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Will Hillary Cash Out?

Political pundit Dick Morris says we’ve become used to a myriad of Hillary Clinton scandals that wash off her back and never have any political consequences. But a looming money scandal documented in Peter Schweitzer’s new book, Clinton Cash, have ignited the rumor mills and even has Morris a tad discombobulated in his presentation of this video in the latest edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Koch Brothers Despised by Left

Billionaires David and Charles Koch, more commonly known as the Koch Brothers, have spent millions of dollars supporting Republican campaigns, drawing the ire of the progressive left. But consumer and investigative reporter John Stossel sees their spending and philanthropic efforts as a good thing for the nation. “I like both of them. I think they’re doing something wonderful,” Stossel says. He went on to point out that the Kochs have created real wealth creation and jobs, and both preach free market. Jim Dean, brother of former presidential candidate John Dean, has a different take on the Kochs and debates Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Looney Liberals Not the Answer

Joe Dan Gorman takes aim at the supposed Obama economic recovery and looney liberals in general. When compared on a graph chart, the economic recoveries of the early 1980s and mid-2000s display radically different outcomes. The Reagan recovery data shot upward from the beginning, producing a tidal wave of growth, while Obama’s spiraled downward and continues on that path. “It’s only called a recovery because Obama calls it a recovery,” Gorman says. In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman also zeroes in on the disasterous effects of liberal government across the country, the GOP presidential field, media witch hunts and political correctness, among other issues.

On Guard For Hillary

The far left never ceases to amaze. Recently, supporters of probable Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pulled a fast one on one of their own–the very liberal New York Times. The left-wing loons presented a Times writer with a list of banned words when referring to Clinton. Now how ridiculous is this? It’s nothing more than another progressive attack our first amendment. Host John Phillips is joined by political pundits Scott Ott and Stephen Kruiser to analyze this unusual move in this edition of “The Run Down” on PJTV.

The Politics Of Child Snatchers

Government child-protection services are snatching children at an alarming rate, while claiming to be protecting children from abuse. Wild Bill says, “These left-wing extremists with badges are probably the greatest threat to American families today.” He explains further in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Left Wrong About Indiana Law

While the predictable progressive left has erupted on another level of luncacy in attacking Indiana’s new law, Dick Morris explains it’s all for naught. He says the law is not discrimanatory against gays, as the left would have you believe, but merely an elemental assertion of religious freedom.

Bibi Beats Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu’s surprisngly smashing victory in last week’s Israeli elections had major implications across the globe. Not only did he overpower Israel’s left-wing Labor Party, but he tossed a monkey wrench into the Obama Administration’s plans for the Middle East. Dick Morris analyzes the election results and what turns out to be a punishing defeat for President Obama.

It’s Good to Be King

Joe Dan Gorman says Rudy’s right: “Obama does not love America. But it’s not just Obama, it’s the entire progressive left.” Gorman derides Captain Destructo-O’s pomp and petulance, touches on lying VA chief Robert McDonald and a host of other issues that have taken America to the brink in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Anti-Amnesty Ruling a Big Deal

The court’s decision to throw a monkey wrench into President Obama’s executive order on immigration amnesty is a bigger deal than what many think, according to political pundit Dick Morris. He says it’s an obvious move by the judicial branch to curtail Obama’s power grab and reign him in. Listen in as Morris explains.

Manipulating Weather Data

Meteorologists took a beating a few weeks ago when misforecasting the super storm that hit the Northeast. In addition to the New England area, the storm was supposed to drop down as far as New York and Philadelphia, and even points farther south. But it didn’t. New York Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor DeBlasio were responsible for practically shutting down the Big Apple at a devastating cost to the state and city. Says Joe Dan Gorman, “Our best and brightest can’t even predict tomorrow’s weather without any certainty. Yet we know without a shadow of a doubt that in 50 years global warming will be causing hurricanes and droughts and typhoons and floods and dragons and sorcerers and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Gorman also goes after former Florida governor and possible presidential candidate Jeb Bush, radical Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch and President Obama’s foreign policy in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

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