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Democrats Face Sixth-Year Hex

History will tell you that the sixth-year Congressional elections for an incumbent political party spell disaster. The Obama Administation faces that calamity in November, when the likelihood of Democrats losing the United States Senate is a strong reality. Morris takes us on a stroll through history, dating back to the Woodrow Wilson Administration to prove his point in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

U.S. Swings Conservative

It’s a fact that more Americans identify themselves as conservative more than liberal in 47 states. This, of course, includes a slew of red states. So, why do you ask, are these statistics not reflected in the voting booth. Because “the radical lefties are in charge,” opines political pundit Joe Dan Gorman. “Our problem is that conservative Americans, we bicker about ridiculous crap, while these radical lefties, they’re galvanized. They walk in lockstep, or goose step.” Tune in to this edition of Intellectual Froglegs as Gorman also touches on the Obama Administration’s bias on corporate America, so-called liberal diversity and their special-interest groups and a segment on American economist Milton Friedman and free enterprise.

Dirty Democrats Strike Again

It looks like the hapless Texas Democrat Party is up to its political antics again. On the surface, Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted for attempting to remove the head of the Public Integrity Unit (PIU). Turns out the PIU chief was booked for DWI and was aggressive and belligerent to arresting officers on top of that. But what the official media coverage is leaving out, is that the PIU head honcho was also guilty of failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. Wild Bill analyzes the ridiculous charges against Perry and how the Democrats have elevated breaking the law to an art form–much like their master in the White House.

Hand-in-Hand With Israel

Get your passports ready. Wild Bill has come up with a cool way to support our closest ally and frustrate the Obama Administration all at once. “Israel is one of our greatest friends and a vitally important strategic ally and I, for one, am sick and tired of the way our government and the United Nations have treated Israel,” Wild Bill says. So what’s Wild Bill’s solution. Listen to the details in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Proof’s in the Liberal Pudding

While running for president in 2008, President Obama ranted and raved that President Bush had single-handedly increased the national debt by $4 million on his own over eight years, more than all previous presidents combined. Well, after winning the presidency in 2008 and re-election in 2012, Obama obliterated Bush’s record, increasing the debt by another $7 million in just six years, one example of the proof is in the liberal pudding. Another glaring example, says Joe Dan Gorman, is the state of the economy. “Obama and his media are telling people, ‘The economy is fine.’ Your the only one that’s struggling. Everyone else is doing great. They point to this ridiculous six-point something unemployment rate. You know, it’s easy to have a low employment rate when you don’t count everybody. The real unemployment rate remains in double digits at 12.2 percent.” Check out this riveting edition of Intellectual Froglegs as Gorman unveils that the proof is really in the liberal pudding.

Obamacare Still On the Ropes

Former Health and Social Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ outrageous claim late last year that about 9 million Americans had signed up for Obamacare has finally been debunked. “The thing that HHS put out was for people who picked a plan,” says Edmund Haislmaier of the Heritage Foundation. “So we don’t know how many of those people completed the transaction, paid for their coverage and started getting coverage.” Haislmaier joins PJTV host Michelle Fields to discuss the effects of Obamacare thus far.

An Imperial Presidency?

During a recent press conference, Captain Destruct-O, aka President Obama, again telegraphed his intention to act on the immigration crisis facing our country, with or without the help of Congress. In short, he would wave the magic wand of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens already living in the United States and for hundreds of thousands still migrating here. It makes not a bit of difference to Obama that the majority of the country opposes any such action, that such an executive order would further sting our economy and that his actions are downright constitutionally illegal. Former presidential candidate and senior advisor to President Nixon Patrick Buchanan discusses the border crisis with Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg on The Steve Malzberg Show.

Obama in Bed With Hamas

It appears our cagey president is siding with the enemy, in this case Hamas, at the expense of Israel, our trusted ally and only friend in the Middle East. Political pundit Dick Morris says the evidence is mounting against the Obama Administration and is now overwhelming. In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, Morris analyzes the debacle.

Struggling With the Truth

The IRS Scandal is the controversy that keeps on giving. First, the IRS testifies before a Congressional Select Committee that allegedly missing computer hard drives containing crucial e-mail evidence are irreparably damaged. Then more hard drives fall victim to the same malady. Fast forward a few months and poof! the very same hard drives, says the IRS, aren’t really that badly damaged and maybe, just maybe, some e-mails can be salvaged. So what really is going on? A host of Fox News anchors and reporters dissect and analyze the scandal in this edition of LibertyPen.

Tea Party to the Rescue

Following the landslide victories in the 2008 elections, the Democrat Party received top-heavy majorities in both chambers of Congress in addition to the presidency. This, of course, led President Obama to unleash perhaps the most far-reaching and radical agenda as any in American history. But as the 2010 midterm elections loomed, along came the birth of the Tea Party and an about-face on Capitol Hill. In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, Morris dissects how the Tea Party dealt Obama a  near-fatal blow, effectively shutting down his left-wing rampage.


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