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Our Politically Correct Military

Investigative reporter John Stossel says he’s happy with our military keeping us safe from foreign attack and satisfied that we’re–for the most part–at peace in this ever-crazy world. But Stossel points out that it seems that our military is more preoccupied with environmentalism and political correctness. Afghanistan war veteran Aaron MacLean joins Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen to discuss if it’s appropriate for our military to pursue green energy schemes and whether it is the proper venue to conduct experiments on political correctness.

Defending the Frack Attack

Fracking protests from looney progressives have taken left-wing fanaticism to a ridiculous level. Among their refrains are that fracking is causing genetic mutation of our children and that is causes earthquakes. Their solution: fracking bans and more government intervention. Talk about delirious. In an interview with John Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen, Steve Everley of Energy in Depth says, “Look at what the Obama Administration has said about this. EPA has said there is nothing inherently dangerous in fracking that sound engineering principles can’t fix.” He says the oil and gas boom has been great for workers and consumers, and bringing government into the mix is a big mistake.

The Ebola Disaster

It’s official: The Ebola Outbreak has infiltrated the United States and Americans are outraged. Alex Jones reports that a second nurse has contracted the deadly virus, while the Obama Administration continues to play games with political correctness and political expediency. Meanwhile the sophomoric blunders continue, such as bodily fluids from infected victims left unprotected in open areas of emergency rooms, insufficient hazmat suits for healthcare workers and busted protocal throughout the system. Jones breaks down the entire fiasco in this edition of The Alex Jones Show.

American Confidence Waning

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s riveting interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, following the release of his new book Worthy Fights, has the White House on its heels. Among the pull-quotes from Panetta’s book: “He relies on the logic of a law professor rather than a passionate believer. He avoids the battle, complains and misses opportunities.” Or, “He kind of lost his way.” Couple these comments with West African immigrants invading our porous southern border, ISIS beheadings and Ebola outbreaks, all while our illustrious president is giving speeches at $10,000-a-plate fund-raisers, it’s no wonder Americans have lost confidence in our Commander in Chief. Dana Loesch of The Blaze takes a deeper look at the situation and explains why our confidence is waning.

Children On Short End of Stick

It’s a fact in the USA that when politicians control the money strings, children suffer. Shocking Fact: AIDS research gets 10 times more money for research than serious childhood illnesses. “And what really makes that wrong, is that AIDS is completely preventable,” says Wild Bill. “AIDS is spread by behavior, and we know exactly what behavior causes it. Don’t wanna get AIDS? Behave yourself.” In this edition of Wild Bill for America, Wild Bill wonders what happened to our Code of Honor. Tune in to hear his answer.

Benghazi Back On Center Stage

Cheryl Atkinson, investigative reporter for the Daily Signal, is reporting that Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Ray Maxwell saw fellow State Department officials separating documents related to the Benghazi crisis to protect officials. These revelations from the latest government whistleblower has catapulted Benghazi and more charges of a cover-up back into the limelight. PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew of Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott join a lively discussion on the topic.

ISIS Closing in On U.S.

New evidence reveals that ISIS has infiltrated our southern border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and the threat of an attack on the U.S. is very real. Info Wars correspondent Joe Biggs discusses the impending crisis and what evidence the feds have uncovered.

It’s a Russian Invasion

Dick Morris is terse. “There can be no more pretense. These are not separatists fighting in the Ukraine–indigenous, pro-Russian rebels disturbed at the westward drift of their country,” Morris says. “They’re Russian troops, sent in by Vladimir Putin, paid for by the Russian taxpayer, invading Ukraine, just as surely as Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The out-and-out pretense that this is some kind of civil war is over. This is a Russian invasion” Tune in as Morris talks about the U.S. options to the invasion.

IRS Chief Lying Again

IRS chief John Koskinen is up to his untruthful antics again. At least that’s what the IRS Scandal Congressional Committee has found after the recovery of recent evidence. It seems when Koskinen testified that missing e-mails crucial to the investigation were permanently lost, he wasn’t totally telling the truth. Turns out that Justice Department attorneys are saying that the e-mails are saved on a massive government backup system. Fox News anchor Eric Shawn discusses the revelation with U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC).

We the People in Peril

“We the people,” perhaps the most sacrosanct phrase in the history of our Union, is losing its luster. No longer does this introduction to our Constitution command the merit and reverance it once did. It now is tarnished by an ever-intrusive government, a president with no respect for our surpreme law and by a real threat to our freedom and pursuit of happiness. In this edition of LibertyPen, Glenn Beck and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss our right to be left alone.

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