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Multiverse Theory Advances

Scientists may have locked onto evidence in the farthest reaches of space of the multiverse theory, which is the existence of multiple universes. Mikey Chen of Beyond Chen reports that data from the European Agency’s Planck Telescope indicates an unusual glow in deep space is possible evidence of another universe disrupting ours.

Earth’s Mysterious Cousin

Mars is generally cited in scientific circles as Earth’s closest “relaltive,” and the greatest hope for life beyond our planet. Following are 25 unique facts about the Red Planet in this edition of List 25.

More Signs Of Alien Intelligence

The Kepler Space Telescope’s discovery of what appears to be a megastructure orbiting a distant star has the Internet and science world abuzz. Kepler, whose mission is detecting exoplanets around faraway stars, recently detected a body that was nearly 20 percent larger than anything seen before. Astromers aren’t saying this is proof of intelligent life, but they aren’t ruling out the possibility. Trace Dominguez and Aaron White spell out the ramifications of the discovery in this edition of D News.

Could We Destroy Our Planet?

With the proliferation of nuclear weapons on the planet, do we have the ability to destroy ourselves? SciShow host Hank Green says that the entire nuclear arsenal on Earth, mostly concentrated in the United States and Russia, is about 7,000 megatons, which is puny on a universal scale and when compared to natural forces. Granted, if all these weapons were detonated, there would be severe damange to deal with. “But the Earth is pretty sturdy and people are pretty good at surviving,” Green says.

The Edge Of the Universe

Many people think the universe is infinite. But there is a good possibility that it is not, and some theorize there is an edge to space. Join host Matt O’Dowd as he gives us some answers in this edition of PBS Space Time.

NASA Finds Water On Mars

In a stunning discovery, NASA announced there is sometimes flowing water on Mars, or at least liquid, hydrated perchlorate salts. While NASA welcomes the surprise news, there are many questions to be answered, such as where did the water come from? Is it salty like saltwater? And what exactly does this discovery mean? Hank Green attacks these questions in this edition of SciShow.

Nuke Mars’ Poles

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, says we could expedite Earth’s colonization of Mars by nuking the Red Planet. Musk’s point is to make Mars habitable really quickly by nuking its poles. “The idea is the bombs would be a quick way to to terraform Mars, in other words, make the planet capable of supporting human life,” Hank Green says. Green explains in this edition of SciShow.

The Enormous Solar System

Filmmaker Wylie Overstreet and a group of friends built the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits on a dry lakebed in Nevada. “Every picture of the solar system that we ever encounter is not to scale,” Overstreet says. “If you put the orbits to scale on a piece of paper, the planets become microscopic. The only way to see a scale model of the solar system is to build one.” So they did, in Black Rock Desert, northern Nevada. Overstreet says that to create a scale model with a small marble depicting Earth, the group needed seven miles of complete empty space. Follow their project on this edition of To Scale.

Downloading Artificial Life

Stunningly, biologists are developing a method to create artificial life with DNA that was put together by downloading information from the Internet. SciShow host Hank Green says, “In a sense, it’s the first living thing on the planet with a computer for a parent.” Check out the video as Green presents the elaborate details.

Exploring the Mind’s Eye

SciShow host Hank Green explores a newly identified neurological condition, aphantasia, the inability to visualize things in your imagination, and gives tribute to Dr. Oliver Sacks, popular explorer of the human mind.

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