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IRS Smoking Gun Apparent

Dick Morris says Congressional investigators will be hardpressed to find that illusive e-mail from President Obama instructing the IRS to target conservative groups. But the smoking gun is all around us, Morris says. It all began, Morris says, when Obama excoriated the Supreme Court publicly on its Citizens United decision to empower conservative groups to continue pouring money in and out of the election process, sending a clear-cut message to the Democrat Party. Listen in as Morris explains.

The Real War on Women

Wild Bills says that the real war on women comes from the liberal perversion of sex. “Even though it violates every instinct of the female, liberalism browbeats and peer-pressure young girls into a permiscuous lifestyle, prostituting themselves in a desperate search for love but finding nothing but heartache,” Wild Bill says. “Man, talk about a war on women.”

History of Thanksgiving

Studies Weekly takes an in-depth look at the history of Thanksgiving and how it became one of our nation’s most celebrated holidays. The storylines include the Mayflower, Pilgrims and Squanto, the Native American from the Patuxet Tribe who helped Pilgrims through their first winter in the New World and was integral to their survival. The video also takes a look at the contributions of Sarah Josepha Hale, an American writer and editor who urged President Lincoln and several governors to proclaim a national Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy the video, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Zombie Drive-Thru

Unsuspecting fast-food restaurant, drive-thru employees are startled when their customer turns out to be a terrifying zombie. Enjoy this Halloween Night episode on this edition of Ed Bass Master.

Wanna Sound Smarter?

When you repeatedly use an adjective to emphasize your point, you are utilizing contrastive focus reduplication. Or, have you ever forgot a key word, phrase or name when trying to articulate a thought? This is referred to as lethologica. Check out some other words and phrases that will make you sound smarter in this edition of BuzzFeed.

Pronounce it Correctly

Get your fill of triva-tastic information as John Green presents 79 of the most common mispronounced words in the English language. Among the doozies you hear every day are the word crepe, pronounced “crep” not “crape.” Or caramel, pronounced in three syllables, “ca-ra-mel” not “carmel.” Listen to 77 more correct pronunciations on this version of Mental Floss.

50 Weird Laws

Did you know that it’s illegal to lie down on sidewalks in Reno, Nevada? Street photographers are not allowed to stay at one place for more than five minutes to take pictures in  Washington D.C., and it’s against the law to swear at players or officials at sporting events in Massachusetts. Tune in to learn of any strange laws in your state, as  John Green reveals 47 more weird rules and guidelines across the country.

Coincidences That Happened

BuzzFeed presents a series of impossible coincidences that actually happened on the international stage. Keep your focus, because it gets weird.

Is History Repeating Itself?

Can President Obama’s appeasement foreign policy tendencies lead to the same outcome that doomed Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the United Kingdom in 1938? Chamberlain’s infamous Plan Z, a secretive plan to negotiate with Adolph Hitler personally, failed miserably. Is Obama on the same path to failure in the Middle East? Says Afterburner’s Bill Whittle, “We live in dangerous times. But I have never seen weakness like this advertised on the part of America. Our adversaries have seen this, acted on it, succeeded and will continue to act on it.”

Mario’s Word of the Week

Glove and Boots presents a vintage video as Mario toys with a new word: en masse.

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