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A Birds-eye View

After years of research, scientists are finally beginning to understand the meaning of birds-eye view. While humans have three color receptor cells, or cones, in our eyes to detect red, blue and green, birds are blessed with four. SciShow’s Hank Green tells us that birds not only can see the Earth’s magnetic field but also ultraviolet light, and throws in a few more amazing facts about our fine feathered friends.

Taking Out An Asteroid

One potential life-threatening dilemma facing Earth is an unlikely encounter with an asteroid. Could we stop an impact with one of these heavenly bodies, or are we doomed? Because asteroids come in many different sizes, there are many solutions, as explained by American scientist Bill Nye, also known as The Science Guy, in this edition of AsapSCIENCE.

Gazing Into the Past

When you gaze at the stars, you’re actually looking at light that took years to travel to Earth. In other words, you’re seeing how stars looked in the past. This is just one of some mind-blowing facts in this edition of AsapSCIENCE.

Getting All Spaced Out

Could there be life on Europa? An icy world on its surface, Jupiter’s smallest of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons looks inhospitable. But because of Jupiter’s immense gravitational pull and activity in its core, Europa has developed several lakes beneath its icy surface and a 62-mile-deep ocean. The ocean is more than likely warmed by geothermal vents, just like Earth, which lends itself to life. In this amazing edition of Hybrid Librarian, hop onboard for a mind-blowing tour of space’s 10 most stunning wonders.

Yawning Cools Our Brains

Henry Reich tells us that humans yawn to cool their brains. “Scientists now believed that yawning has developed as a way of physiologically cooling your  the brain,” he says. “Much like a computer, your brain works best at a certain temperature and tries to avoid overheating.” In this edition of AsapSCIENCE, Reich fills us in on more details.

How Much Water is Too Much?

We know that every living organism needs water to survive. So, can too much water become intoxicating? AsapSCIENCE says yes, but it’s rare. Find out more in this science update.

Predict the Odds of Anything

Statistics are every scientist’s best friend. But the numbers aren’t always easy to interpret. In this edition of SciShow, host Hank Green explains why the methodology of Bayesian Reasoning can lead to some surprising conclusions.

Obsessing Over Sports

There’s a reason why fans obsess over sports. ASAP Science explains what happens to your body when your team wins, such as the massive build-up of testosterone and a surge of dopamine. Check out the results.

The Terminator Coming Soon

Remember the Terminator, when Arnold Schwarzenegger played the cyborg assassin programmed to kill? With technology advancing at a dizzying pace, it’s not difficult to imagine a time in the future when artificial intelligence will pose a major threat to the human species. In this video, Alltime 10s presents 10 technologies that could enslave humanity some day.

A Black Hole Conundrum

Mega-scientist Stephen Hawking threw his colleagues for a loop recently, when they thought he wrote in a paper that black holes do not exist. Hank Green, of SciShow, says those who read the paper apparently took the TLTR (or too long to read) route, instead assuming there was some major breakthrough or breakdown in astrophysics. Green takes the time to put Hawking’s thoughts into context.

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