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GOP Cowtowing to Obama

Joe Dan Gorman says he let out a sigh of relief when the GOP captured the Senate last year en route to controlling both houses of Congress, but the feeling was premature. “The Republican leadership is worthless,” Gorman says. “I thought they’d at least slow down Obama, but they’re not even trying. They should be up in his grille telling him, ‘sit down and shut up.’ The Congress does have the power, they just don’t have the balls.” Gorman also opines on the Planned Parenthood fiasco, the looming presidential debates, the American hostages in Iran and the ridiculously, left-wing media in this provacative edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Obama, Kerry Are Traitors

In light of the Iran nuclear deal, the release of enemy combatants, the endangerment of national security and the government’s refusal to secure the southern border, Wild Bill can’t take it anymore. “Obama and John Kerry are traitors to this nation and must be brought to justice,” he says. He lays out President Destruct-O’ missteps and Kerry faux pas in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Regulated Freedom

President Destruct-O just keeps on rolling and that doesn’t sit well with Joe Dan Gorman. “We are witnessing government at its absolute abusive worst,” he says. “You know what they say: ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’ and we are witnessing it. This has become a government of power and force, certainly not of and by the people.” In the following edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman elaborates as he takes aim at gay marriage, racism and the Confederate flag and Bru.., er, Caitlyn Jenner and the liberal-loving media.

Iran in Driver’s Seat

Less than a week ago, Iranians and their Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei rallied in the streets of Teheran shouting, “Death to America. Death to Israel.” Today, the unsuspecting and legacy-grubbing Obama Administration sealed a nuclear deal with Iran, more than likely paving the way to further chaos in the Middle East. And to add insult to injury, President Obama doubled down threatening Congress that he will be absolute in his veto of any opposition to the pact. “We’ve made a deal with a murderer, with a homicidal maniac, the ayatollah of Iran,” says former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. “We are making a deal with a man who is publicly committed to the destruction to the state of Israel, to the spread of Islamic extremism, has said he is not going to back off any of those positions and we are getting him closer to having, surreptitiously, nuclear weapons.” Giuliani is one of many–both Republicans and Democrats–adamantly opposed to the deal and vents to Fox News’ Stuart Varney.

Get Church Back On Track

The recent affirmation of gay marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t sit well with Wild Bill. “The Christian Church and the USA have been ‘married’ from day one, and it’s time to get it back on track,” opines Wild Bill for America. “In this world, it seems like there’s always somebody determined to stomp out faith in God. Not just in their own life, they’re determined to stomp out God in everybody’s life.” Tune in as Wild Bill maps his plan of action.

Sanctuary For a Killer

The question persists: Why was illegal alien Francisco Sanchez able to murder an innocent woman in San Francisco after being deported five times? John Phillips of “The Run Down” on PJTV says every once in a while a heinous crime goes down that galvanizes the masses and our lawmakers to act. Well, it’s time to act. Time to abolish sanctuary cities, time to erase ridiculous liberal policies that fail to enforce our laws. Phillips welcomes Stephen Kruiser and Stephen Green to debate this sensitive issue.

Time to Destroy Obamaism

Wild Bill’s new word of the day: Obamaism, which basically means opposition to anything and everything American. Especially Judeo-Christian values. Says Wild Bill, “The goal of Obamaism is to force churches and businesses to hire people of low moral character, to expose American children to perversions of all kinds, to allow civil and criminal prosecution of Americans who dare to uphold the biblical values that our nation was founded upon.” Time for the good guys to make a stand against this immoral wave.

The Corrupt Clintons

If you remove one layer of corruption from the Clintons, guess what? You find another, more insidious layer. And another, and another … going back at least three decades. The “Trifecta” crew of Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott discuss how the Clintons are “made out of corruption” in this edition of PJTV.

Courts to the Rescue

Thank God for the Judicial Branch of our government, which just might turn out to be the determining body in President Obama’s legacy. “There is increasing evidence that the courts are going to do their Constitutional duty and reassert the system of checks and balances and cancel a whole range of the unilateral executive action initiatives that President Obama has made,” says political pundit and commentator Dick Morris. That’s good news from Mr. Morris. In layman’s terms, it means Obama’s arrogance and outright lawlessness will be contained. Tune in to this edition of Dick Morris Reports as he explains.

Being PC Can Be Terrifying

Pioneer shock-talk radio host Anthony Cumia tells “Info Wars” host Alex Jones that the concept of being politically correct is perhaps the most terrifying form of censorship in our country. For example: the government using the threat of violence from offended Muslims to quell free speech. “Says Cumia, “…The progressive left is such a joke to even call them progressive. They’re obviously more totalitarian than anything right now. They have really eliminated freedom of speech through fear. We don’t worry about an agency coming by and really taking our freedom of speech, that’s easy. But when there’s people saying, ‘You can’t say that because it’s offensive, it’s racist, it’s homophobic, it’s misogynistic, that’s when people get petrified.” Cumia elaborates further in this edition of The Alex Jones Channel.

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