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The Trump Factor

With all his bombast and controversy, Donald Trump continues to confound the political establishment with what has so far been a wire-to-wire performance in the polls. The Trump Factor has many political pundits second guessing their views, including Dick Morris, who asks, “Can Donald Trump actually win the nomination.” Listen to his analysis in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Obamas Out to Destroy Hillary

Political pundit Dick Morris says that there’s no doubt Hillary Clinton can trace her current political chaos to the Obamas. Just check out the evidence, he says. “Based on my experience in politics and in Washington with a Democratic president, you cannot have so many people climbing all over the Hillary case and hitting her and leaking stuff and contradicting her and pursuing investigations without at least the tacit approval of the Democratic president,” Morris says. “It just wouldn’t happen that way.” Listen to Morris further explain his thoughts in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Who’s Best On Foreign Policy?

General Hugh Shelton, 14th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff discusses foreign policy and the presidential candidates with Newsmax TV host Ed Berliner, host of “The Hard Line.” Shelton also discusses his recent oped in the Miami Herald titled, “Don’t Empower Iran’s Tyrants.”

Betrayed By the GOP

Joe Dan Gorman admits he was one of the cheerleaders when Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell and Republicans won the Senate in a landslide, giving the GOP control of Congress. But ohhh what a letdown it’s been for Gorman and conservatives. “Our Republican Party, they’re not just allowing the Democrats to steamroll our Bill of Rights, they’re helping them,” Gorman says. “We’re sick of being lied to, but now, we’re scared for our children.” Join Gorman as he explains further in this enlightening edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

The Year Of the Outsider

With both parties roiled in controversy and trapped in the drudgery of Washington politics, it’s no wonder American voters are gravitating toward “outsiders” at both ends of the spectrum. The Democrats are souring on Hillary Clinton, who can’t seem to handle the truth, and socialist Bernie Sanders is on the rise. On the Republican side of the aisle, Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are drowning in their power on Capitol Hill, opening the doors for newcomers Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Is this a passing fad, or is the American electorate intent on redoing the political landscape? “I think the most fundamental thing is the incredible breach of trust that both parties are guilty of with the American people,” says political pundit Dick Morris. In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, Morris explains how the fresh voices are resonating with the public with their discourse on the betrayal of the leadership.

Champions Of Liberty

John Stossel’s weekly program on the Fox Business Channel recently entertained the topic of champions of liberty with the well-rounded panel of Cato Institute’s David Boaz, school-choice advocate Kevin Chavous and the Foundation for Economic Education’s Lawrence Reed. The quartet talks about liberty’s heroes, including choices of their own, in this edition of Learn Liberty.

The Plight Of the GOP

Zeroing in on the 2016 presidential election, political commentator Joe Dan Gorman asks, “Is it the end, or is it a reawakening?” Gorman says this could be the last go-round–at least for a long while–for Republicans to get their act together and right America’s ship. Meanwhile, pundits are intent on blaming GOP in-fighting and discord on presidential candidate Donald Trump and company. Gorman strongly disagrees. “You know what? The GOP is already destroying the GOP. They don’t need our help,” he says. Tune in as Gorman elaborates and also opines on Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, and the Planned Parenthood fiasco in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Stop Feeding the Rinos

Joe Dan Gorman resumes his attack on radical liberalism in the first installment of “Frogleg Minute,” a spinoff of Intellectual Froglegs. Gorman, aka the Unicorn Whisperer, says the intensely biased media must stop attacking Donald Trump, but begin emulating what he’s doing right. “The dude is standing up to a bully media. And not only is he standing up, he’s pushing back,” Gorman says. “People love him, ‘but he’s insensitive!’ Who gives a crap! He’s right.” Gorman also tees off on the recent revelation on secret side deals to the Iran nuke deal, and predicts the whole issue may well be the spark of World War III.

The Red Bear is Awake

Russia is back and it is awake. Those words from Glenn Beck, who warns the world about the dangerous political path of of the Soviets, its madman Vladimir Putin and one of the Kremlin’s policy advisors, Alexander Dugin, a Russian political scientist known for his fascist views. “Welcome to the new Russia, and it won’t stay contained in Russia,” Beck says. “They are using these far-right groups in Germany, in Greece and now in France in a proxy cultural battle against neighbors it seeks to diminish.” Listen, as Beck exposes Russia’s terrifying geo-political agenda in this edition of The Blaze.

The Sanctuary City Dilemma

As recently as the last presidential primary in 2007, Hillary Clinton was all in for sanctuary cities. But after the murder of a young woman by an illegal alien in the sanctuary city of San Francisco recently, Hillary flip-flopped and denounced the policy. So which is it Hillary, and the entire Democrat Party, for that matter? John Phillips, host of “The Run Down” on PJTV, welcomes panel members Scott Ott and Stephen Kruiser to debate whether the Democrats will suffer for their support of this immigration insanity in the 2016 elections.

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