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UK’s Progressive Atrocity

In the 18th century, Gulliver’s Travels author Jonathan Swift sarcastically called for eating the young to feed the Irish poor. Fast forward to the progressive 21st century and Swift would be horrified to learn that babies aren’t being eaten, but incinerated by the thousands in United Kingdom hospitals. Join Bill Whittle in this edition of PJTV’s “Afterburner” as he rips this modern-day atrocity, a possible prelude to America’s Affordable Care Act.

If You Can’t Earn It, Just Sue

Amy Holmes tells us about more than a few frivolous lawsuits clogging the courts in this edition of “The HotList” on The Blaze Network. Among the most outlandish is a case in California where a man is suing McDonald’s because he only received one napkin with his quarter-pounder deluxe. How ridiculous is this? Check out the video clip as Holmes talks about other foolish suits.

In a Tizzy Over Bibles in Hotels

Annie Laurie Gailor and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have set their sights on Christianity, zeroing in on a hotel on the campus of Iowa State University and its Bibles in guest rooms. It seems Gailor is objecting to the Bible being the only book placed in hotel rooms. In this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV, Alfonzo Rachel explains, “Uhhh, because the majority of the country is Christian, that’s why. You Democrats claim to be Democrats because you swear by the majority rule, right? Well, the majority of the country considers themselves Christian, and does feel that the word of God is a good thing to have access to.”

Devil Baby Terrorizes Gotham

Midday shoppers had a devil of a time in the Big Apple when encountering an evil surprise. Promoting the new terror film Devil’s Due,” filmmakers put together an animatronic devil baby in a remote-controlled stroller and set him loose on the streets of New York City, much to the chagrin and horror of onlookers. Hidden cameras captured the priceless reaction of unsuspecting New Yorkers.

Focus on Mystery

Take a gander at 10 strange and genuine photographs you will never forget. Hybrid Librarian, a video blog, put together the presentation tagged “the world’s 10 most mysterious pictures.” Peruse the video, then you decide.

Crazy White Man

It’s Wild Bill vs. Mikey and the issue of slavery in this edition of “Wild Bill for America.” Wild Bill says he received a note from “Mikey” blasting him for a video he made skewering the New Black Panthers for their racist and violent rhetoric. Tune in as Wild Bill takes Mikey to task.

Agenda 21: Control the World

Agenda 21, adopted by the United Nations in 1992 to implement worldwide sustainable development, is emerging from the shadows and drawing major opposition in our country. Those opposed decry that the plan is an infringement on individual rights on a state, local and community level, and is basically an attempt at creating a new world order. “Sustainable development is a term that was defined by the United Nations … The plan restricts your choices, it limits your ability to govern yourself and it takes away your freedom,” says Rosa Koire, executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute. Get the lowdown on Agenda 21 and its dangerous repercussions from a myriad of sources, including conservative political commentator Glenn Beck in this episode of “Jason A.”

Time to Manhandle Weiner

Alfonzo Rachel has had it with CNN’s Piers Morgan. He has also had it with Anthony Weiner. Hear why as Zo dissects the minds and logical perversions of American liberalism. H/T PJTV

The Fatwa on Croissants

A sharia committee in a rebel-held area of Syria has banned croissants, because the French delicacy allegedly violates Muslim morality and recalls the country’s painful colonial past. The fatwa against the manufacture, sale and consumption of croissants is in effect in rebel-controlled sections of the city Aleppo, where sharia committees had already made wearing tight clothes and makeup a criminal offense for any Muslim woman.

Three Condoms, or No Go

The wife of a sex-starved man in New Taipei City, Taiwan had a baby last year, and lost interest in having sex. Reluctant to engage in intercourse or have another child, she told her husband to wear three condoms — an edict leading to a lawsuit between them over their sexual complaints.


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