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Obama Stands With the Muslims

In President Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope, our illustrious Commander in Chief gave us a precursor of the calamity to come in his administration. Obama proclaims in the book that he will stand with the Muslims if the political winds shift in an ugly direction. Six years into his presidency, it appears Muslims themselves have shifted the winds in an ugly direction while Obama stands unconcerned on the sidelines. “One thing is clear, Obama will not be standing for American values, or principles, or for our allies, or for our military,” says Wild Bill. Tune in to this edition of Wild Bill for America as he explains.

In Obama We Do Not Trust

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to speak to Congress this morning, Wild Bill has some very direct words for the American public: “In my humble opinion, the real leader of the free world is not the president of the USA, not until Mr. Obama is gone,” says Wild Bill. “It appears that the most trusted leader today is Prime Minister Netanyahu, of Israel.” Wild Bill says Americans should look at President Obama’s ongoing negotiation with Iran on nukes with disdain and be forewarned of the implications of such an association. He lashes out further in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Obama the Spendthrift

President Obama’s damage to America’s economy is terrifying, but the scariest thing is what he’s done with our national debt. To put it in perspective, America incurred $10 trillion in debt from the George Washington administration to the end of President George W. Bush’s term. In six years since, President Obama has added another $7 trillion in debt. Political pundit Dick Morris says we won’t even realize the gravity of this monstrosity until interest rates return to normal. Morris explains in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Obama Giving Iran Millions

Not only is President Obama unabashedly appeasing Iran in every which way, he’s handing them billions of dollars every month. Turns out that the Shah of Iran salted away about $12 billion in U.S. banks during his reign, which was frozen by presidents Carter and Reagan when the regime crumbled. But part of the Geneva interim agreement, titled the Joint Plan of Action, regarding current nuclear negotiations with Iran, Obama agreed to unfreeze the assets and return them at a rate of $490 billion a month. Incredible! “It is becoming clear that Obama is actually helping Iran,” Morris says. “It’s in effect foreign aid.” Check out the rest of Morris’ report.

Picking Apart Obama

The 2015 State of the Union Address was classic Barack Obama. Same old political rhetoric, same old threats, same unfulfilled promises. A number of Cato Institute scholars turned a critical eye to the president’s address and give you their take on his pronouncements.

Obama in Bed With Wall Street

During the 2008 presidential campaign, then Senator Barack Obama raked big banks and Wall Street over the coals, stirring protests against the rich throughout the nation. Fast forward six years and it appears the administration has become more than a bit cozy with the top one percent. “It was kabuki from Day 1,” says Joel Kotkin, editor in chief of New Geography. “Particularly in 2008, had the vast majority of support on Wall Street, The New York Times dubbed him the “hedge fund candidate” and he had very good relations with the big-money people in Chicago. So there’s always been this sort of kabuki. He does that one thing that’s sort of rhetorical and then he does the real thing.” Listen in as Kotkin continues his discussion of Obama’s love-hate relationship with Wall Street in this edition of “InstaVision,” with Glenn Reynolds, on PJTV.

The Appeasing Liberals

As Islam again reared its ugly head in Paris last week, we are reminded that it is not the religion of peace. “Despite those who turn a blind eye to Islam, it is the dark side of humanity,” says Joe Dan Gorman. “And it’s not a new thing. Even Winston Churchill said, ‘Islam is as dangerous in a man, as rabies in a dog.'” Great quote from Churchill, but what’s changed. The progressive liberals, led by Captain Destruct-O in the White House, continue to appease these fanatics. In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman lays into the radical Islamic movement, plus throws in some choice comments on government intervention, Guantanamo Bay, and our illustrious president and attorney general.

The Obamacare Nightmare

The February 15 deadline is rapidly approaching for Americans who are still uninsured. And rest assured those that remain uninsured will face the wrath of the new year Obamacare in the way of hefty penalties. Info Wars host Lee Ann McAdoo delves deeper into the increased penalties this year and in future years and opines on new testimony from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber that just recently surfaced in this edition of the Alex Jones Channel.

2014: Year of Dictator Obama

“At the beginning of the year President Barack Obama said he was just the president, that we have divided powers. He said 22 times that he didn’t have the authority to just make law,” says David Knight, of the Alex Jones Channel. But by the end of the year, Dictator Obama was taking the law into his own hands and threatening Congress. Knight takes us through a swath of Obama’s web of lies in 2014 as he disrepects those divided powers and shreds the constitution.

Wild Bill’s Gift to Liberals

Wild Bill has a special message for Black liberals: President Obama is as much an Arab as he is African-American. “We’re going to let Black liberals off the hook,” Wild Bill says. “There’s as much evidence of his Arab ancestry as there is for his African ancestry. Or better yet, label him as America’s first and last Muslim president.”

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