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More Than a Nothing Burger

The beginning of the end has arrived in the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. The latest smoking gun was a batch of 22 e-mails found on Clinton’s server, which contained information beyond top secret, yet she continues to to deny that she ever received the classified info. “The case against her is overwhelming, damning, and from her perspective, grave,” says Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano. “And when she says there’s no there-there, when she laughs about it, when she says this is the re-suggesting of an old New York Times story, she is effectively mocking the 100 FBI agents who are investigating it.” Listen to the case against Clinton in this special edition of Libery Pen.

Islam Most Violent Religion

Wild Bill says liberalism is the Satan of all Satans, paving the way for the evildoers of Islam, the most satanic religion of all time. “Islam is the most violent, false religion in the world,” Wild Bill says. “And the leaders who are sworn to defend and protect their nations are paralyzed with fear. That is disgraceful.” Listen to Wild Bill’s solution to the madness in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Obamacare Cratering

Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke reports that President Obama’s signature legislation–the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare–is buckling under unforeseen problems by the administration. And the diagnosis going forward isn’t pretty. Obama recently crowed about securing health insurance for 18 million people who didn’t have it before, failing to mention the millions more who are still uninsured and the skyrocketing premiums for those struggling with the bureaucracy of Obamacare. “The Affordable Care Act is buckling under the weight of reality,” Corke says. “That according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, which says the number of new enrollees into Obamacare is cratering.” Corke explains further in this appearance on “Special Report” with Bret Baier.

Jones Blasts Scumbag Liberals

Political commentator Alex Jones is fed up with liberals sucking up to the enemy, and he isn’t going to take it anymore. In an impassioned presentation on “Info Wars,” Jones calls out President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Angela Merkel among a host of other sickofanic leftists as jihad-loving, scumbag liberals that need to be dealt with. Don’t miss the full thrust of Jones’ justified and fiery verbal assault on the looney left in this edition of The Alex Jones Channel.

Feds Quash NYPD Data Base

The NYPD is regarded as an elite force for combating terror in the United States, including the city’s compilation of perhaps the most comprehensive data base on Muslim extremists and mosques. But a recent federal court order has directed NYPD to strip itself of the date because, it says, it violates the civil iberties of those being surveilled. The ruling doesn’t sit well with political strategist Dick Morris. “The only civil liberty I think it violates, is the civil liberty to get killed,” Morris says. “When will this insanity end?” Tune in to Dick Morris Reports for the rest of his reaction.

More Evidence Against Hillary

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still holding her ground that she had no knowledge that any of her e-mails were classified information. Nor, she said, did she receive any classified e-mails. But the FBI investigation has found that Clinton herself instructed one of her minions to remove the classified designation from e-mails. So is Clinton really telling the truth, or attempting to dodge an indictment? The “Trifecta” crew of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green debate the ever-mounting evidence against the former First Lady on PJTV.

Breaking news: The investigation has further discovered that a batch of her e-mails contained information that was beyond top secret. Stay tuned to the mystery of the evolvig e-mails.

The Clintons’ War On Women

President Clinton’s shameful sexual indiscretions and subsequent cover-ups with his wife, Hillary, have landed on main stage of the 2016 presidential race. Author and political pundit, Roger Stone, sits down with PJTV’s John Phillips to discuss his new book, The Clintons’ War on Women, a critical look back at one of America’s most powerful and dangerous families.

Fleeing to America

President Obama’s failed foreign policy in the Middle East created the Islamic radical terrorist organization ISIS, and in turn gave rise to the Syrian refugee crisis, which has flooded Europe with millions of immigrants. And now, Obama wants to bring the refugees to America–10,000 of them. Some say the number could soar to 200,000. David Bier, immigration director for the Niskanen Center says the U.S. should accommodate thousands more refugees, while Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies, opposes taking in any Middle Easterners. They join host John Stossel and author-syndicated columnist Mark Steyn to discuss the volatile Syrian refugee crisis in this edition of Liberty Pen.

December Jobs Report Phony

Surprise! The Obama Administration’s December jobs report was a big, fat lie. The report said 292,000 jobs were added to the economy in December, which unfortunately, was not true. Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman says only 11,000 jobs were added, but the number was seasonally adjusted to account for December’s usually poor weather, and other factors. Thing of it is, says political strategist Dick Morris, this past December was unseasonably warm. So what gives? Morris explains the phony report in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

The Nonsense of the PC Idiots

Radical Islamic sympathizer Edward Archer’s assassination attempt on a Philadelphia police officer failed miserably, but he was shockingly given a free pass from Mayor Jim Kenney. Spewing the toxic rhetoric that has become all too common with the Democrat Party, Kenney claimed the attack had nothing to do with Islam or terrorist activity. Bullfrog hair! “Islam has everything to do with this shooting, just as Islam has had everything to do with bloody massacres around the world,” says Wild Bill. “As long as left-wing idiots continue to spew nonsense, the assassins of Islam will get a free pass to continue their bloodlust in America.”

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