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The Beauty of Our Planet

They say the French eat bread and cheese all day long, yet boast some of the most beautiful people on the planet. And when it comes to bombshells, don’t leave out Scandinavia. The USA, of course, fits right into the mix. Check out the 10 countries with the most attractive people in this steamy edition of The Richest.

Sex and the World Cup

Sex or no sex?That’s the topic dominating conversation among international teams competing for soccer’s highest honor in Brazil. Should players be allowed to have sex? Will sex improve or deflate their performance on the field? SourceFed’s Joe Bereta takes a stab at providing some answers.

Temperature Rising!

Get prepared to lose control of your atmospheric pressure as voluptuous Karla Luna dishes out her weather report, Mexican style, in this edition of The Z World.

Nude Video Dates


This high-concept video from 1991 introduces you to several women, who make “small talk” and then disrobe while talking to the camera. In this scenario, we meet Sherri, an extremely boring and fully clothed woman who’s into “karobics.” H/T Found Footage Festival

Korean Breast Boosters

Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi found some Korean breast booster packs, and decided to figure out what they were all about, in the return of their WTF Korea segments, aka, Wonderful Treasure Find! Want to know how these things work on boosting your breasts? We’ll let you know.

The Thighs Have It

Girls in Tokyo are renting out their thighs as advertising space after a PR agent was looking for more inventive ways to get campaigns across. Sarah Kerr of ITN reports.

Va Va Voom

Drivers test-drive the Renault Clio, igniting plenty of excitement in this clever, if somewhat fanciful, ad. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Prostitution in South Korea

SE7EN recently got caught leaving a sexy massage parlour. To some, this was surprising. To others who know more about prostitution in South Korea and how widespread it is, this wasn’t surprising at all. We’ll tell you a bit more about how big prostitution is here, how often South Korean men pay for sex, and some of the different ways that prostitution is practiced here in South Korea.

Magambos Loose in Africa

Did you know that in South Africa, women walk around topless? Open your eyes and see… and don’t forget to book your flight. H/T Culturepub

Nerd Wins the Office Lottery

A hot delivery man ignores all the sexy ladies to make out with a nerdy assistant.  Skyfilm Studio created this 2001 advertisement to promote the Hungarian lottery and show that winning the lottery is more likely to happen than this situation. H/T CulturePub

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