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From Models to Jailbirds

More than 60 gorgeous foreign models were arrested in China recently, taken into custody and had their passports confiscated. Turns out it’s difficult to get a work permit or entertainment visa in parts of the country, so the models were using tourist visas, which are illegal in China. SourceFed’s Trisha Hershberger and Lee Newton explain.

Sizzling in the Kitchen

Something’s definitely cooking in this Thump video titled “The Greatest Baking Show on Earth” on Vice. It’s difficult to decipher what exactly is cooking, but who cares when the chef is a sexy, scantily clad lass with more moves than a kitchen blender. Follow the recipe closely.

A Wing and a Prayer

Lillian_BoyerLillian Boyer, the famous American wingwalker, performs aerial stunts in this rare footage shot in the 1920s by Pathe Baby Film. A waitress, Boyer began her death-defying career in 1921 and had appeared in more than 350 shows by 1929, when federal regulations on low flying and unsafe planes forced her and other so-called “barnstormers” into retirement.

Go! Girl! Go!–Sesenta y Uno

Happy New Year’s. Starting afresh in 2013, at this same time tomorrow, we’ll launch a new series of daily videos showcasing the Babes of Burlesque, a two-month-long, global tour introducing you to 59 sizzling burlesque performers from 15 countries, guaranteed to get you hot and bothered, and help you make it through the cold, winter months.

Go! Girl!Go! has been popular, so we’re going to close the series out in style and segue to the Babes of Burlesque with a little triple-play action — Jessica Biel, Rose McGowan and Asia Argento, all working the poles.

First, up: Jessica in 2009’s Powder Blue.

Not to be overlooked, here’s Rose in 2007’s Planet Terror.

Finally, Asia preparing a scene for The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, 2004.

Go! Girl! Go! — Sesenta

Claudia Cardinale in The Magnificent Cuckold, a 1964 Italian comedy in which she plays the beautiful wife of Ugo Tognazzi — who is convinced she must be cheating on him. He’s a philanderer himself, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous, so, he reasons, how can she remain chaste?

Go! Girl! Go!–Cincuenta y Nueve

Just before her breakout in And God Created Woman, Brigitte Bardot played a Paris schoolgirl who enters an amateur strip contest, unaware that her new boyfriend is covering the event for his magazine. This leads to a comic attempt on her part to disguise herself, while still going for the gusto and trying to claim the prize money she desperately needs in 1956’s Mademoiselle Striptease, also known as Plucking the Daisy.

Go! Girl! Go!–Cincuenta y Ocho

He’s expecting to find a bookworm, but rogue cop Hartigan (Bruce Willis) discovers that 19-year-old Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) has filled out impressively in 2005’s Sin City. Co-directors Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have a sequel in the works, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, due out next October, with Alba reprising her role.

Go! Girl! Go!–Cincuenta y Siete

Tongolele in Si, Mi Vida, a musical comedy from Mexico released in 1953. Born as Yolanda Montes, she danced under the stage name “Tongolele,” specializing in exotic Afro-Cubano rhythms considered risque at the time.

Here’s an earlier Tongolele performane from El Rey Del Barrio, 1949.

Go! Girl! Go!–Cincuenta y Seis

Nastassja Kinski does an autoerotic dance to Betty Everett’s “Shoop Shoop Song” in 1983’s Exposed. Kinski plays a Wisconsin farm girl who has just gone to New York City seeking fame and fortune.  After talking with her mother back home, she imagines a dance with a dream lover.  Not the best of thrillers, but there’s something thrilling about Kinski in this scene.

Go! Girl! Go!–Cincuenta y Cinco

Merry Christmas! We’ve got a stocking stuffer for you and then a gift package we guarantee you’ll enjoy unwrapping. Both glittering presents under the tree feature Sophia Loren, who might not have been the most classically trained dancer in cinema, but va-va-va-voom! Was there ever an actress who carried herself  so gracefully and so gorgeously?

To rustle your jimmies, we offer Sophia dancing flamenco in the 1957 period piece The Pride and the Passion, cast opposite Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra.

And, now something a little naughty, but plenty nice — Sophia strips for Marcello Mastroianni in 1963’s Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

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