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The Silence Of the Liberals

Not surprisingly, liberals are beginning to second guess their policies in light of President Obama’s dismal failures on the economic front and his disastrous performance in foreign policy. Truth be said, the setbacks in Washington are shaking the very foundation of liberalism, according to PJ Media co-founder Roger L. Simon. “Liberalism is very faith-based in a sense that’s it’s not really based on reason so much that it is on a lot of propaganda that my generation is largely responsible for,” Simon says. “And now that it’s not working out, what do you do, how do you work it out, how psychologically … you sort of go into yourself and disappear. I think that what it’s about. It’s very hard for any human being to say I was wrong.” Join PJTV’s Michelle Fields as she continues the discussion with Simon.

Military Under Friendly Fire

Why do we disrespect the treatment of our very military that preserve, protect and defend our Constitution and the freedom of all Americans? Wild Bill not only places the blame on renegade Democrats, but also in recent years, on John Boehner Republicans. Says Wild Bill, “Now days they’ve toned down their self-righteous bigotry because they learned that veterans vote. So now they praise veterans in public but take action to hurt them behind close doors.” Check out this edition of Wild Bill for America as Wild Bill explains.

Superpower Surrender

First it was President Obama’s apology tour that cast America in a dim light, now the appeasement continues with the announcement that the United States has relinquished its oversight of the Internet manager. Doesn’t matter that we built it and are the most competent country on the planet. “What I fear, is that when it goes into this global mishmash, who has the ability to control, who has the ability to monitor,” says former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee. “I do have fears because of what the NSA has done. I think we all are shocked by the abuse of power. But I’m not sure that the answer to that is to say, ‘let’s give it to some nebulous global world that includes the Russians and the Chinese.’” Huckabee joins the crew from “Fox & Friends” to discuss the turn of events.

Getting Back to Reality

Take a look at the state of affairs in America, and it doesn’t look pretty. Liberals are adamantly fighting a war on global warming that doesn’t exist, innocent citizens in Ukraine and Venezuela are being brutalized by their governments while the United States remains idle, the Obama Administration has its sights on our newsrooms and our media in general are blind to the world. It’s official. We’ve gone to hell in one large handbasket. Says Joe Dan Gorman in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, “Democrat voters and Obama supporters, have you lost your ability to engage in critical thinking. Have you no grasp of history? If you don’t stand against this massive government beast now, you are a fool.”

Regulating Regulation

Veteran consumer reporter and investigative journalist John Stossel says most of the regulation put forth by government is practically useless. “Politicians claim more laws are the answer,” says Stossel. “But this cripples our future. Don’t they see the damage regulation causes.” In this edition of Liberty Pen, Stossel sells the notion that reputation and the free market gives us more regulation than bureaucrats deploying government force.

Obamacare Destroying Jobs

American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Stan Veuger says Obamacare and jobs aren’t a good match. The Congressional Budget Office concurred when it released a report recently, revealing that work disincentives in Obamacare will lead to a massive loss of about 2.5 million jobs. Says Veuger, “If you don’t reward work, if you don’t reward investments, work and investments will cease to exist.”

War on Free Speech

With the IRS army now reaching about 90,000 strong, be wary of your constitutional rights. The IRS and the Obama Administration now have set sight on our precious first amendment right to free speech. Says Wild Bill for America, “Now the people who are speaking out, exposing Obama’s corruption and unlawful behavior, are those of us in the digital media right here on the Internet, and the grassroots citizen movements for freedom. Now the IRS is creating new rules for groups that will slap a heavy tax on both the work and messages of grassroots movements.”

Globalism’s Real Agenda

Alfonzo Rachel sees through the greenhouse gases and the global warming rhetoric being thrusted upon us by the radical lefties. “This is about more than saving the planet. It’s about acting out a prejudice against capitalism, to see it destroyed,” Rachel says. “It’s about some weird desire to give the state more control. People are programmed with this notion that private industry is evil and wants to kill people.” Listen in as Zo elaborates.

Rand Paul Sues Obama, NSA

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul followed through on his threat to file a class-action lawsuit against President Obama and the NSA regarding the gathering of phone records. “On behalf of myself, Freedom Works and everyone in America who has a phone, we’re filing suit against the President of the United States in defense of the fourth amendment,” Paul said. Fox News’ Jenna Lee interviews Fox contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano about the ramifications of the lawsuit.

Government Power Grab

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Rights recently released its third report on the assault of state rights and the abuse of federal power by this administration. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a key member of the subcommittee, tells Glenn Beck of The Blaze how the Obama Administration’s unchecked power and lawlessness is taking its toll on our country.


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