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Are We Really the Best?

Are we really an exceptional nation, or do we just think we are? The general concensus is that outsiders are the best judges of our country. Best-selling Australian author and political commentator Nick Adams takes a stab at answering this question in this edition of Prager University.

A Heavy Dose of Inspiration

As we struggle through the presidency of Barack Obama, a community organizer who has sold our country down the river, who cowtows to our enemy, who spits on American exceptionalism, it’s refreshing to shine a light on the greatness of President Ronald Reagan. In the following video, titled “A Soldier’s Pledge,” listen to the inspiration that Reagan exudes, the parlance of what an American president should sound like. Pay attention to his passion and compassion for the great nation we love, then sit back and remember who we are in these troubled times.

A College Speech For the Ages

Most of us attend a small percentage of thousands of college commencement speeches given every year. But it’s certain they all have one theme in common, says nationally syndicated and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will. “They’re often collections of bromides and boring advice. Just once a commencement speaker should puncture the smug complacency and cloyne self-congratulation on campuses.” In this edition of Prager University, Will renders a funny, truthful and witty speech that every graduate should here.

What Drives Extremists?

There’s a false narrative circulating that poverty and ignorance are the leading factors driving individuals to become violent Islamic extremists. Not true, says Haroon Ullah, senior State Department advisor and foreign policy professor at Georgetown University. Check out what Haroon discovered while living in Pakistan in this edition of Prager University.

Should U.S. Police the World?

When the topic of America policing the world comes up, progressives are quick to react. They point to American arrogance, or ask themselves, “Who made the U.S. the boss of the world?” Conservatives, especially those with libertarian leanings, proclaim, “What other countries do to to their neighbors is of no concern of ours.” But what is the alternative, asks Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and foreign affairs expert Bret Stephens. In his book, America in Retreat, Stephens writes, “The order that the U.S. has provided has not only had enormous security benefits for all the world, it has also produced phenomenal economic advantages.” Stephens weighs in some more in this edition of Prager University.

An Empire of Lies

Bill Whittle says that if you have to manufacture evidence to prove your case, there’s no case at all. And that’s exactly what progressives do. Take the rape culture at the University of Virginia, Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, refusing to serve gay people, the Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown assassinations and Tea Party racism. Only problem is, there is no truth in any of these cases. They are the products of progressivism at its best–an empire of lies. Join Whittle as he explains in this edition of Truth Revolt Originals.

Black Power Misdirected

Alfonzo Rachel opines that the Baltimore riots don’t have anything to do with Black Power and everything to do with the disgrace of those partaking in looting and crime. “Weakness is destructive without any means to restore and make improvements,” Rachel says. “Power is being applied in being constructive.” Tune in as Rachel makes his case for the real meaning of Black Power in this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

Speech is Free Or it Isn’t

If you think those who attended the free-speech event in Texas or the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo got what they deserved for their provocative actions, you’re dead wrong, says Bill Whittle. “Speech is either free or it isn’t,” Whittle says. He elaborates further in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

Liberals Distorting the Bible

It’s becoming old hat for liberals to deny and despise God, only to later jump on the Jesus bandwagon to advance their progressive cause. “It gets on my nerves when liberals selectively believe in Jesus to justify their selfishness, then kick him to the curb,” Alfonzo Rachel says. He elaborates on why liberals should stop using the Bible to bully Christians in this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

We Are the Threat to Humanity

Alex Jones makes a powerful presentation profiling how the elite are corrupting humanity’s bright future with their self-destructive dream of domination. Through soft kill, war, or eugenics, they see us as a cancer that must be eliminated once the singularity occurs. Those that survive will serve. “The question of, ‘What is our ultimate destiny,’ and ‘Where did we come from,’ is answered by by the decisions we make the dreams we have and what we manifest together through harmony,” Jones says. He elaborates on this edition of “Info Wars” on The Alex Jones Channel.

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