Let Your Diet Follow Your Passions: Eating to Best Please Your Partner

Foods for a Tastier CumIf the lover in your life doesn’t show any interest in pleasing you orally, it is entirely possible that you are responsible. It may not be that she doesn’t love you, or that she doesn’t want you to feel the pleasure of her mouth on your manhood. It may not be that she doesn’t want to or that she doesn’t “do that.” Many men fail to recognize that it requires more than a shower and a splash of cologne to entice a woman to engage in the intimacy of oral sex; many more still behave like an expensive dinner creates a sense of obligation on her part.

One aspect of a man’s life that he must take into account is his diet. This means more than avoiding heavy, fatty foods and staying healthy enough for sexual activity. One thing your lover may not tell you – probably to spare your feelings and to avoid spoiling the mood – is that your cum tastes terrible.

Something you may not know is that you have some control over what your bodily fluids taste like.

Studies by the Kinsey institute have unlocked a few ideas about what foods to avoid and what foods to eat in order to make you taste more pleasing for your partner.


Meat and Dairy

Studies have shown that diets heavy in red meat and dairy tend to make semen taste saltier. If you are planning a big night and want to prepare a few days ahead, eat less cow. Eat more vegetables and fruit.

Asparagus and Brussel Sprouts

These are exceptions to the rule. If you’ve ever eaten either you know that asparagus makes your urine smell just awful and that brussel sprouts make you gassy. If asparagus does that to urine, it can’t have a good effect on the taste of other bodily fluids. As for the brussel sprouts … well… it’s just bad form to pass gas while your lover is between your legs trying to bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli

These foods have a high Sulfur content and should be avoided. You should avoid onions and garlic, too.


Conventional wisdom compliments and supports actual scientific study. It’s common bedroom wisdom that vegetarians have better tasting semen. Diets heavy in fruits and vegetables have been shown to improve the flavor of bodily fluids; and in some cases, you can even eat in such a way that you can give your cum particular flavors.

Citrus Fruits

The acidity of citrus fruits counters semen’s alkaline chemistry. Some fruits – like oranges, lemons, and limes – can impart a pleasing flavor to your fluids.


Celery is a clean, water-filled vegetable that does more than clean you out. It cleanses you on the inside, too, and can, in combination with other fruits and vegetables, can make you taste better for your partner.


Not only does an apple a day keep the doctor away, it may very well help you get closer to your lover. Not only does the water in apples help cleanse you of foul flavors, but the vitamins that naturally occurring flavors have been found to make it taste better. Similarly, apple cider has been known to have a positive impact on the taste of seminal fluid.