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Detroit Sucks, But Why?

PJTV’s Steven Crowder takes a closer look at the city of Detroit, which transformed from the envy of the industrial world to a city in ruins. The Motor City unemployment rate is sky high, the economy in in ruins and the real estate market has collapsed. Why has this happened? Crowder asks. “It’s no secret that Detroit’s run by leftists,” Crowder says. “Every single mayor of Detroit since 1961 has been a liberal. It is the city of entitlement programs.” And hold on, the corrupt unions are not without blame. Crowder says the UAW has run the auto industry into the ground and the teachers’ union has destroyed education. “Detroit has been the perfect laboratory for leftist policies at work for nearly half a century.” Tune in to hear more from Crowder in this edition of “Louder With Crowder” on PJTV.

A Recipe for Disaster

Mostly all actions have unanticipated consequences. But when government interjects legislation and regulation, that’s a surefire recipe for disaster. With that in mind, Reason TV presents “Greatest Moments in Unintended Consequences,” taking a closer look at the Osborne Reef, corn ethanol subsidies and Obamacare.

Beware Of Gambling Nannies

John Stossel, an investigative and consumer reporter, supports legalizing sports gambling throughout the United States, but says government control freaks are adamant about never letting that come to pass. Conservative Rob Walgate, vice-president of the American Policy Roundtable, takes on Stossel in a lively debate on the issue in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Petty Fees Pissing Off Citizens

Ticky-tacky fees and petty fines can build up a lot of hostility among the citizenry in a hurry. Reason TV takes a look at the three most fee-ridden cities in America.

Cuban Freedom Fighters Dissed

The Obama Administration’s Cuban policy shift is a boon for American business but a devastating blow to the Communist country’s freedom fighters and their quest for human rights and democracy. “This is a terrible decision,” says Dick Morris. “And when the United States normalizes relations with Cuba, all they’re doing is undermining these folks who want freedom.” In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, he explains the dangerous ramifications of the new policy.

African Depopulation Exposed

The Alex Jones Channel reports that Kenyan Catholic bishops fear that a current World Health Organization vaccine campaign to provide neonatal care to young women and girls is actually a mass sterilization exercise. The Alex Jones Channel takes an in-depth look at the project it has labeled “Operation Depopulation,” which is covertly sponsored by the Kenyan government.

Our Politically Correct Military

Investigative reporter John Stossel says he’s happy with our military keeping us safe from foreign attack and satisfied that we’re–for the most part–at peace in this ever-crazy world. But Stossel points out that it seems that our military is more preoccupied with environmentalism and political correctness. Afghanistan war veteran Aaron MacLean joins Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen to discuss if it’s appropriate for our military to pursue green energy schemes and whether it is the proper venue to conduct experiments on political correctness.

Defending the Frack Attack

Fracking protests from looney progressives have taken left-wing fanaticism to a ridiculous level. Among their refrains are that fracking is causing genetic mutation of our children and that is causes earthquakes. Their solution: fracking bans and more government intervention. Talk about delirious. In an interview with John Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen, Steve Everley of Energy in Depth says, “Look at what the Obama Administration has said about this. EPA has said there is nothing inherently dangerous in fracking that sound engineering principles can’t fix.” He says the oil and gas boom has been great for workers and consumers, and bringing government into the mix is a big mistake.

The Ebola Disaster

It’s official: The Ebola Outbreak has infiltrated the United States and Americans are outraged. Alex Jones reports that a second nurse has contracted the deadly virus, while the Obama Administration continues to play games with political correctness and political expediency. Meanwhile the sophomoric blunders continue, such as bodily fluids from infected victims left unprotected in open areas of emergency rooms, insufficient hazmat suits for healthcare workers and busted protocal throughout the system. Jones breaks down the entire fiasco in this edition of The Alex Jones Show.

American Confidence Waning

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s riveting interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, following the release of his new book Worthy Fights, has the White House on its heels. Among the pull-quotes from Panetta’s book: “He relies on the logic of a law professor rather than a passionate believer. He avoids the battle, complains and misses opportunities.” Or, “He kind of lost his way.” Couple these comments with West African immigrants invading our porous southern border, ISIS beheadings and Ebola outbreaks, all while our illustrious president is giving speeches at $10,000-a-plate fund-raisers, it’s no wonder Americans have lost confidence in our Commander in Chief. Dana Loesch of The Blaze takes a deeper look at the situation and explains why our confidence is waning.

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