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Obama’s One-Party Nation

As if he already didn’t have enough on his political plate, President Obama now has set his devious sight on our Electoral College. “Obama is trying to destroy the Electoral College,” says Dick Morris. “He’s trying to do an end-run around and have popular-vote control.” Morris elaborates and discusses his new book Power Grab in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Obama Snubbing Israel Again

Is there a reason President Obama refers to the Islamic terrorist organization responsible for chaos in Syria and Iraq as ISIL and not ISIS? Glenn Beck says it’s a snub to Israel. ISIS is the northern region of Syria and Iraq, Beck says. “ISIL, adding the ‘L’ the Levant, means it’s all the way into Egypt and it takes all the Palestinian homeland into account. No Israel.” Beck elaborates to his staff of The in a recent morning briefing.

Democrats Turning On Obama

President Obama’s failure to engage in a plethora of crises confronting his administration has worked the Republicans into a frenzy. But shockingly, the president is beginning to feel the heat from his own party. His actions–or inaction–in recent months have turned off Latinos and Peaceniks, two key elements of his coalition. Political pundit Dick Morris says Obama’s immigration promises and action in the Middle East has his own party members breathing fire. Tune in as Morris explains the quadary Obama has created.

Dictator Barack Obama

For the last 19 years, meteorological evidence shows there has been no warming of the Earth’s surface temperature. Furthermore, in the last 26 to 16 years, there has been no warming in the lower atmosphere. Yet our illustrious leader, President Barack Hussein Obama, has empowered Secretary of State John Kerry to negotiate a climate change treaty with world leaders that will bypass approval of Congress. If the the treaty is successful, political pundit Dick Morris says, this will make Obama a virtual dictator. “Once this treaty is signed, even if it’s not ratified, even if it’s not proposed for ratification, it becomes part of international law,” Morris says. Join Morris as he explains the ramifications of this wild proposal.

Nixon No Match For Obama

Roger Stone, self-proclaimed hitman to President Nixon, says when it comes to illicit action in the White House, President Obama has Tricky Dicky beaten by a large margin. “When it comes to extra-constitutional, extra-legal activities, Barack Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout,” Stone says. Join Stone as he lays out his case against Obama in an interview with Bill Whittle in this edition of PJTV.

A Myriad of Obama Failure

President Obama’s first Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said, “Nevert let a good crisis go to waste.” And our 44th Commander in Chief wasted no time implementing that ideal. “He used that ‘crisis’ to promote socialism and fundamentally to transform the United States in very important ways,”  political commentator Dick Morris says. Obama, of course, began with the ill-fated stimulus package to the Obamacare debacle to the General Motors bailout to the many other programs that failed miserably to resurrect our economy. In this week’s history edition of Dick Morris Reports, Morris explains each of the failed programs.

Walking Eagle a Disgrace

Back off! Joe Dan Gorman is on the warpath against Walking Eagle, aka President Obama. Where did that Native American moniker come from, you ask? Gorman explains: “The funniest thing I heard is that Obama has an Indian name now. They call him Walking Eagle, because he’s so full of crap, he can’t fly.”  That’s the first salvo of many hurled at our Commander in Chief by Gorman in this entertaining edition of Intellectual Froglegs. While Obama claims he was a true-blue disciple of the Constitution in his previous life, you’d be hard-pressed to find any evidence of that in his nearly six years in the White House. “You know what, we really don’t even know what the hell he is. His college records are sealed,” Gorman says. “Everything about this dude is a fraud. Everything. His stimulus, his green energy, his ‘you can keep your healthcare,’ his ‘you can keep your doctor,’ his victory over Al Queda. This guy is a disgrace.” Tune in as Joe Dan continues his rampage.

Obama the Worst Since WWII

All the scandals, all the lies and all the BS has finally caught up to President Obama. In a recently released poll by Quinnipiac University, the American people were asked who was the worst president since World War II. One-third of Americans responding to the poll placed President Obama at the top with 33 percent, surpassing George W. Bush at 28 percent. A distant third was Richard Nixon at 13 percent. Political analysts David Webb and Leslie Marshall join Jenna Lee on Fox News’ “The Real Story” to discuss the latest public sentiment about our president.

Obama’s Miserable Failure

When voters went to the polls in 2008, they did so with the pipe dream of a “newer” frontier. They threw all their eggs in the same basket for the new kid on the block–Barack Hussein Obama–the newly annointed messiah by the progressives who would erase the disasters of the previous eight years. He was the big brain to heal the planet, to dismantle conflict, to reverse stupidity. Fast forward to 2014 and witness the U.S. and the planet in chaos. The Annointed One has failed miserably. He went from dumb in hist term to dumber in the first two years of his second stint. Alfonzo Rachel puts it succintly, “He was supposed to be the problem-solver,” Rachel says. “He was supposed to be the solution himself to the Bush problem. Bush, at worst, was just a bad case of indigestion, compared to the virus that turns your gut into a diarrhea fountain that we got with Obama.” Check out the rest of Rachel’s rant on this episode of “Zonation” on PJTV.

Obama’s Den Of Lies

Celebrated journalist, syndicated columnist and conservative political commentator Robert Novak said, “Love your country, but never trust your government.” Those enlightening words ring oh so true in Washington today, as the Obama Administration faces an onslaught of government scandals and the president himself grasps at every opportunity to weasel his way from the truth. In this clever video compilation by LibertyPen titled “Lies Our President Told Us,” Obama is snagged red-handed  spewing boldfaced and unabashed untruths. Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.


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