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What if JFK Would Have Lived?

Perhaps one of the most charismatic figures in American political history, John F. Kennedy’s time on the national scene was cut tragically short by an assassin’s bullet. But what if JFK had lived and served two full terms as our 35th president? Although JFK served only two years, he embodied the hopeful future of America. Following his death, the country was overwhelmed by race riots, the culture shift and the unfortunate conflict in Southeast Asia. What, if anything, would have changed with President Kennedy? Cody Franklin constructs an alternate timeline of history if JFK would have lived in this presentation of the Alternate History Hub.

Is McConnell Next?

Now that Speaker of the House John Boehner is gone, should Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell be next to vacate Capitol Hill? The stalwart “Trifecta” crew of Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott debate the future of the GOP on PJTV.

Carly is Not the Answer

Political outsider Carly Fiorina is among the most qualified GOP presidential candidates, but political pundit Dick Morris says that nominating her would be a disaster of major proportions. Morris adds that her most visible black mark when she ran computer giant Hewlett Packard was laying off 30,000 employees and outsourcing many of those jobs to China. The move didn’t sit well with California voters when Fiorina challenged Barbara Boxer, junior U.S. senator from from the Golden State, in 2010. Morris gives us the details in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Why the Right is Right

What makes conservative right? “It’s a more practical, generous and compassionate way to live,” say Greg Gutfeld, author of How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct, and panel member of Fox News’ The Five. Gutfeld explains why the right is right in this guest appearance of Prager University.

Trump’s Autumn of Irritation

Weighing in on the always entertaining Donald Trump debate, political commentator Joe Dan Gorman says, “It appears that the summer of Trump is now moving into the autumn of irritation.” But The Donald won’t go away and appears to be getting stronger as the campaign gets longer. “Even the people against Trump are admitting that the establishment is out to get Trump,” Gorman says. “Forty-four of the questions in the CNN debate focuses on Donald Trump. Twenty-six questions contained Donald Trump’s name. And 26 of those questions were asked to the other candidates.” Gorman doubles down on his support for Trump in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Trumped by The Donald

Following the landslide victory by the GOP in the 2012 Congressional elections, political commentator Bill Whittle boldly predicted that the next president would come from the pop culture and not the political class. With the recent emergence of non-establishment candidates such as Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Bernie Sanders, Whittle’s prognostication seems safe for now. But as the political process has evolved, Whittle finds himself with a surprising affection for Trump. “I don’t think Donald Trump is a conservative … I don’t know what he is but there is one thing that he doesn’t seem to be and that is afraid,” Whittle says. “He doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, especially the one thing that every other Republican is terrified of, namely Donald Trump doesn’t seem to give a damn what the news media, late-night comedians or hip-hop artists think about him.” Tune in to see what else Whittle so loves about The Donald in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

Post-Constitution America

We have no doubt entered post-Constitution America, one filled with double standards and one adhering to laws merely for the sake of political expediency. Our great nation never experienced these problems for 239 years until now. “We’re no longer a nation of laws,” says political commentator Joe Dan Gorman. “We’re sick of the double standard crap, this for thee and not for me crap. We have a government that cherry picks the laws it enforces, and it only enforces the ones that promote their big-government agenda.” Gorman expouds on the issue in this scintillating edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Iowa Loves Outsiders

Shockingly, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has lost nearly a third of her support in Iowa in the last few months to wacky socialist Bernie Sanders, an avowed outsider. Meanwhile, over in the Republican race, 56 percent of Iowans prefer outsider status, giving their support to Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, all relative rookies in this business. PJTV’s John Phillips breaks down the numbers in this edition of “Poll Position.”

Hillary Trapped By Her Anger

Hillary Clinton’s sense of entitlement is slowly crumbling, and it is embarrassingly visible on the presidential stump. So with the drumbeat of political allegations of wrongdoing not going away anytime soon, is Hillary trapped by her own anger? Political pundit Dick Morris says yes. “Some people are saying that Hillary might withdraw. No way,” Morris says. “Hillary doesn’t withdraw from anything. She will either run or get indicted.”

Trump Deflecting Detractors

“The GOP always betrays conservatives, and that’s why we need Trump,” says political pundit Joe Dan Gorman. But although Donald Trump is more to the center than the conservative faction of the party, he also has a GOP bullseye on his back. “Donald Trump is the antithesis of political correctness, and that’s why he’s our selected middle finger,” Gorman says. Learn more about Gorman’s support for the anti-establishment Trump, who has taken the GOP and the nation by storm, in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Trump Supporters Anonymous – Intellectual Froglegs 08.30.15 from Intellectual Froglegs on Vimeo.

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