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The Dark Side Of Authority

David Eagleman, a neuroscientist from Baylor School of Medicine, joins consumer journalist John Stossel as they take a look at how rules, titles and a lack of direct responsibility can entice good people to do evil things. Eagleman and Stossel give their insight on the dark side of authority in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Science versus Religion

A viewer of the popular video blog Klavan & Whittle recently submitted a question asking, “Why are science and religion viewed as matter and anti-matter? Are not both sustained by faith and belief?” Andrew Klavan argues that faith has never been at war with religion and says that religious people like Isaac Newton were also great science minds. In this stirring edition of PJTV, Klavan and his cohort Bill Whittle take on the friction between science and religion.

The Ten Big Ones

Some of American’s worst problems, from reckless spending that has led to economic disaster to people getting confused by their own reproductive organs, can be easily reconciled by The Ten Big Ones–The Ten Commandments. Even the Great Communicator, President Ronald Reagan, said, “There is no limit to the problems we can solve by remembering that those are 10 commandments, not 10 suggestions.” In this edition of Wild Bill for America, Wild Bill explains the power of The Ten Commandments handed down by God to Moses.

Israel’s Plight in the West Bank

Renowned Harvard professor and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz tackles the sticky question: Are repeated Israeli settlements in the West Bank the sole barrier to peace in the Middle East? Dershowitz responds with a resounding, “No.!” Tune in to this edition of Prager University as Dershowitz argues his case.

Rethinking Civilization

The idea of civilization throughout history usually took on traditional hallmarks–stuff like an a mass exodus from the hill country to the lush valleys, an agricultural base and state control. By contrast, those who chose to live outside this model were usually labeled anti-social, or even worse, barbarians. But former world history teacher and veteran video blogger John Green says this isn’t necessarily true in the scheme of things. In this edition of Crash Course, Green explains the rethinking of civilization.

One Conservative View

PJTV contributor Bill Whittle is among the most conservative political commentators and pundits. And he holds his principles true to his heart. In this edition of “Afterburner,” Whittle lays out his Top 5 conservative principles in descending order, which include: 5. Individuality; 4. Guns; 3. Equality of Opportunity; 2. Wealth Creation; and, drum roll please, 1. Freedom/Responsibility.

Christianity And Freedom

A PJTV member recently submitted a question to the network asking, “Is Christianity uniquely qualified among all religions as the best basis for freedom and prosperity? Hosts Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan tackle this sensitive question with some enlightening conclusions.

When the Lights Go Out

From washing machines to power saws to our fancy TVs, there’s no doubt today’s America takes its electrical grid for granted. “But what if it was just suddenly lights out,” asks Bill Whittle. “I’m talking about losing the electrical gird, and there’s any number of ways that could happen.” Whittle discusses the scenarios and the dire consequences in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

Rules For a Moral World

Humanity has everything it needs to create a good world. And we’ve had it for 3,000 years in the form of 10 basic instructions called The Ten Commandments. Dennis Prager explains how the Commandments created Western civilization and remain relevant in today’s world in this edition of Prager University.

ISIS Ideology Extreme

Describing the ideology of the terrorist group ISIS can be a bit confusing and frightening, too. Buck Sexton, who hosts a radio show on The Blaze Network, says the term that best describes ISIS’ interpretation of Islam is Salafi. “In a modern context, the term Salafi refers to a puritanical version of Islam, one that tries to make its adherents live life as closely as possible to the early Islamic leaders.” Tune in as Sexton devles into more of the ideals practiced by ISIS.

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