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Is There a Ninth Planet?

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology may well have discovered a ninth planet in our solar system. Now called Planet Nine, the new spatial body has 10 times the mass of Earth and is near the size of Neptune. Amy Shire Teitel and Trace Dominguez fill in the details in this edition of D News.

Unraveling Space Myths

Our universe is full of mysteries, many of them not close to being solved. But scattered about what we do know of the Final Frontier are a handful of myths. Many of the wider-known misconceptions have been debunked, such as the myth that a human body would freeze if left unprotected in the vacuum of space. But space is beyond freezing, measuring -270.45 Celsius. Your body wouldn’t freeze, you’d actually overheat because there is nothing for your body heat to transfer to. Nine additional myths are explained in this special science issue of Alltime 10s.

The Science Of Randomness

Is random really random? Science has discovered that if you look long enough, randomness can and will produce predictable patterns. Says Michael Stevens of Vsauce, “Randomness is difficult to identify. It is easier to be certain something is not random, than that it is.” Science further has determined that the real answer lies in quantum mechanics. Stevens explains.

Longest Days in December

December has the longest solar days (noon-to-noon) because of the weird way a combination of the axial tilt of the Earth and a quirk in its elliptical orbit. Henry Reich clarifies the reasons in this edition of Minute Physics.

Human Superpowers Inevitable

Ever dream of being a superhero? Sure you have, don’t be modest. With technology improving at a rapid pace, science might well give us some “superpowers” we once only dreamed of, such as the ability to fly and possessing super strength. Host Mikey Chen discusses these and eight additional superpowers in the offing in this incredible edition of Beyond Science.

Where is Everybody?

With 100 billion stars and millions of solar systems in our galaxy, where is everybody? Armed with ever-advanced technology through the last 40 years, scientists have scanned the heavens for intelligent life–or any life for that matter. And what have they found? Nothing. Silence. Many of our greatest minds have concluded that the answer to our unique planet may very well lie with its satellite–the moon. Bill Whittle explains further in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

The Weirdness of Inheritance

Inheriting DNA cells can be weirder than you think. Chemical switches attached to DNA turn genes on and off or up and down, telling the machinery which proteins to produce and in what quantities. These swithces, called epigenetic tags, make for some very strange DNA passed down from our ancestors. Emily Elert explains in this fascinating edition of Minute Earth.

Was Einstein Wrong?

The Theory of Relativity is one of the foundations of modern physics, along with Quantum Theory. So it came as a monumental shock to scientists when the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, conducted an atom-smashing experiment that concluded that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity might be wrong. “All hell broke loose in the physics community,” says Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City College of New York. Kaku explains in this educational edition of Big Think.

Multiverse Theory Advances

Scientists may have locked onto evidence in the farthest reaches of space of the multiverse theory, which is the existence of multiple universes. Mikey Chen of Beyond Chen reports that data from the European Agency’s Planck Telescope indicates an unusual glow in deep space is possible evidence of another universe disrupting ours.

Earth’s Mysterious Cousin

Mars is generally cited in scientific circles as Earth’s closest “relaltive,” and the greatest hope for life beyond our planet. Following are 25 unique facts about the Red Planet in this edition of List 25.

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