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Bibi Beats Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu’s surprisngly smashing victory in last week’s Israeli elections had major implications across the globe. Not only did he overpower Israel’s left-wing Labor Party, but he tossed a monkey wrench into the Obama Administration’s plans for the Middle East. Dick Morris analyzes the election results and what turns out to be a punishing defeat for President Obama.

It’s Good to Be King

Joe Dan Gorman says Rudy’s right: “Obama does not love America. But it’s not just Obama, it’s the entire progressive left.” Gorman derides Captain Destructo-O’s pomp and petulance, touches on lying VA chief Robert McDonald and a host of other issues that have taken America to the brink in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Anti-Amnesty Ruling a Big Deal

The court’s decision to throw a monkey wrench into President Obama’s executive order on immigration amnesty is a bigger deal than what many think, according to political pundit Dick Morris. He says it’s an obvious move by the judicial branch to curtail Obama’s power grab and reign him in. Listen in as Morris explains.

Manipulating Weather Data

Meteorologists took a beating a few weeks ago when misforecasting the super storm that hit the Northeast. In addition to the New England area, the storm was supposed to drop down as far as New York and Philadelphia, and even points farther south. But it didn’t. New York Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor DeBlasio were responsible for practically shutting down the Big Apple at a devastating cost to the state and city. Says Joe Dan Gorman, “Our best and brightest can’t even predict tomorrow’s weather without any certainty. Yet we know without a shadow of a doubt that in 50 years global warming will be causing hurricanes and droughts and typhoons and floods and dragons and sorcerers and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Gorman also goes after former Florida governor and possible presidential candidate Jeb Bush, radical Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch and President Obama’s foreign policy in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Beware Of Obamacare Penalties

Digging deeper into the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, Joe Dan Gorman reveals that the fine for Americans not signing up for health insurance has taken an eerie twist. “It was widely decided that the uninsured would be penalized to the tune of $95 for the first year,” he says. “But actually, the $95 is the minimum. Middle and upper-income families will be penalized one percent of their household income.” Join Gorman in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs as he dissects this aspect of Obamacare, as well as other biting political issues.

Why Netanyahu is Right

Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said recently that it was good that Jews were relocating to Israel because it would make it easier for Iran to wipe them out with one bomb. Such brain-dead comments, coupled with Iran slowly inching toward a nuclear bomb and President Obama’s reluctance to recognize the threat, has driven Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into action. The Israeli head of state will lay out the Iranian threat in a speech to the joint houses of Congress despite Obama’s disapproval. “Netanyahu is going over the head of Obama and speaking directly to the American people and speaking directly to Congress,” political pundit Dick Morris says. “That infuriates Obama and his petulance is unbelievable. But it’s very important that Netanyahu do that, and it’s very important that Congress and the American people are educated on this issue.”

A Logjam of GOP Candidates

As the 2016 presidential election season revs up, Republicans find themselves with an embarrassing wealth of potential candidates. Many pundits assert the full bench of hopefuls spells doom, other say the robust debate leading up to the primary season will strengthen the eventual nominee. PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew of Stephen Kruiser, Scott Ott and Stephen Green debate the merits of what should be an eventful run up to the Republican National Convention in July.

Analyzing the Paris Attack

The political fallout from the Paris terror attacks has reached a boiling point, but pundit Dick Morris says everyone is missing the real meaning of the assault. “This is not just plain terrorism. This is a totally different, qualitative kind of terror attack,” Morris says. “Because it was motivated not randomly to cause death and destruction and fear and terror. It was motivated to modify the behavior of the European and American media so that it came into accordance with Sharia Law.” Tune in as Morris elaborates in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

The New Tea Party

Although President Obama’s parade of progressive minions will continue forward with their radical agenda, Wild Bill says not to worry. The new year, he says, will have many positive revelations to combat the liberals, including a swell of Black Americans in the Tea Party. “Black Americans can now see two diverging roads,” says Wild Bill. “One, following the tired, old race-baiters line and the violence that will bring. Or to take a stand against thuggery and to call for honesty and decency in America.” Check out the latest edition of Wild Bill for America as he explains.

Why Keystone Matters

Dick Morris reports that U.S. oil production has increased from 7 million barrels per day to 9 million; Canada is up to 4 million; and Mexico pumps 2.5 million each and every day. A federation of the three nations would create a “North American OPEC.” so to speak, but the key ingredient remains the Keystone Pipeline. “The United States needs a federation with Canada and Mexico to be able to get the kind of clout to stop terrorism, stop Putin in his tracks and free us of energy dependence on countries that hate us,” Morris says. Listen in as Morris explains why the Keystone Pipeline is vital to all these goals.

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