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Parasites Infiltrate Economy

The CATO Institute’s David Boaz in a chapter of his new book says society is made poor by various parasites who enrich themselves by manipulating government. The chapter is “The Parasite Economy” and the book is titled The Libertarian Mind. Boaz tells John Stossel that these parasites are no longer interested in pleasing their customers but in using government to force people to give them money. Boaz elaborates in this edition of Liberty Pen on PJTV.

It’s All About Bourbon

You can forget about your favorite beer, or that fine wine you crave from time to time. Nowadays, it’s all about bourbon! “American whiskey is seeing a surge of popularity both here at home and overseas,” says Diana Falzone, host of “Fox Life Style” on Fox News. The numbers say Kentucky bourbon and Tennessee whiskey revenues rose $2.7 billion, exports topped $1 billion and domestic volume increased to 19.4 million cases. Why the sudden popularity? Falzone talks with Jefferson Bourbon master blender Trey Zoeller about trends in the industry.

Free Enterprise Helps the Poor

Perhaps one of the most popular myths surrounding free enterprise is that it hurts the poor. Wrong, says Arthur Brooks, social scientist and president of the American Enterprise Institute. The percentage of the world’s population living on the equivalent of less than $1 per day has fallen by more than 80 percent since the ’70s, Brooks says, and it’s not because of foreign aid, nor any other government handout. It’s because of free enterprise. “There has never been a force that comes close to helping the poor like free enterprise,” he says. Brooks debunks four other myths about free enterprise in this edition of Prager University.

Oil Collapse Points to Crisis

The collapse of oil prices might well trigger the next major crisis around the planet, according to economic forecaster and author Harry Dent. “Most economists say that falling oil prices is good for the consumer. Of course it is. We save maybe $2 a day in lower oil prices,” Dent says. “But it’s going to burst one of the biggest bubbles we’ve had recently, the fracking bubble. We were told we’re going to be energy independent, we’ve got this great fracking revolution. It’s just a bubble industry.” Tune in to this edition of The Alex Jones Channel as Jones queries Dent about the impending economic doom.

Beware Of the Nanny State

Truth be told, regulations can save lives. But they can inflict lots of damage, too. Is a nanny state mentality the answer? Do we really want to trade our freedom for a bunch of predisposed rules and regulations? “The control freaks always want more,” says John Stossel. “They want to protect us from ourselves, by limiting what we eat, what we do for pleasure, even how we give to charity. They think it’s their duty.” In this edition of Liberty Pen, Stossel welcomes economist Matthew Mitchell, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, to discuss the unintended consequences of nanny state rule.

An Embarrassing Milestone

It’s sadly true. For the first time since the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant in the 1870s, the United States has lost its throne as the largest economic power in the world–at least when measured by the Purchasing Power Parity metric. Political commentator Bill Whittle says it’s not a crying shame, it’s a crime! “The reason that China has surpassed the U.S. economically is pretty simple, really,” Whittle says. “The Socialist Chinese leadership has kept the essence of dictatorial socialism, while allowing the Chinese people to embrace a capitalist ethic of hard work and reward for effort.” Tune in as Whittle lowers the boom on American progressives in this edition of “Firewall” on Truth Revolt Originals.

Sanctions Destroying Russia

Dick Morris says the economic sanctions of the West are destroying Russia. The ruble, Russia’s unit of currency, is collapsing and taking the economy with it. Morris theorizes that the manipulation of the oil market is the main culprit. Check out his reasoning in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Property, Law = Prosperity

There’s no arguing that the United States is the most powerful and prosperous country in the world. So, asks investigative reporter John Stossel, why hasn’t the power to prosper spread to other nations. Hernando DeSoto, of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy, tells Stossel the answer lies in the rule of law and property rights. “The rules of the game have to say and recognize who really owns what,” DeSoto says. “Because how you relate to the assets you have determines how you relate to your neighbor and the rest of the world.” DeSoto explains in more detail in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Be Wary of Unethical Banks

With their sticky fingers firmly wrapped around the purse strings, banks are not winning any popularity polls. Causing the credit crunch that has engulfed the country is just one of the many reprehensible things they are blamed for. Alltime 10s tells us about 10 additional unethical things banks do with your money.

Obama’s War On Marriage

It appears that America’s unmarried poor have figured out a way to game the system, with plenty of help from their hero, President Obama. Their solution–stay single and reap a shower of entitlements. “There are now no fewer than 70 programs in the U.S. budget comprising a trillion dollars of spending, which are means tested. And all of those programs penalize marriage,” says Dick Morris. It’s a known fact that once you sign those marriage vows, your income increases and cuts you out of the entitlement gravy train. Morris explains the predicament in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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