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Analyzing the Paris Attack

The political fallout from the Paris terror attacks has reached a boiling point, but pundit Dick Morris says everyone is missing the real meaning of the assault. “This is not just plain terrorism. This is a totally different, qualitative kind of terror attack,” Morris says. “Because it was motivated not randomly to cause death and destruction and fear and terror. It was motivated to modify the behavior of the European and American media so that it came into accordance with Sharia Law.” Tune in as Morris elaborates in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

The New Tea Party

Although President Obama’s parade of progressive minions will continue forward with their radical agenda, Wild Bill says not to worry. The new year, he says, will have many positive revelations to combat the liberals, including a swell of Black Americans in the Tea Party. “Black Americans can now see two diverging roads,” says Wild Bill. “One, following the tired, old race-baiters line and the violence that will bring. Or to take a stand against thuggery and to call for honesty and decency in America.” Check out the latest edition of Wild Bill for America as he explains.

Why Keystone Matters

Dick Morris reports that U.S. oil production has increased from 7 million barrels per day to 9 million; Canada is up to 4 million; and Mexico pumps 2.5 million each and every day. A federation of the three nations would create a “North American OPEC.” so to speak, but the key ingredient remains the Keystone Pipeline. “The United States needs a federation with Canada and Mexico to be able to get the kind of clout to stop terrorism, stop Putin in his tracks and free us of energy dependence on countries that hate us,” Morris says. Listen in as Morris explains why the Keystone Pipeline is vital to all these goals.

Liberals Looney About Racism

Joe Dan Gorman takes on racism in America and a variety of other topics in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs. “This media-created theater called American the Racist is a lie and we’re sick of it,” Gorman says. “America is not racist, but these liberals are hysterical, not in a ha-ha way but in a straight jacket way.” Tune in as Gorman continues his war on the progressive left.

Liberals Playing Torture Card

The one-sided CIA report accusing the Bush Administration of torture is once again dominating the headlines, and it doesn’t sit well with Wild Bill. “This so-called torture issue was not an issue until liberals invented it as yet another way to embarrass the USA,” he says. “Give the average liberal a choice between defeating terrorism or embarrassing their own country, and most will choose to hurt the USA every chance they get.” Listen to the rest of Wild Bill’s fiery argument in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Hillary Coy On Political Plans

It’s a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton is running for president. But why is she putting off the announcement? Political pundit Dick Morris analyzes Clinton’s political state of mind and points out some very interesting reasons for her inaction in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Massive Spending Bill in Peril

House leaders have unveiled a $1.1 trillion spending bill that will partially avert a government shutdown. But the massive spending albatross doesn’t sit well with Congressional conservatives. Fox News’ host Gregg Jarrett debates the hot issue with political analysts Thomas Basile and Basil Smikle Jr. in the Strategy Room.

Gridlock is Good

Political commentator and investigative reporter John Stossel unabashedly admits that we’re better off when we have gridlock in Congress. Imagine that.
“Bipartisanship brings us some of our worst laws,” says Stossel. “People say that they hate Congress, and they are right to hate Congress. It’s filled with pandering opportunists, that when those opportunists get together in bipartisanship, they pass awful rules.” Listen in to the rest of Stossel’s logic.

Rich Oprah Turns to Race Card

Alfonzo Rachel says Oprah Winfrey is whining about racism and raising the ceiling on the race card. It seems that Ms. Winfrey made the majority of her megabucks from her white fans, but she claims it’s those same supporters and racism that are causing President Obama to fail. Oh no, it couldn’t be his policies. “The race card is the card of the cowardly,” says Rachel. “They’re too afraid to admit they failed. And they protect themselves by accusing people of being racist.” Tune in as Rachel turns the tables on Winfrey and goes after liberals and the inherently racist Democrat Party.

We Want Joe!

U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy said recently that the best argument against impeaching President Obama is Vice-President Joe Biden. “I agreed with him at first. Now, Mr. Gowdy and I finally disagree on something,” says Wild Bill. “Obama has become so radically anti-American that Joe Biden, ahem, would be a step up.” Check out the video as Wild Bill explains.

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