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Did ‘Interview’ Live Up to Hype

Film critic Kevin McCarthy from tells Fox & Friends that the controversial movie The Interview was underwhelming. But, he adds, he’s glad that America packed movie theaters to watch the film, sending a terse message that we do not give in to threats. Check out McCarthy’s detailed review.

Faith Under Attack

Wild Bill says faith is under attack in America. But he has a solution–Genesis, a major motion picture set for release later this year that is sure to jump-start your faith. “Nothing in the Bible has ever been proven wrong by science,” Wild Bill says. “If it had been proven wrong, the anti-God crowd would gladly allow a side-by-side comparison of creation versus evolution science. But as you all know, the anti-God side relies on lawsuits to keep the creation science from being heard at all.”

Hollywood Gets Religion

It seems when Hollywood gets religion, the box office rejoices. Recently, the top four films included two faith-based productions–Noah and God’s Not Dead.  So what exactly does this mean for Hollywood? PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew of Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green discuss the ramifications.

Build a Zoetrope

Vision and the way our brains perceive what we are seeing are incredible. Just think of optical illusions, 3D images, the fact that your eyes are processing the world around you upside-down! A fun trick to play on your eyes and brain uses a zoetrope. This fantastic tool is able to change multiple still images into a moving animation that would make Walt Disney jealous.

The Burka Avenger

Pakistan’s first animated series, The Burka Avenger, has wowed audiences across the world.

Fast and Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7 is sure to be the newest Fast and Furious movie since FF6! Starring Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne “no longer the Rock” Johnson, Mario, Luigi, Wario, and the hottest racer babe ever to grace the silver screen, Princess Toadstool aka “Peach”! Can Dom the mechanic hold his top spot against the world’s most famous Italian plumber?

Satan in Prison

Satan is confined to an empty cell but it doesn’t take him long to dress up the place, using magic to create a table, chairs, paintings and eventually a woman in this 1907 fantasy by Georges Melies.  As in his previous films, the special effects are certainly the highlights and while the trick shots are obviously done through editing, the quality had certainly improved by this point in the director’s career.

The Most Dedicated Mailman

OK, so the carriers with the US Mail, Fed Ex, UPS and other mail services have got the Fourth of July holiday off. Still, we all know what separates a decent, hardworking mailman from a mediocre one. In this short, written by Jeff Wysaski and animated by Sarah Johnson, a mailman has an extremely difficult route, but that doesn’t stop him from getting daily mail into the hands of such movie characters as Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Iron Man.

Extinction — A Dodo’s Guide

British animator Asa Lucander created this short chronology charting the course of mass extinctions — from the dinosaurs to the dodo bird. The piece originally aired on the BBC program Science Club, providing an avenue for the public to grasp complicated scientific topics. Click to visit Lucander’sw website. H/T Kuriositas


Crevasse of No Return

Never fall into the crevasse of no return, and say hello to Fancy Nancy. An animated segment from Rhett and Link’s Mythical Show.

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