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The Holy War Begins

The ISIS beheadings of 21 Christians from Egypt shocked the world and has Fox News’ anchor Bill O’Reilly fuming. Meanwhile our illustrious president remains on the sidelines, reluctant to confront the terrorism head-on. O’Reilly, who now sees the Middle East disaster as the beginning of a new Holy War, points out that 57 percent of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling the ISIS crisis and 47 percent favor sending ground troops to Syria and Iraq to combat the problem, according to a recent Fox News Poll. Says O’Reilly, “The utter brutality that faces the world and the country today has to be confronted, and somebody has to lead that effort.” Don’t miss the rest of O’Reilly’s commentary.


May you all stay healthy and fulfill your dreams in 2015, and may God bless you.

Liberalism Or Infantilism?

Political commentator Bill Whittle says people who call themselves liberals have bumper-sticker philosophies that are liberal. “They’re not even leftists,” he says. “They’re infantile.” Whittle dissects one of these undeservedly self-righteous positions and compares the modern liberal to the real deal in this edition of “Firewall” on Truth Revolt.

America the Beautiful

It wasn’t long out West when thick smog obliterated the view of the majestic San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles; the Great Lakes were cesspools of toxic waste and factories belched smoke all across the country. The good news today, is that the smog is gone, the Great Lakes are teeming with fish and America’s skies are practically free of poison. Political commentator Bill Whittle says that despite the bleak issues facing our country, America still is engulfed in the exceptionalism that has made it the greatest nation in the world. Listen to his extraordinary tribute in this unusual episode of “Afterburner.”

Obama Snubbing Israel Again

Is there a reason President Obama refers to the Islamic terrorist organization responsible for chaos in Syria and Iraq as ISIL and not ISIS? Glenn Beck says it’s a snub to Israel. ISIS is the northern region of Syria and Iraq, Beck says. “ISIL, adding the ‘L’ the Levant, means it’s all the way into Egypt and it takes all the Palestinian homeland into account. No Israel.” Beck elaborates to his staff of The in a recent morning briefing.

America’s Police State

The scenes are familiar ones. Police forces smashing down doors in early morning raids, single protestors surrounded by an army of cops in full military gear with assault rifles or deputies arresting members of the media just trying to do their jobs. Evidence of a rapidly evolving police state, or business as usual. Investigative journalist John Stossel calls it the militarization of America, which incidently came to the forefront at full throttle with the recent shooting of a young man in Ferguson, Missouri. Stossel delves deeper into the crisis along with Cheryl K. Chumley, author of Police State U.S.A. in this edition of LibertyPen.

Anybody Out There?

The one question that has baffled us for millenia is: Are we alone in the universe? With more than 500 trillion suns like ours in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, more than 100 trillion galaxies and the increasing number of exoplanets in the universe, it is nearly impossible to think that there is nobody else. Hybrid Librarian takes a look at this mystery and nine others that have stupefied our greatest minds.

Beck: Keep Redskins Nickname

Glenn Beck, of The Blaze, is taking umbrage at those folks who suddenly want to rename the Washington Redskins. “The name’s been around for 80 years and now, because of Harry Reid, the guy who liked Obama, and I’m quoting, because in Harry Reid’s words, ‘a Negro dialect wasn’t part of it. He didn’t have a Negro dialect unless he wanted one.’ That guy is now the moral authority on what’s offensive and what isn’t?” But should the Redskins lose their nickname to the bureaucrats, Beck has some novel ideas on what to replace it with, such as the Washington 60,000 Alien Children Flooding Our Borders or the Washington 80 Bucks to Fill Up My Damn Gas Tank. Listen to Beck’s other suggestions in this edition of MercuryOneMemphis.

Another Obama Firestorm

Captain Destructo, aka President Obama, is at it again. Obama’s recent tradeoff of five well-known terrorists jailed at Gitmo for a captive American Army sergeant has stirred both sides of the political aisles and the American public into an absolute frenzy. And adding insult to injury, the president bypassed his obligation to alert Congress before the unilateral move. As if this wasn’t enough, rumors are circulating that American Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his platoon and collaborated with the Taliban to boot. What is going on with this administration? It seems Americans wake up to a new scandal every week. Recently, Florida Senator Marco Rubio called President Obama a monarch, an emperor. Does this emperor have no clothes?¬† Did he finally and deliberately¬† break the law? Is this an impeachable offense? There are a plethora of questions facing our Emper…err…Commander in Chief. In this edition of the “Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV, Fox News senior political analyst Ed Rollins discusses Obama’s latest faux pas with host Steve Malzberg.


Why Capitalism Works

Social critic and best-selling author George Gilder discusses the merits of capitalism in this edition of Prager University. Says Gilder, “Capitalism at its essence is a competition of giving. Of course self-interest is involved, but the genius of capitalism, and only capitalism, is that it channels self-interest into altruism. Entrepreneurs can only help themselves by helping others.”¬† Check out the rest of Gilder’s extraordinary insight.


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