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Hillary Pulls An Obama

“Businesses and corporations don’t create jobs.” Can you guess who made this ludicrous proclamation in a recent speech? As much as you want to answer, “President Obama,” the correct response is Hillary Clinton. “That philosophy is embedded in Obama saying, ‘You didn’t build it’ … and in the title of Hillary’s book, It Takes a Village. That communitarian approach completely belies the role of individual initiative, individualism and the aggressive creativity of American business.”

Dems Abusing Black America

Four Chicago activists stunned the progressive left by going on record with a shocking message to black communities. Their simple missive: It’s the Democrat Party, not Republicans, who are responsible for oppressing Black America, specifically African-American politicians and President Obama. In a stirring interview with Rebel Pundit, black activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward laid out their concerns. “They’re not pushing a black agenda, they’re not pushing a family agenda, they’re pushing a neo-liberal agenda,” says Paul McKinley. “Black leadership is abusing us, the Democratic Party is abusing us.” Listen to their heartfelt pleas from inner city Chicago.

The End Of Our Rock-Star Prez

With his approval numbers dove-tailing and still obstinately pushing his progressive garbage down the throats of his flock, President Obama is about to meet his political maker in 11 days as Republicans are poised to win the Senate and control Congress. What will become of Obama’s final two years? Will he make an effort and compromise, or will he hold scornfully tight to his veto power? The “Trifecta” crew of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott discuss the new political frontier which is about to unfold.

Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

Many patriotic Democrats who believe in God and the Constitution have been shoved aside by their party. Says Wild Bill, “The Democrat Party of today is not the party that my grandpa belonged to. What the modern Democrat Party stands for would nauseate World War II Democrats.” Spurred from a letter from a Democrat patriot, Wild Bill suggests launching a Democrat Wing of the Tea Party. Listen to his logic in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Why Politics is So Partisan

It doesn’t take a genius to note that in the last two decades, politics on Capitol Hill has become extremely partisan. Dick Morris asks, “What happened to the days when Republicans sometimes voted liberal, Democrats sometimes voted conservative and the president could reach across party lines and get support to pass his programs?” Morris says the cause of all the venom in politics is reapportionment, and to some extent, the influence of national money. But the solution to all the derisiveness, Morris adds, might well come from our friends in California.

Obama vs. Reagan

Perhaps Ronald Reagan was the most accomplished, well-rounded and formidable Commander in Chief this nation has ever had. His patience and saavy delivered us from sure economic disaster. His stern hand sent a chilling message to the Communist East, bringing down the Berlin Wall and summarily ending the Cold War. Fast forward to today, and our country is again in jeopardy from terrorists who are over-running our allies and threatening to destroy our freedom. Are you satisfied with President Obama’s response? What would Reagan do? Take a moment to carefully listen to the following video, brought to you by Stefan TV, titled: “Obama vs. Reagan: How to Handle Terrorists.” Then you decide.

ISIS War Bad News for Hillary

Dick Morris opines that the ISIS-U.S. War in the Middle East threatens to undermine Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in the looming 2016 presidential election. “This is not going to be a quick one,” Morris says. “It’s going to go on, it’s going to involve tens of thousands of American troops and politically, it’s going to leave the left seething with anger.” Tune in to this edition of Dick Morris Reports, as Morris dissects the gloomy facts.

Assault On Freedom Of Speech

The question on the proverbial political table: Is campaign finance reform a good way to regulate money in politics? Nationally syndicated, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will thinks not. Will says campaign finance reform is nothing more than a euphemism for controlling freedom of speech. Listen in to his argument in this edition of Prager University.

Krauthammer Analyzes Obama

Celebrated syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer attempts a little armchair psycho-analysis on the never-ending enigma that is President Barack Obama. In addition to his Pulitzer Prize-winning column in the Washington Post, Krauthammer is also certified in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. “He’s not manic, and I don’t think he’s depressed,” Krauthammer says. “Without invoking any expertise, Obama is clearly a narcissist. In the non-scientific use of the word, he is so self-involved, you see it from his rise. Here’s a man who says, ‘I don’t do theater,’ but 2008 was theater, including the Greek columns he had at his speech at the convention in Denver.” Krauthammer offers more diagnosis on a recent appearance of The Steve Hewitt Show.

Democrats Face Sixth-Year Hex

History will tell you that the sixth-year Congressional elections for an incumbent political party spell disaster. The Obama Administation faces that calamity in November, when the likelihood of Democrats losing the United States Senate is a strong reality. Morris takes us on a stroll through history, dating back to the Woodrow Wilson Administration to prove his point in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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