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On the Trump Bandwagon

Political pundit Joe Dan Gorman continues his case for Republican candidate Donald Trump in “The Yuge Case for Donald Trump Part II.” Gorman says, “When I decided to come out of the closet as a Trump supporter, I figured some of my viewers would get upset. Truth be told, I’m not here to make friends. I love you all, but I’m here to do everything I can and fight as hard as I can to help save this country.” Gorman explains his support for Trump in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Reagan Democrats the Key

In case you haven’t noticed, the Republicans have a horse race on their hands in the race for the White House. And judging the the the fourth debate earlier this week, not one of the 12 candidates really had a break-out moment. Political strategist Dick Morris says the key to winning the White House in this cycle are the Reagan Democrats, who strayed from their party in the ’80s. “The Reagan Democrats were originally attracted to Reagan because of tax cuts, and welfare and other spending cuts,” he says. Morris elaborates in this edition of Dick Morris Reports, and continues his analysis of the debate.

Republicans Debate On Fox

Political strategist and commentator Dick Morris gives us a preview of tonight’s fourth Republican presidential debate, this time hosted by the Fox Business Network. He says that the focus of the debate might likely center on Ben Carson, amid a flurry of allegedly outlandish comments in his autobiography. And then there’s the big question of whether Donald Trump will recapture the magic again, following a sluggish late summer and early fall that saw his support in the polls dwindle.

Obama’s Term the Most Corrupt

Fiery conservative radio-show host Michael Savage blasts President Barack “Barry” Hussein Obama’s administration and American government in general, as he erupts on The Alex Jones Channel’s “Info Wars,” hosted by Alex Jones. Savage, whose wildly popular mid-afternoon radio show is based in liberal San Francisco, tells Jones and readers of his book, Government Zero, how America is being brainwashed. “It is the most corrupt, degenerate, criminal government in American history, and I’m not saying this for effect nor to sell a book,” Savage says. “I’m trying to awaken people.”

Trump Will Not Be Owned

Donald Trump continues to electrify crowds across the country, but establishment Republicans claim it’s because of the abundance of low-information voters. Not so, says political commentator Joe Dan Gorman, and he intends to prove it. “Donald Trump is not your ordinary politician,” he says. “I don’t think anybody would possibly dispute that. But a lot (of people) suggest it’s a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing, and he’s defying all the laws of the political universe. His ideas: A sound immigration policy, returning manufacturing jobs to America, negotiating better trade deals. These are not radical ideas, These are common-sense ideas.” Tune in as Gorman makes his case for The Donald in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Stop With the Grandstanding

Simply put, our political system is lost in its own greed and corruption. We aren’t getting the representation we voted for anymore. Nothing’s getting fixed in Washington. And guess what, we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. It’s no wonder that outsiders are making waves in both the Republican and Democrat presidential races. Our current leaders are clueless. On Capitol Hill, Congressional hearings are a farce, government officials are absconding from committing high-level crimes with nothing more than a slap on the hand, if that. It’s got to stop. Wild Bill states it tersely: “Stop with the political grandstanding. We’re sick of it. Over and over, Congress lets us down. It’s time to stop the endless political games and start prosecuting the guilty.”

Who Won the Debate?

Political commentator Dick Morris analyzes the third presidential debate, moderated by CNBC, and contends that four candidates did themselves well, but two were especially outstanding. Who performed the worst? That’s a no-brainer. It was CNBC and the Three Stooges who moderated the debate. What a disgraceful exhibition of liberal bias it was. Tune in to this edition of Dick Morris Reports for Morris’ analysis.

Democrat Lawlessness

The new incarnation of the Democrat Party is certainly a sight to see. They break the law, disgrace our Constitution and lie, lie, lie to the American public. And, of course, the Perpetrator in Chief is President Barack Hussein Obama, with the desperate damsel in constant distress, Hillary Rodham Clinton, not far behind. But despite their reign of government terror, they’re still media darlings. How, you ask, is this remotely possible? Clinton’s e-mail scandal is a case in point. Says political commentator Bill Whittle, “Hillary Clinton will either walk scot free for treasonous graft and criminal incompetence, or she will be indicted and lose the nomination solely on the personal whim of Barack Hussein Obama and the merits of the deal the Clintons can cut with his majesty in order to save her skin.” But Whittle doesn’t stop there. He further states his case in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

Smoking Gun At Benghazi

Political strategist Dick Morris reveals on Newsmax Prime that Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the Benghazi Committee on Capitol Hill has produced a smoking gun. “The really important stuff was asked by the Congressman from Ohio (U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan), a Republican,” Morris says. “And he pointed to three pieces of evidence that showed clearly, indubitably, indisputably that Hillary Clinton knew that this was a pre-meditated, preplanned terrorist attack and specifically not a spontaneous reaction to a video that had gone awry, as both she and Obama were claiming in public.” Tune in as Morris elaborates on the ramifications of Clinton’s testimony.

Conservatism is Cool Again

Paul Joseph Watson, popular comedian and conspiracy theorist, gets quite serious in this exclusive editon of “The Info Wars” on The Alex Jones Channel by proclaiming, “Conservatism is the new counterculture. The progressive establishment has a problem. The hunger for non-conformist thought and opinion is raging.” Watson says the decline in Progressivism can be seen in the unforseen popularity of Donald Trump and the cratering of the once-vibrant movement of third-wave feminism. Simply said, conservatism is becoming cool again.

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