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Middle Ages Never Happened

From President Obama controlling the weather to entire periods of history that apparently never happened, the following are the 15 worst conspiracies of all time. For instance, German publisher Herebert Illig claims the Middle Ages never happened, but was a creation of forgeries and manipulations by the Vatican, books rewritten and false accounts created. That’s just one of many bizarro conspiracies in this edition of Danger Dolan.

Dumb And Dumber

Criminals do the dardest things. Or is it the dumbest things. For instance, an older woman walked up to a police officer requesting help for a recent purchase of cocaine gone wrong. She said the powder was of low grade and wanted the officer to help her get her money back. Needless to say, all she received was a pair of handcuffs around her wrists. In this edition, Danger Dolan takes a gander at 14 more of the lamest criminals ever to infect society with their ineptitude.

Internet Buyer Beware

With the advent of the Internet, scam artists weren’t far behind. Many of the early shysters have been weeded out but, unfortunately, they have been replaced by another wave of unscrupulous schemers. Danger Dolan analyzes 15 of the sneakiest–and sometimes devastating–scams that are perpetrated on the net.

Ugly is Coming

Wild Bill has sounded the alarm to yet another attack on our first amendment rights. “Government censorship is not the biggest threat to free speech,” he says. “Actually, militant extremists are the biggest threat.” Turns out these extremists are now tracking down every American who has ever signed a petition supporting traditional marriage, and are willing to confront them. In San Antonio, Mayor Julian Castro decreed that any person who has ever said or written anything opposing homosexuality is ineligible for city employment or contracts. What’s up with that? Not only is Castro violating the Constitution but is guilty of persecution against Christians. Check out the rest of Wild Bill’s take on the issue.

Maniac in Plain Sight

The mass-murder rampage by Elliot Rodgers in Santa Barbara, California, has once again shoved the issue of mental illness into the national spotlight. Rodgers allegedly possesses violent tendencies, was on a myriad of psychiatric drugs and even posted his plan to murder online. So how does a maniac in plain sight slip through the cracks? PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew of Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle dissect this troubling turn of events.

Not So Sterling

Pressure continues to intensify on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, following his alleged racially insensitive comments made to his mistress that was privately taped. The tape was obtained and released by gossip and entertainment news website TMZ. If the voice on the tape is indeed Sterling’s, there’s no denying he’s been elevated to idiot status. In today’s world, there’s no room for such nonsense, and Sterling should face the full-blown wrath of the NBA and the American public. Following is the tape of Sterling’s diatribe released by TMZ Sports. Check it out and  judge for yourself.

UK’s Progressive Atrocity

In the 18th century, Gulliver’s Travels author Jonathan Swift sarcastically called for eating the young to feed the Irish poor. Fast forward to the progressive 21st century and Swift would be horrified to learn that babies aren’t being eaten, but incinerated by the thousands in United Kingdom hospitals. Join Bill Whittle in this edition of PJTV’s “Afterburner” as he rips this modern-day atrocity, a possible prelude to America’s Affordable Care Act.

If You Can’t Earn It, Just Sue

Amy Holmes tells us about more than a few frivolous lawsuits clogging the courts in this edition of “The HotList” on The Blaze Network. Among the most outlandish is a case in California where a man is suing McDonald’s because he only received one napkin with his quarter-pounder deluxe. How ridiculous is this? Check out the video clip as Holmes talks about other foolish suits.

In a Tizzy Over Bibles in Hotels

Annie Laurie Gailor and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have set their sights on Christianity, zeroing in on a hotel on the campus of Iowa State University and its Bibles in guest rooms. It seems Gailor is objecting to the Bible being the only book placed in hotel rooms. In this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV, Alfonzo Rachel explains, “Uhhh, because the majority of the country is Christian, that’s why. You Democrats claim to be Democrats because you swear by the majority rule, right? Well, the majority of the country considers themselves Christian, and does feel that the word of God is a good thing to have access to.”

Devil Baby Terrorizes Gotham

Midday shoppers had a devil of a time in the Big Apple when encountering an evil surprise. Promoting the new terror film Devil’s Due,” filmmakers put together an animatronic devil baby in a remote-controlled stroller and set him loose on the streets of New York City, much to the chagrin and horror of onlookers. Hidden cameras captured the priceless reaction of unsuspecting New Yorkers.

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