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Skelton’s Clem Kadiddlehopper

Perhaps one of Red Skelton’s most affable characters was the intellectually challenged Clem Kadiddlehopper. In this first skit, “Clem’s General Store,” Kadiddlehopper removes the “Boy Wanted” sign from the window and approaches store owner Mr. Thompson. “Clem, why did you bring this sign in here,” Thompson asks. “Well, it says boy wanted, and I’m a boy,” Clem exclaims. “But you ain’t wanted,” Thompson says.

In “Clem and the Beanstalk,” Clem meets merchant J.B. Throckmorton, who asks Kadiddlehopper if he’s ever heard the tale of Jack and Beanstalk. A confused Clem says, “Is that the fellow who traded his cow for a bag of magic beans, and he went home and his ma threw them out the window, and the next day there’s a big beanstalk there that he climbed up, then he saw the giant and stole the ghost, er, goose that laid the golden egg … or ghost that laid the goosened egg. And he was rich forever after.” “That’s the one,” Throckmorton says.” “No, I’ve never heard that one,” Clem says. LOL returns next Tuesday for another chapter of the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

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