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‘Star Wars’ Made Mistakes, Too

If the technical crew of the Star Wars series knew beforehand what impact the movies would have on the silver screen and the dough it would rake in, they would have been a bit more careful in the editing process. Screen Rant says there were plenty of mistakes made in the movie series, including 10 that you probably missed.

The Impact Of ‘Star Wars’

George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise was an immediate cultural phenomenon. The series and the numerous spinoffs in books, toys and comics dates back 30-plus years and redefined how movies were made and marketed. Host Nick Gillespie sits down with cultural critics Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post, Sonny Bunch of the Free Beacon and Peter Suderman of Reason, Vox to discuss how and why Star Wars changed everything and how the original movies became political and cultural touchstones in this edition of Reason TV.

Movies Predict the Future

Alltime 10s delves into past movies that predicted the future. Perhaps the most glaring example came from The Matrix, Terminator 2 and Super Mario Bros, which amazingly predicted 9/11. Hard to believe, but true. Check out the prognosticating powers of nine other movies.

Hollywood’s Idiot Heroes

Wild Bill says the best way to ruin a trip to the grocery store is to come across a slew of the Hollywood tabloids fawning over Tinseltown’s fake heroes. He explains in this edition of Wild Bill for Ameerica.

Where’s Reagan’s Hollywood?

Once upon a time, conservative actors such as Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne strolled the red carpet in Hollywood. More recently, Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight upheld traditional values in Tinseltown. Today, we have Matt Damon, Tom Hanks and Michael Moore delivering progressive, left-wing propaganda. So what on Earth happened? Host Bill Whittle welcomes an all-star panel of conservatives, including Alfonzo Rachel, Andrew Klavan, Roger Simon and Dinesh D’Souza to answer this question in this edition of PJTV.

Did ‘Interview’ Live Up to Hype

Film critic Kevin McCarthy from tells Fox & Friends that the controversial movie The Interview was underwhelming. But, he adds, he’s glad that America packed movie theaters to watch the film, sending a terse message that we do not give in to threats. Check out McCarthy’s detailed review.

Faith Under Attack

Wild Bill says faith is under attack in America. But he has a solution–Genesis, a major motion picture set for release later this year that is sure to jump-start your faith. “Nothing in the Bible has ever been proven wrong by science,” Wild Bill says. “If it had been proven wrong, the anti-God crowd would gladly allow a side-by-side comparison of creation versus evolution science. But as you all know, the anti-God side relies on lawsuits to keep the creation science from being heard at all.”

Hollywood Gets Religion

It seems when Hollywood gets religion, the box office rejoices. Recently, the top four films included two faith-based productions–Noah and God’s Not Dead.  So what exactly does this mean for Hollywood? PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew of Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green discuss the ramifications.

Build a Zoetrope

Vision and the way our brains perceive what we are seeing are incredible. Just think of optical illusions, 3D images, the fact that your eyes are processing the world around you upside-down! A fun trick to play on your eyes and brain uses a zoetrope. This fantastic tool is able to change multiple still images into a moving animation that would make Walt Disney jealous.

The Burka Avenger

Pakistan’s first animated series, The Burka Avenger, has wowed audiences across the world.

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