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Trump Defends His Comments

The always flamboyant Donald Trump took some time to visit “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News to tell his side of the story regarding his southern border security comments and blast NBC and Univision. While Trump repeated that he loves and respects Mexico and its people, he added he will not take back the truth. “Mexico is doing a tremendous number against the United States,” he told Bill O’Reilly. “First of all, they’re killing us at the border, second of all what they’re doing to us in trade is unbelievable. They’re taking our jobs, they’re taking our manufacturing and they’re taking our money.” Trump elaborates on this edition of the Les Grossman Channel.

Pope Takes a Left Turn

Pope Francis is truly in his element when preaching to his flock on matters of the church. But when his discourse takes a left turn, his message loses its edge. “Ya’ll’s Pope has done lost his way, or he’s lost his mind or a combination,” says Joe Dan Gorman. “Does he even use the Bible anymore? He’s strayed so far from his area of expertise, he seems like the head of the Democrat Party.” Gorman also ventures into race relations, gun control, climate change and President Obama’s dismal six-year record in this tantalizing edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Framing the Constitution

Political pundit and commentator Dick Morris delves into the history of our Constitution and its framers with some assistance from The Quartet, a book by Joseph Ellis detailing an unexpected story of the 13 colonies. While the American Revolution of 1776 freed the colonies from British rule and gave us our independence, it was the second revolution of 1787 that helped merge 13 sovereign nations–the colonies–into one coherent United States. Morris explains further in this historical edition of Dick Morris Reports.

New Deal Wasn’t a Save All

The notion today is that President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal worked, ending the Great Depression and rolling back unemployment. Political commentator Dick Morris says the New Deal had some merit, but some of its accolades were unfounded. Morris explains in this week’s history lesson on Dick Morris Reports.

House Embarrasses Obama

The Republican-dominated House of Representatives, with plenty of help from its minority-member Democrats, dealt President Obama a major foreign policy blow by overwhelmingly defeating the Trade Assistance Act. Newsmax Prime’s J.D. Hayworth discusses the embarrassment to Obama with network contributors Larry Elder and chief political correspondent John Gizzi and Ed J. Pizzuoli, president of Tripp Scott Law Firm, and whether the bill has any life at all.

Obama’s Legacy On the Ropes

President’s Obama’s proverbial legacy may be headed for dire straits. First, a federal appeals court struck down Obama’s executive amnesty action on immigration, then Iran’s Supreme Leader is about to blow up the proposed nuclear accord with the U.S. and now the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is on the ropes. The U.S. Supreme Court will decide in the next few days whether Obamacare subsidies for health insurance are constitutional. Political commentator Dick Morris says a ruling against Obamacare should send the GOP into a wild celebration, not because so many Americans will lose their health insurance, but the action would all but obliterate a flawed piece of legislation. Listen in as he explains in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Prez Stuck On Climate Change

While floods were ravaging Oklahoma and Texas last month, President Obama, aka Captain Destruct-O, was back on his climate change soapbox between rounds of golf. Strong evidence says the climate change discourse is theoretical, and political commentator Joe Dan Gorman can’t take it anymore. “We even busted the scientists who got their e-mails where they admit to manipulating the data,” Gorman says. “We’ve proven them wrong … it means nothing; they keep going. This is a ridiculously well-funded global push for all this climate change nonsense.” Gorman also takes on religious freedom, liberal control of the media, American exceptionalism and the threat to free speech in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Snowden Talks Digital Security

While Congress challenges the liberties taken by the National Security Agency in relation to the Patriot Act, whistle-blower Edward Snowden discusses national data collection policies with a focus on the future economic and political implications on this edition of Liberty Pen.

Rein in the NSA

Political commentator Dick Morris says we desperately need to rein in the NSA. The House last week voted to tone down surveillance conducted by the NSA under the Patriot Act by limiting collection of phone data from Americans. The bill–the USA Freedom Act–is currently making its way through the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing a two-month extension of the law. Bad move, says Morris, as he explains in this edition of Dick Morris reports.

We Need Electoral College

So why does the United States use the Electoral College to elect our presidents instead of the popular vote? Author, lawyer and Electoral College expert Tara Ross says that to understand the Electoral College is to understand American democracy. She explains and tells us why it matters in this edition of Prager University.

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