make beyond any doubt to start out gradually with profound pushes.

Make beyond any doubt to caress her whole body instead of just concentrating on the drives. Hang on until the point when you feel that your girl is very nearly the next climax. Once your girl indicates that she is about to climax at that point time your orgasm with the goal that you both reach a hot orgasm together. This ought to be accompanied by faster and more profound pushing. A joined orgasm will leave both you and your girl entirely drained and completely satisfied. You’re only one stage away from discovering how to be the “Bad Boy” in the room and make girls have wild screaming orgasms!

How to Blow Your Load Across the Room and What The Girl Needs to Do

Shoot it like a cannon!Do you want to ejaculate more sperm or maybe your partner wants that? Or perhaps you want to ejaculate further and amaze your girl? If so, then here are some useful tips to take into account.

The amount of sperm does not depend on the size of the penis.

Let’s be honest, the size of a penis has nothing to do with the amount of sperm produced. This can be noticed by black actors who manage to ejaculate just a few drops from their testicles, despite having huge penises.

The amount of sperm depends on each man, his genes and body. But there are some tricks that you can use to increase the amount of sperm if you both want this, of course. Here is what the girl needs to do in the relationship.

The girl needs to get you very excited – Here is how!

If your partner has no problems with premature ejaculation then he is an ideal person for a strong and long ejaculation. You have to make sure he’s really horny from the beginning. That means you have to start both heads and make him crazy for pleasure already in prelude. It should take as long as possible. (Read: I had my man come twice in a row without resting!)

We recommend an oral sex marathon and manual stimulation. You must always stop before orgasm, so that he collects a large amount of sperm in the testicles, and he is just waiting to get out of the penis. Repeat this exercise for a long time and do not let it finish.

When the testicles are really tight and he begins to shout that he needs an orgasm, let him take the arms in his own hands. He should decide the moment of ejaculation, which will make him even stronger. You also have to choose how it ends. Actually, let him have all the control and allow him to let go.

Suggest him to masturbate a little before you finish…

Exactly, he has to fill his testicles before you finish. Not too much, though. Just do not start to hurt it and be able to handle your moves. He has to masturbate “in rate” and always end when he is the “sweetest moment”, not even before the orgasm, but even a little earlier.

Tell him you want to see a picture of his hard cock…

Excite him by sending an SMS. Send him a picture of yourself naked. Tell him you want to see a picture of his hard cock. Basically, excite it before you get to orgasm, excite him so much that the amount of sperm will already be big enough without you even being there.

Tell him to “keep off” for a few days…

A condition for a strong orgasm is also not to do anything for a few days. Tell your partner that you want a lot of sperm and that it should not be touched for a few days. This is a very effective practice for couples who do not live together yet. Promise him you’ll let him finish on your face. Convince him not to touch for a few days. Make him keep the sperm just for you and for the day you will be together again. Ejaculation will undoubtedly be bigger and more intense, and your partner will actually skip its cover because it can eventually free itself.

Tell him you adore his ejaculation, and prove it!

If your partner knows that you love his sperm, he will definitely produce more than he is convinced that you feel repulsive and hate it. The psychic plays an important role here. A man who is aware that his partner is awaiting until he finishes on her face or breasts will definitely become more proud and eager to go beyond reaches than one who is told to ejaculate on the floor or in the condom.

The Secret to Cumming Twice (Or More) As A Man

Hot Girl Wants Him to Cum Again!Is it really possible to cum twice as a man? Yes. Although most men term this as a blatant lie, it is actually very possible. Some say you need to take an hour or so to recover while others advise few weeks off sex to make you super sensitive.

While all that can enable you cum twice, they will not give you the liberty to get them when you want. You see, after ejaculation, all men have approximately 30 minute’s refractory period. During this time, the body relaxes then recharges for your next episode. But that time is a lot, considering women can have theirs’ continually and require you to fuck harder. You don’t want to look like a failure, do you? The feeling alone makes Mr. D droop lower that minute. So here’s what to do to avoid that scenario.

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But first, is there any benefit of cumming more than once at all?

Yes there is. Brain scans done on men ejaculating revealed that their brains were brighter and more active. An active brain makes you process things fast. A scientist also did a study on men experiencing migraines. He grouped them into two; those that would have sex and the other that would not. Those that did not engage in sex reported that the migraine was still hitting them hard. There was no change. A third of those who had sex were happy because the migraine was over and the remaining said the migraine still presented only in a less severe manner. This is so because when one ejaculates, the brain releases endorphins that not only gives a good feeling but also relieves the pain.

How to Cum Twice

There is one powerful way to help you cum more than once but it needs patience and work. Practicing it may become a bitter experience but the fruits will be the sweetest. This method was baptized non- ejaculatory orgasms. It involves having sex continuously without ejaculating. When you do not ejaculate, the 30 minute refractory period will never happen. Achieve this in 3 steps.

1. Do kegel exercises

They are not for women alone; men too can use the exercises to hold the ejaculation. Locate your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles and practice holding them for 5 seconds 10 times in a day. No one will notice you are doing it so feel free to do it as often as possible. PC muscles are the ones responsible for stopping your pee halfway, so once you have located it, try contracting them anytime every time.

2. Test yourself

After doing it for a while, say a week, masturbate and when just at the top, contract the PC muscles for 5 seconds then relax. Continue masturbating and repeat when nearly cumming. Do it as much as you can. It can disappoint the first and second time but it increases your power to hold so keep working.

3. Practice with your partner

You can let her know that you are practicing your new found skill for better service delivery, or surprise her. Better still; catch one night stand to make it easier. It gives you the real experience. Fuck as hard as you can then just when about to cum, contract your PC muscles for 5 or longer, relax then continue. It really feels good: both for you and your partner. You can cum twice then release your prisoners or even more with time.

Secret Techniques to Milk a Man

Anal Sex but on MenPerverse, abnormal, deviant, unconventional, unnatural, degenerate, depraved, perverted; are all words used to describe anal pleasure. However, due to the adventurous minds and curiosity of humans, more than a few men and women are willing to try this. Surprisingly, research shows that more than a few men and women enjoy this sexual practice. In men anal pleasure is achieved by massaging the prostate or by in lay man’s language, milking the prostrate. The prostate is found in the anal canal. The major purpose or function of the prostate, however, is aiding in reproduction. The prostate glands secrete prostate fluid, one of the components of semen. This happens just before ejaculation in order to help prolong the life of sperms. The prostate walls also help in the ejaculation of semen.

Before milking or massaging the prostate, both the man and the woman must be clean. The woman should trim and file her nails to remove jagged edges. It is also very important for the man to empty his bowels and relax his body. Having a warm shower or having a body massage should help in relaxing your body. Relaxing the body aids in preventing the recticular walls are not broken. Wearing clinic gloves with lubricant on it is advised for safe sex. After you are both relaxed and ready, the woman should stimulate the prostate by massaging it externally by first touching and rubbing the perineum using the index finger while trying different sensations. For more results, using your free hand, touch, and stroke other arousal body parts. In order to find out the potent sexual areas where the man wants you to keep touching, communication should be constant.

Once you note the man or your partner has been aroused, slip your finger in the anus using water based lube. Slip your finger an inch up the anus. If your partner is still relaxed and in a cozy position slip your finger gradually up the rectal wall that faces the upper part of his body. The prostate feels like a round bulb tissue. Once you feel and find the prostate move your finger(s) in a side to side motion. Using your finger pads, massage the prostate making sure not to use the finger nails. You can also rub the perineum of your partner simultaneously for better results. You can also try this with various positions.

Anal pleasure may cause frequent discomfort feelings of using the toilet. However, research shows that it a feeling that is caused by the stimulation. The ‘feeling’ wares off after getting used to it. After good prostate massaging or milking a man easily goes over the edge. More often that not, men always reach climax. Always make sure you do it passionately and willingly. Remember you are dealing with an internal organ so show a lot of care. In the case of any complications seek a qualified specialist.

I wish you all the best in making his world of sexual pleasure a great haven. Good sex is one way you can make your partner always happy and content.

Keep Your Girl on Edge and She’ll Never Leave

A girl ready to be fingeredRelationships are no walk in the park; it takes quite a bit of effort in order to keep a woman satisfied. In addition to keeping her company and satisfying her emotional needs, you also need to keep her satisfied under the covers with some oral techniques. While there are plenty of ways to engage her in the bedroom, there are some tricks that you should keep in mind. Did you know that fingering her, as well as using your hands during foreplay will bring her to the brink of orgasm and keep her begging for more? It’s one of the easiest ways to drive a woman insane, but there are also a couple techniques that will prove fail proof.

Don’t Ever Rush Things

It’s important to stimulate a woman with care; don’t go too fast right off the bat. Yes, speeding things up and adding to excitement will definitely get her off, and get her off hard, but if you do it too early on you will lose her interest in going any further. Work slowly: start by teasing her through her clothing, kiss her neck and stimulate her. After you have done this for some time you can slide your finger down into her panties, but make sure you keep her clothes on until she’s soaking through her underwear. Once you’ve reached that point, she’s yours. Do what you want to from there.

Watch Her Body Language

Although there are only so many different things that you can do with your fingers down there, certain types of stimulation or movements will do more for some women than it will for others. Watch the way she reacts to everything, and pay attention to what really makes her squirm. In most cases you should start by teasing her clitoris, as a majority of women go crazy for this, and most can only reach orgasm this way. You can then move to penetration; in this way it will be important to pay attention to her reactions… too many fingers can be uncomfortable while not enough will lose her attention.

Use Different Motions, Keep it Interesting

If you are fingering your woman and penetrating her, there are a couple of easy methods. Your primary focus should be on stimulating her g-spot. Using a flicking motion and a lot of pressure you can push her to a powerful orgasm. You can also try thrusting in and out of her, but this depends on the type of woman you are with. While you use your fingers inside her, try to use your thumb and gently play with her clit. Use a gentle flicking motion, rub up and down, and play around with different motions until you find the ones that drive her insane.
Every situation is different but as long as you follow these few simple steps she’ll be soaking wet, and begging you for more. While you may be tempted to go further right away, it can lead to a much higher payoff to continue stimulating her through several orgasms before you worry about reaching your own.

The Importance of a Big Gadget Between the Sheets

How to Have a Bigger DIck?Introduction

Having a relationship with a guy with a big dick is some many don’t want to discuss. I guess because we don’t need to acknowledge that something uncontrollable can play a tremendous part in our relationships, it does. But women, ask yourself this, how frequently do you consider experiencing a huge cock? The question burned in the rear of my head: if the guy were to have a wonderful, huge dick, would a girl remain in a relationship with him? How significant is a having a big dick in a good relationship? Sooner or later in our own lives, we have all “love in the beginning cock.” The cock that got away. The unicorn that is a goddamn cock. The magic D that delivered climaxes from straight penetration. And you’ve seen a cock like that — that makes you open-mouth gasp — you’re always on a hunt for this cock.

The Truth

I’m sorry if this seems superficial, but occasionally you only need a big cock. It’s significant. Occasionally all that vibrator activity won’t cut it. You require a good, bigger dick that will take your breath away. And that’s fine. That’s life. Why? What’s the point of living, when there isn’t great cock?

Tons of girls have spoken about how they feel about penis size. Nearly half of them said they’d drop a man with a little dick, and some of them said a little organ was their largest turnoff. I feel you, women. Hardcore. All of us understand in regards to a relationship, penis size is vital. We only aren’t saying it. Every girl ever surveyed said that sex was extremely significant in a connection. “I did understand until I read those surveys, how significant the cock was to them.”

Girls who often favor penile-vaginal sexual intercourse over other sorts of sex say the same. They say that basically, girls who are getting off are saying they value a bigger dick. The post also recognizes that dick size generates as much stress for guys as looks, brains, and character characteristics.

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You can instruct the movement of the ocean, but you, sadly, can’t instruct a penis to grow. And while I’d definitely concur that a guy with no hint on how to use a huge dick is a waste of a decent dick, you can educate well-endowed individuals a number of tricks to utilize their God-given pecker. Yet, you can just place so many pillows under your buttocks before you’re prepared to give up and get back on Tinder in regards to a pinky penis. Size is an issue, but one cock doesn’t fit all.


The national average penis size is all about 5.6 inches. It’s accurate that larger will reign supreme as it pertains to penis size. With a smaller penis, there isn’t lots of wiggle room (pun intended). Nonetheless, ask yourself this woman. Are you really going to spend your whole life with a guy who has a pencil dick? Seriously, answer that question and then you will know how much a big dick matters in a relationship. But remember, a dick is like a jigsaw puzzle. You will have to find the right size for you. So that means a few disappointments are imminent. You have to find your magical unicorn dick that exists in your dream. You know, the dick that inspires orgasms from the mere thought of penetration.

Let Your Diet Follow Your Passions: Eating to Best Please Your Partner

Foods for a Tastier CumIf the lover in your life doesn’t show any interest in pleasing you orally, it is entirely possible that you are responsible. It may not be that she doesn’t love you, or that she doesn’t want you to feel the pleasure of her mouth on your manhood. It may not be that she doesn’t want to or that she doesn’t “do that.” Many men fail to recognize that it requires more than a shower and a splash of cologne to entice a woman to engage in the intimacy of oral sex; many more still behave like an expensive dinner creates a sense of obligation on her part.

One aspect of a man’s life that he must take into account is his diet. This means more than avoiding heavy, fatty foods and staying healthy enough for sexual activity. One thing your lover may not tell you – probably to spare your feelings and to avoid spoiling the mood – is that your cum tastes terrible.

Something you may not know is that you have some control over what your bodily fluids taste like.

Studies by the Kinsey institute have unlocked a few ideas about what foods to avoid and what foods to eat in order to make you taste more pleasing for your partner.


Meat and Dairy

Studies have shown that diets heavy in red meat and dairy tend to make semen taste saltier. If you are planning a big night and want to prepare a few days ahead, eat less cow. Eat more vegetables and fruit.

Asparagus and Brussel Sprouts

These are exceptions to the rule. If you’ve ever eaten either you know that asparagus makes your urine smell just awful and that brussel sprouts make you gassy. If asparagus does that to urine, it can’t have a good effect on the taste of other bodily fluids. As for the brussel sprouts … well… it’s just bad form to pass gas while your lover is between your legs trying to bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli

These foods have a high Sulfur content and should be avoided. You should avoid onions and garlic, too.


Conventional wisdom compliments and supports actual scientific study. It’s common bedroom wisdom that vegetarians have better tasting semen. Diets heavy in fruits and vegetables have been shown to improve the flavor of bodily fluids; and in some cases, you can even eat in such a way that you can give your cum particular flavors.

Citrus Fruits

The acidity of citrus fruits counters semen’s alkaline chemistry. Some fruits – like oranges, lemons, and limes – can impart a pleasing flavor to your fluids.


Celery is a clean, water-filled vegetable that does more than clean you out. It cleanses you on the inside, too, and can, in combination with other fruits and vegetables, can make you taste better for your partner.


Not only does an apple a day keep the doctor away, it may very well help you get closer to your lover. Not only does the water in apples help cleanse you of foul flavors, but the vitamins that naturally occurring flavors have been found to make it taste better. Similarly, apple cider has been known to have a positive impact on the taste of seminal fluid.

5 Things You Did Not Know About Ejaculation

How to Increase Your Sperm CountLoving someone and being loved back is the best feeling ever I believe. Relationships have their up and downs, though. It is not easy being married to someone and be able to please them forever or for a lifetime. Marriage is so far the toughest challenge almost all human beings are faced with. Among the problems most marriages or unions face is the bedroom matters. Couples today are fighting or breaking up because of lack sex satisfaction. Some of these problems arise when one partner finds themselves not being able to perform well in bed. Men are the most affected by this issue and they will almost fall into depression or end up being alcoholics.

There is always a way out of any situation or problem and it all depends on one’s willingness to look for help. If your problem in the bedroom is poor or low ejaculation volumes, there are copious ways of solving the problem. There is no reason for one to be ashamed of this problem then end up ruining their marriage of relationship. These problems arise due to different causes like diet, age, medication, illness/diseases, increased fat belly, etc. There are very many ways of solving this problem which include both medical and natural ways of doing it. Most of the solutions are simple things that can be incorporated into an individual’s way of life or their daily routine. The following are some of the solutions.

One should at least abstain from orgasm for a number of two or three days. This will always help an individual increase their semen volume. Abstinence does help the body stock up hence increasing the load to be produced.

In cases of such a problem, one is advised to maintain a good diet. One should always strive to consume foods rich in folic acid and zinc. Zinc and folic acid are known to have a positive effect on the body hence helping an individual increase their sperm count by 75 to 80%. The two should always be taken together. Taking folic acid and not taking zinc will not help to achieve the desired result.

Vitamin C has been proven to help increase sperm count by a big percentage. Vitamin C can be consumed by simply eating fruits like oranges. An orange or two will surely be of help to anyone who suffers from this stigma and if properly maintain the concern will be a thing of the past and one will always have the courage to handle the bed issues perfectly and promise you, you will be the village giant.

Smoking is a leading problem in low sperm count. Most people who smoke end up having problems like suffering from impotence as the smoke will always block blood circulation. It might be hard to quit smoking but for one to have a perfect sperm count, they should consider dropping the smoke.

Stress is a monster in our day to day living. It is another factor that has caused so many cases of low sperm count and it should be dealt with for a better sex life.

Powerful Oral Sex Techniques to Apply on Her

How to go down on herA fantastic sex life starts to unfold itself when you are competent enough to give the strong climaxes she deserves to your wife, girlfriend or lover.

The Pathway to Her Climax!

When performed correctly, oral sex can activate an exquisite, mind-blowing sexual experience for girls. Sadly most guys wrongly believe that “licking” is all there’s to oral sex (and necessarily creating just another forgettable encounter). If you need to give her a titillating oral encounter to remember, try out these 4 hints under… and bestow on her a really memorable sexual venture – complete with strong climaxes, no less!

Arousal Multiplier

Many guys make the mistake of jumping right in and begin sparking their girls with their tongue. You have to get her warmed up, while oral sex is regarded as a kind of foreplay to sexual intercourse. Girls are like analogs… you should slowly turn the dial to heat her up. Take your time and tease her and as she gets more into it, kiss her on her neck and nibble on her ear lobes. Also lightly stroke her inner thighs. A girl gets turned on fast, so get her prepared before you begin going down on her

Oral Manifesto

The correct way can be compared to a dog or cat drinks from a bowl of water. Think about how these creatures move the mouth and tongue when they drink. You’ll see their tongues move in and out of their mouths at a rate that is extremely rapid. Therefore, do just that! To bring this oral excursion to the next level, get creative and test out various tongue strokes. Sub-tip, ring-shaped strokes often create a breathless orgasmic effect on girls. But that does not work for every girl, hence the experimentation. Odds are, she’s going to be squirming with orgasmic joy as she attempts to determine what you’re going to do. Give her a delight that will take her breath away.

Happiness Multiplier

There’s nothing stopping you from using your fingers when you are going down on her. This may be an oral guide, but fingers help boost the oral sensation. You can intensify the enjoyment she gets from you if you know the way to organize your tongue and finger motions correctly. Here’s the trick, when you’re focusing on her clitoris with your tongue, use your thumb or index finger to rub on it concurrently. By giving an adequate amount of stimulus to her clitoris, you will set her up for an exquisitely pleasurable climax, and make it occur in no time too.

Rhythmic Uniformity

Use the humming technique. This technique works by you taking any song that you know and humming it to make a rhythm. This will help you rest by allowing the position of your head to remain unchanged and stimulate the pussy. The oscillation from the sounds you’re making will reach deep inside the vagina, supplying added stimulus to her clitoris. When you feel her climax is approaching (e.g. when her breathing quickens and her hands begin grasping the sheets), keep a constant tempo as you continue to excite her clitoris. Refrain from altering what you are engaged in, as that might cut her away from the climax you have been building her up for.


These techniques have been shown to work by Science. It has been supported by many experts. Many girls crave more than sexual intercourse and sometimes the need oral sex to be given. This gives her the happiness she deserves, and in return, you will receive more sex than you could likely manage!