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Newsflash! Obama Obeys Law

“President Obama recently said he would not seek a third term even if the law allowed it,” Jodi Miller reports. “Legal experts say it’s the first law Obama has ever agreed to obey.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also takes aim at Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Martin O’Malley, Clinton’s e-mails and Jennifer Lopez.

Obama: What Constitution?

“In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, President Obama delivered remarks at McKinley Senior High School,” Jodi Miller reports. “He told students there’s no limit to what they can accomplish, if they’re willing to ignore the Constitution.” Also on Miller’s hit list this week are tax revenues, jihadist recruiting, Aljazeera, Rick Santorum, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, the Playboy Mansion and Oprah Winfrey in this edition of NewsBusted.

Obama Address Hits Low

“Ratings for President Obama’s State of the Union address hit an all-time low,” Jodi Miller reports. “The speech drew 31.3 million viewers, which isn’t bad for a rerun.” Miller also busts the news with Powerball, Hillary Clinton, Aljazeera America, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Martin O’Malley and Walmart in this edition of NewsBusted.

Hillary Definitely Offensive

“A new poll shows that the new Hillary Clinton so-called charm offensive is getting mixed results,” Jodi Miller reports. “For instance, most Americans don’t think Hillary is charming, however, they do find her offensive.” Miller also takes aim at Jeb Bush, Stephen Colbert, Super Gonorrhea, Applebee’s, Susan Sarandon and Starbucks in this edition of NewsBusted.

Taming An Internet Troll

An Internet troll definitely stepped over the line in ruffling political pundit Alfonzo Rachel’s feathers, pronoucing he is not really a conservative. The troll apparently didn’t agree with Rachel stating that conservatives need to be creative in competing with pop culture. Zo responded with an impassioned siloquy in this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

Hillary Can’t Win For Losing

“There’s good news and bad news for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton,” Jodi Miller reports. “The good news is she just received a major endorsement. The bad news–it’s from Bill Cosby.” Miller kicks off the new year featuring President Obama, Bernie Sanders, George Pataki, Martin O’Malley, John Kasich, Star Wars and Marco Rubio on this edition of NewsBusted.

Criminals, Terrorists Rejoice

“White House officials say President Obama’s 2016 agenda includes closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay and executive action on guns,” Jodie Miller reports. “This is great news if you’re a terrorist or a criminal.” Miller closes out the year featuring AAA, Jeb Bush, Maine welfare recipients and Charlie Sheen in this edition of NewsBusted.

Obama’s Lackeys Upset

“President Obama said he underestimated America’s anxiety over terrorism, because he didn’t watch enough cable news,” Jodi Miller reports. “His comments came as a major disappointment to all of his lackeys at MSNBC.” Miller fires up the Christmas spirit further with Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Michelle Obama, Bowe Bergdahl, Susan Rice and Willie Nelson in this holiday issue of NewsBusted.

ISIS Needs President Obama

“ISIS is threatening to attack the White House,” Jodi Miller reports. “But the terrorists would be foolish to go after President Obama. They need him.” Miller also takes on texting, a vegetarian study, Charlie Sheen, Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel and “Survivor” in this edition of NewsBusted.

Obama’s ISIS Fantasy

“President Obama told GQ magazine that he fantasizes about owning an NBA team,” Jodi Miller reports. “Another of Obama’s fantasies involves him having a successful ISIS strategy.” Miller gets after millennials, journalist party affiliation, John Kerry, TSA, “Days of Our Lives” and Syrian refugees in this edition of NewsBusted.

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