5 Things You Did Not Know About Ejaculation

How to Increase Your Sperm CountLoving someone and being loved back is the best feeling ever I believe. Relationships have their up and downs, though. It is not easy being married to someone and be able to please them forever or for a lifetime. Marriage is so far the toughest challenge almost all human beings are faced with. Among the problems most marriages or unions face is the bedroom matters. Couples today are fighting or breaking up because of lack sex satisfaction. Some of these problems arise when one partner finds themselves not being able to perform well in bed. Men are the most affected by this issue and they will almost fall into depression or end up being alcoholics.

There is always a way out of any situation or problem and it all depends on one’s willingness to look for help. If your problem in the bedroom is poor or low ejaculation volumes, there are copious ways of solving the problem. There is no reason for one to be ashamed of this problem then end up ruining their marriage of relationship. These problems arise due to different causes like diet, age, medication, illness/diseases, increased fat belly, etc. There are very many ways of solving this problem which include both medical and natural ways of doing it. Most of the solutions are simple things that can be incorporated into an individual’s way of life or their daily routine. The following are some of the solutions.

One should at least abstain from orgasm for a number of two or three days. This will always help an individual increase their semen volume. Abstinence does help the body stock up hence increasing the load to be produced.

In cases of such a problem, one is advised to maintain a good diet. One should always strive to consume foods rich in folic acid and zinc. Zinc and folic acid are known to have a positive effect on the body hence helping an individual increase their sperm count by 75 to 80%. The two should always be taken together. Taking folic acid and not taking zinc will not help to achieve the desired result.

Vitamin C has been proven to help increase sperm count by a big percentage. Vitamin C can be consumed by simply eating fruits like oranges. An orange or two will surely be of help to anyone who suffers from this stigma and if properly maintain the concern will be a thing of the past and one will always have the courage to handle the bed issues perfectly and promise you, you will be the village giant.

Smoking is a leading problem in low sperm count. Most people who smoke end up having problems like suffering from impotence as the smoke will always block blood circulation. It might be hard to quit smoking but for one to have a perfect sperm count, they should consider dropping the smoke.

Stress is a monster in our day to day living. It is another factor that has caused so many cases of low sperm count and it should be dealt with for a better sex life.