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.50-Caliber Weapons on Border

While President Obama lounges at Camp David, turmoil on the southern border is reaching a fever pitch. In a bold move unfolding over the weekend, drug cartels fired on U.S. Border Patrol agents with .50-caliber weapons, escalating what has been a never-ending disaster. And if that wasn’t enough, while the gunfire ensued illegal immigrants continued their trek across the border, this time on Jet Skis, believe it or not. Fox & Friends weekend crew Heather Nauert, Jon Scott and Peter Johnson Jr. discuss the turn of events.

Beck to Help the Children

Glenn Beck is heading south for the summer. At the risk of harming his career, the controversial political commentator on The Blaze Network is trekking to the Mexico-U.S. border to literally lend a hand to the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have streamed across into our backyards. “Through no fault of their own they are caught in political crossfire,” Beck says. “And while we continue to put pressure on Washington and change its course of lawlessness, we must also help.”

Religious Freedom Wins

Religious freedom celebrated a major victory when the United States Supreme Court struck down the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate in a 5-4 vote. The highly anticipated decision, known as the Hobby Lobby Case, ruled that employers of closely held corporations with religious objections can refuse to cover contraception. Opponents and proponents of the ruling reacted strongly in this report by One America News Network.


Northern Cal Talks Secession

The swell of California’s taxation, empty representation and overwhelming regulation has residents in the northern part of the state talking secession. Activists claim the state’s three major urban areas dictate politics for all of California and the good folks of Northern Cal have had enough. If they indeed have their way, Jefferson will become the 51st state in the Union, says Mark Baird, of the Jefferson Declaration Committee. “We already have 350,000 people that want liberty,” Baird says. “We get calls from more counties every day. We’re practicing inclusion. This isn’t exclusively some right-wing movement, we have Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents. We have everyone that wants to see a better life for themselves and their children.” Baird and other activists tell Reason TV their story.

NSA’s Black List Exposed

American journalist Glenn Greenwald, a columnist for British national newspaper The Guardian and one of several reporters to break the NSA-Edward Snowden story, is set to make an even bigger splash soon. Greenwald is expected to make his biggest move to date later this week when he releases the names of many prominent Americans targeted by the NSA. In this edition of Liberty Pen, Fox News’ Shepard Smith and frequent contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss Greenwald’s threat and the consequences that will follow.

Solving Overpopulation

You hear it all the time: Overpopulation will doom Earth as we know it. It will wipe out our food sources, tap out our water supply, squeeze us off the planet. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu points out in her new documentary, Misconception,” that we’re going about solving the problem in all the wrong ways. “The biggest turn that happened in my mind, and it was something I tried to replicate in the film, was this idea that it’s not about adjusting the numbers and making people conform to the numbers, and that’s how you solve people’s problems. It’s the exact opposite,” Yu says. In this edition of Reason TV, host Zach Weissmuller interviews Yu about the film and the impending overpopulation concern.

All Eyes on the Supremes

The Supreme Court is rapidly approaching the end of its current term with major decisions on campaign finance reform and affirmative action under its belt, and a ruling on the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate in the wings. But as Reason TV’s Damon Root explains, there are three additional cases worth paying attention to. Root talks about the decisions that will impact warrantless cellphone searches, the limits of political free speech and broadcast TV in the digital age.


Russians Mocking Obama

With the Obama Administration well into its fifth year, our country’s respect on the international front continues to dwindle. President Obama’s latest debacle is unfolding in Eurasia, where the Russian Federation has expanded its boundaries into Ukraine, annexing the coastal region of Crimea, much to the chagrin of the Western world. The daring manuever drew a hapless response from the Obama Administration, making the U.S. the laughing stock among Russian politicians. American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael Rubin tells conservative radio talk show host Andrew Wilkow, “What’s dangerous is that what happens in Crimea doesn’t stay in Crimea. Ultimately, Vladimir Putin might be laughing at us, but Kim Jong Un, the dear leader in North Korea is having similar thoughts, you can be sure that the Supreme Leader in Iran is having similar thoughts and every single ally we have whom we have given security guarantees, are now seeing those guarantees aren’t worth the paper their written on.”

A Nightmare For Atheists

Back in February, people celebrated “Question Evolution Day,” a day Wild Bill calls “Atheist’s Nightmare Day.” He says, “That’s the day atheists dread. Liberal professors dread that people might actually ask good questions and demand honest answers. Evolution is the No. 1 tool in the world for destroying the faith for people who do not think for themselves.The last thing Atheists for America want is for people to question evolution.”

Courts Failing the Constitution

Clark Neily, attorney at the Institute for Justice, is adamant that the courts have failed our Constitution, and says so in his new book, Terms of Engagement: How the Courts Should Enforce the Constitution’s Promise of Limited Government. Neily tells Reason TV’s Zach Weissmueller, “The judiciary was meant to stand as a bulwark against the tyranny of the majority, a defender of individual rights. Instead, it has become a mere enabler of legislators and government agencies.”

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