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Banned S. Bowl Commercials

The Ukraine Arsenal video blog features a group of well-produced and hilarious commercials that were banned from past Super Bowl telecasts. Should they have run? You be the judge.

The Mysterious Planet

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara are off on a mystifying Christmas adventure that will warm your heart in this special edition of Doctor Puppet. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas.

From Actress to Prioress

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly tells the incredible story of a Hollywood actress who co-starred with Elvis Presley and was projected to become the next Grace Kelly. Instead, bombshell blonde Dolores Hart opted for a spiritual path and today is Mother Dolores, prioress of the Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis. Join O’Reilly in the story, he says, might be called a miracle.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

In this timeless episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, guest star Johnny Cash captures the spirit of Thanksgiving with his stirring rendition of A Thanksgiving Prayer. May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless America always.

Leno Changed Late-Night TV

Longtime producer of The Tonight Show Dave Berg praises Jay Leno for changing the politics of late-night television. Berg, in his new book, Behind the Curtain, tells Reason TV’s Alexis Garcia that, “Johnny (Carson) emphasized entertainers on his show. The strategy that we used to kind of expand and maybe get better ratings was to move beyond entertainers, and I think this is what distinguished Jay.” Find out more of what happened behind the scenes as Berg elaborates.

All is Ducky at A&E

The ducks will be quacking again and the A&E Network has egg on its face … as expected. After a week-long, politically correct drama where A&E climbed on its high horse and suspended “Duck Dynasty” megastar Phil Robertson for what it claimed were insensitive remarks toward gays, the network made an about-face and reinstated the hugely popular reality show’s patriarch over the weekend. As reported on Fox News’ “The Five,” A&E released a statement chock-full of more PC rhetoric, pointing out that it had consulted with numerous advocacy groups before making its decision. “The Five’s” Andrea Tantaros took exception to the press release, saying, “It’s a bunch of baloney. If you take a look at this, it’s about profit, profit, profit. But even more than that, it’s not about money. The fact that A&E tried to silence them, even before the scandal, shows that they have different political beliefs. It’s bigger than money. They don’t want them praying, they don’t want them talking about Jesus. They don’t get that talking about Jesus is actually profitable and what made them profitable.”

Naruto the Movie!

In honor of Geek Week…a fake, but fun trailer tribute to one of the most beloved shows of all-time.

Groucho, Dino and Raquel

Groucho Marx, Dean Martin and Raquel Welch meet on the inaugural season of TV’s THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE in 1964. By and large, television ever since has been pablum — a nice bowl of cream of wheat.


Is That a Stake in Your Pocket?

We’ve all seen them — the trailers that are 10 times better than the movies they market. Here’s one such delicious and duplicitous trailer, from 1989, released by the late and lamented Vidmark.

How to Get Revenge

This instructional video, starring Linda Blair from THE EXORCIST, starts out with a jokey premise, but the revenge tips that Blair and company offer are far too well-thought-out and far too illegal to be anything but real.


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