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Cities Of the Future

With the planet’s population exploding and no where to go, futuristic cities are taking shape across the globe, including communities in the ocean to one floating in the sky. Top 10 Media takes a detailed look at 10 such cities.

How to Perfect Government

Is the United States getting too damn big to govern? How can we possibly shrink government? These are the questions dangling over PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew as they discuss how they would perfect government. Check out some interesting solutions from Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott.

Minimum Wage Hike Kills Jobs

The New York Times, recognized around the planet as the bible of the progressive left, actually got it right back in 1987 when it editorialized that the perfect minimum wage was $0.00–zero! The Times opined that “the minimum wage is an idea whose time has passed.” Says David Henderson, editor of Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, “So economists and the liberal paper were on the same page. Why? Because they understood that a minimum wage does not guarantee jobs. It guarantees only that those who get jobs will be paid at least that minimum.” Henderson explains in this edition of Prager University that hiking the minimum wage might well lead to unintended consequences.

The Great Weed Debate

The states of Colorado and Washington stunned the nation when citizens voted to legalize marijuana. The move was a bad one, says Kevin Sabet, professor of psychiatry and a former senior advisor for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. He says time will tell whether we’ve replaced a system of minor arrests for possession of weed with a public health tragedy of legalization. Consumer and investigative reporter John Stossel engages Sabet in debate and takes a look at how the legalization of marijuana is working out in Colorado in this edition of LibertyPen.

Talking Drones and Privacy

Consumer journalist and investigative reporter John Stossel ponders a world where drones are mainstream. The tiny flying machines, equipped with a camera, can be bought as cheaply as $1,200, and are a boon to farmers and real-estate agents. But do they pose a serious problem of privacy when in devious hands? Stossel talks with Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul and others about the pending dilemma in this edition of Liberty Pen.

The 9/11 ISIS Threat

As the country commemorates the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, there is growing concern that we are not yet through dealing with these mongrels. The new threat on the horizon is ISIS–the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–which is wreaking havoc in the Middle East with abandon and setting its sights on the USA. Not only is this new brand of terror more powerful than Al-Qaeda ever was, but also more brutal and richer. Adding insult to injury, ISIS is padding its ever-growing force by thousands every month, including foreign mercenaries, many from the United States. Voice of America News breaks down the crisis with analysis and commentary.

A Glimpse Of World War III

Islamic terrorists want our resources. Pure and simple. And ISIS’ march through Syria and Iraq is just the beginning. Glenn Beck, of The and, heralds it as the beginning of World War III. Beck says Islam will move rapidly across the Middle East, stamp its mark in north Africa and move into South and Central America, leaving North America up for grabs. “That is the general gist of this,” Beck says. “It shows the infection all over and no place is a beacon for freedom.” Joining Beck in this dire discussion are former Assistant Secretary of Defense Frank Gaffney and PJ Media national security and terrorism correspondent Patrick Poole.

Dealing With ISIS

The world was horrified when an ISIS fanatic beheaded an American journalist, then immediately marched another hostage in front of the camera and threatened to do the same thing if the U.S. continued its bombing sorties in Iraq. The shameless and revolting murder, says Dick Morris, is a definite call to action for the United States. But aside from any military response, Morris is calling for crippling the travel of terrorists to the U.S. In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, he lays out the details.

World Still Silent On Genocide

In a moving and terse commentary, Fox News’ Lisa Daftari scolds Hollywood’s inner liberal circle for using their stardom to spew politically correct and basically uninformed opinions. Most recently, actors Penelope Cruz and her husband, Javier Bardem, blasted Israel for committing genocide, pointing to the 1,800 Palestinian casuaties as compared to 64 for the Israelis. Daftari argues these numbers do not tell the real story. Such as the stories of how Hamas use Palestinian children as human shields, hide their weapons in schools and civilian areas or how the Palestinian people have now turned against Hamas. Meanwhile, genocide is a reality in Syria, Iraq and the Sudan. Daftari has some pointed advice for these Hollywood zealots: “If you don’t know all the facts, stay quiet. Otherwise, use your voice to address real global calamities.” Listen to the rest of Daftari’s commentary on Fox News.

Fix Your Unhappiness

Wishful thinking in our lives is usually a recipe for unhappiness. At least that’s the prognosis of radio talk show host, syndicated columnist and author Dennis Prager. It’s an affliction Prager calls “The Missing Tile Syndrome,” whereby we focus on the missing tiles in our lives instead of enjoying what we have. In this edition of Prager University, Prager shows us how to cure this malady.

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