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The Wrong Side Of History

If you opposed the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage, you were on the wrong side of history. Opposing the legalization of marijuana branded you as stuck in the past. According to whom, you ask? President Obama, of course, who’s also tossed out the term, “the right side of history,” with abandon. Obama has flirted with these Marxist terms throughout his six-plus years in the White House, but is there really a wrong side and right side? “What unites both terms is arrogance and cowardice,” says nationally syndicated columnist and best-selling author Jonah Goldberg. “The notion that history is moving in an inevitable direction is ancient. But in modern times it’s main champion is Karl Marx.” In this edition of Prager University, Goldberg explains further, including why the terms have different meanings domestically and abroad.

Was Fox Debate Really Fair?

Fox News’ selection process for the first Republican candidate presidential debate drew criticism from many pundits and from major polling organization, Marist, which suspended polling ahead of the debate in protest. Host John Phillips explains the Fox methodology in choosing the prime-time field and those who participated in the earlier debate in this edition of “Poll Position” on PJTV.

A Flood Of Refugees

Political commentator Dick Morris adamantly states, “The United States is drowning in refugees.” But while Americans focus on the national immigration debate and the porous Mexico-U.S. border, its the refugee program of the United Nations that’s the real culprit. The controversial program, which has welcomed 500,000 refugees from around the world during President Obama’s term, is authorized by the United Nations and negotiated by the State Department. What’s missing? Congressional approval, of course. Morris explains further in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

A War of Words On Science

There’s no arguing that Republicans and Democrats are at odds on almost every major issue confronting our nation. So it’s a no-brainer how politics drives what is considered bad and good science. The left charges that conservatives ignore good science by denying global warming and passing laws to restrict stem-cell research that could save lives. On the other hand, the right say its the loons on the left who are the deniers with their obsession with over-popultion and their campaigns against vaccines, plastics and artificial sweetners, to name a few. “What’s important for all of us is to separate what a politician says about science and what a politician says about policy, which is the actual job we elect politicians to do,” opines Matt Welch, editor in chief of Reason magazine. Welch joins consumer advocate John Stossel to debate the contentious issue in this edition of Liberty Pen.

The Democrats’ Racist Past

In this belated (Fourth of July) edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV, host Bill Whittle uncovers the shady and shocking past of the Democratic Party. The Democrats, who revel on blaming the GOP for the Confederate Flag, KKK, Great Depression, segregation, urban decay and harsh marriage laws, are actually the perpetrators themselves. And like Whittle says, “If you don’t believe it, look it up.”

GOP Cowtowing to Obama

Joe Dan Gorman says he let out a sigh of relief when the GOP captured the Senate last year en route to controlling both houses of Congress, but the feeling was premature. “The Republican leadership is worthless,” Gorman says. “I thought they’d at least slow down Obama, but they’re not even trying. They should be up in his grille telling him, ‘sit down and shut up.’ The Congress does have the power, they just don’t have the balls.” Gorman also opines on the Planned Parenthood fiasco, the looming presidential debates, the American hostages in Iran and the ridiculously, left-wing media in this provacative edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Obama, Kerry Are Traitors

In light of the Iran nuclear deal, the release of enemy combatants, the endangerment of national security and the government’s refusal to secure the southern border, Wild Bill can’t take it anymore. “Obama and John Kerry are traitors to this nation and must be brought to justice,” he says. He lays out President Destruct-O’ missteps and Kerry faux pas in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Regulated Freedom

President Destruct-O just keeps on rolling and that doesn’t sit well with Joe Dan Gorman. “We are witnessing government at its absolute abusive worst,” he says. “You know what they say: ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’ and we are witnessing it. This has become a government of power and force, certainly not of and by the people.” In the following edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Gorman elaborates as he takes aim at gay marriage, racism and the Confederate flag and Bru.., er, Caitlyn Jenner and the liberal-loving media.

Iran in Driver’s Seat

Less than a week ago, Iranians and their Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei rallied in the streets of Teheran shouting, “Death to America. Death to Israel.” Today, the unsuspecting and legacy-grubbing Obama Administration sealed a nuclear deal with Iran, more than likely paving the way to further chaos in the Middle East. And to add insult to injury, President Obama doubled down threatening Congress that he will be absolute in his veto of any opposition to the pact. “We’ve made a deal with a murderer, with a homicidal maniac, the ayatollah of Iran,” says former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. “We are making a deal with a man who is publicly committed to the destruction to the state of Israel, to the spread of Islamic extremism, has said he is not going to back off any of those positions and we are getting him closer to having, surreptitiously, nuclear weapons.” Giuliani is one of many–both Republicans and Democrats–adamantly opposed to the deal and vents to Fox News’ Stuart Varney.

Get Church Back On Track

The recent affirmation of gay marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t sit well with Wild Bill. “The Christian Church and the USA have been ‘married’ from day one, and it’s time to get it back on track,” opines Wild Bill for America. “In this world, it seems like there’s always somebody determined to stomp out faith in God. Not just in their own life, they’re determined to stomp out God in everybody’s life.” Tune in as Wild Bill maps his plan of action.

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