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Children On Short End of Stick

It’s a fact in the USA that when politicians control the money strings, children suffer. Shocking Fact: AIDS research gets 10 times more money for research than serious childhood illnesses. “And what really makes that wrong, is that AIDS is completely preventable,” says Wild Bill. “AIDS is spread by behavior, and we know exactly what behavior causes it. Don’t wanna get AIDS? Behave yourself.” In this edition of Wild Bill for America, Wild Bill wonders what happened to our Code of Honor. Tune in to hear his answer.

Benghazi Back On Center Stage

Cheryl Atkinson, investigative reporter for the Daily Signal, is reporting that Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Ray Maxwell saw fellow State Department officials separating documents related to the Benghazi crisis to protect officials. These revelations from the latest government whistleblower has catapulted Benghazi and more charges of a cover-up back into the limelight. PJTV’s “Trifecta” crew of Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott join a lively discussion on the topic.

ISIS Closing in On U.S.

New evidence reveals that ISIS has infiltrated our southern border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and the threat of an attack on the U.S. is very real. Info Wars correspondent Joe Biggs discusses the impending crisis and what evidence the feds have uncovered.

It’s a Russian Invasion

Dick Morris is terse. “There can be no more pretense. These are not separatists fighting in the Ukraine–indigenous, pro-Russian rebels disturbed at the westward drift of their country,” Morris says. “They’re Russian troops, sent in by Vladimir Putin, paid for by the Russian taxpayer, invading Ukraine, just as surely as Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The out-and-out pretense that this is some kind of civil war is over. This is a Russian invasion” Tune in as Morris talks about the U.S. options to the invasion.

IRS Chief Lying Again

IRS chief John Koskinen is up to his untruthful antics again. At least that’s what the IRS Scandal Congressional Committee has found after the recovery of recent evidence. It seems when Koskinen testified that missing e-mails crucial to the investigation were permanently lost, he wasn’t totally telling the truth. Turns out that Justice Department attorneys are saying that the e-mails are saved on a massive government backup system. Fox News anchor Eric Shawn discusses the revelation with U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC).

We the People in Peril

“We the people,” perhaps the most sacrosanct phrase in the history of our Union, is losing its luster. No longer does this introduction to our Constitution command the merit and reverance it once did. It now is tarnished by an ever-intrusive government, a president with no respect for our surpreme law and by a real threat to our freedom and pursuit of happiness. In this edition of LibertyPen, Glenn Beck and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss our right to be left alone.

Lucifer Liberals Strike

Government’s itch for total control of our freedom is playing out again. This time with homeschooling families.The United Nations recently adopted a process titled the “Badman Report” as the new standard for homeschooling. Says Wild Bill,”The Badman Rules require that every homeschooling family be investigated at least once a year by government agents.” Wild Bill emphatically states that this is not the answer.

Disturbing Cover-ups

Did you know that the U.S. invented a Vietnamese attack on American ships in the Gulf of Tonkin? The attack was critical in Congress’ decision to allow U.S. military action. This is one of Alltime 10s’ top secrets covered up by presidential liars, brutal massacres and nuclear explosions.

Hillary’s Double-Talk

Hillary Clinton raised quite a stir in her recent interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer when she proclaimed her family was “dead broke” when they left the White House in 1999. The outlandish statement took Glenn Beck and staff by surprise at the daily briefing of The Blaze. What Clinton failed to mention was that two weeks after leaving Pennsylvania Avenue she signed an $8 million book deal and her husband … well, he still draws a lifetime salary of $201,000, plus several perks like $515,000 per year for office space, $60,000 for phones, $70,000 for equipment and $65,000 for other services. Hmmm! Join the daily briefing as a dumbfounded Beck can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Millenial Madness Looms

In Thursday’s daily briefing of The Blaze staff, Glenn Beck laments that because of the sorry state of the country, Millennials are facing a future of violence. And he challenges any rational person to disagree with him. The new generation which are the Millennials, Beck says, are now facing 50 percent unemployment among teens, college students are piling on debt and the job market remains sickly, to put it mildly. “That’s the generation that is coming out right now,” he says. “The ones that we had the progressives tell us, ‘give them trophies, tell that if you just do this, you’ll get the corner office. You don’t really have to earn it.” And it doesn’t stop there, Beck says. The Millennials in their 30s will feel the pinch, too.

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