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Nutball Scrawls on Painting

A 28-year-old woman associated with the 9/11 Truther movement has defaced Eugene Delacroix’s painting “Liberty Leading the People.” The iconic 1830 work, commemorating the French Revolution, is believed to have served as the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty.

The woman struck while the painting was on loan to the Louvre-Lens Museum, an art museum in northern France that often displays works from the Louvre’s collection. She used a red permanent marker to scrawl a Truther message on the painting. Police apprehended her, but prosecutors have yet to release her identity.

Jail time is too cushy for this vandal. She should be airdropped into the Sahara, wherever the Jihadi insurgents are now holed up, and forced to fend for herself among her own kind.





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3 thoughts on “Nutball Scrawls on Painting

  1. Interestingly, the Statue of Liberty was given to the US freemasons by French freemasons. They have their own Statue of Liberty in Paris on the Seine somewhere (it’s a bit smaller though).

    I think the idea was to let clued-in immigrants see who was running America as they entered the port of NY to start their new life.

    She represents the ancient goddess Queen Semiramis, also represented as a dove (hence columbus, hence district of Columbia, district of the dove/ district of Semiramis). The founding fathers were all freemasons and at least half of all the presidents have been freemasons.

    Note also Columbia Pictures, with their logo of Semiramis with torch. The torch also forms the all-seeing-eye of a pyramid made by the unnatural looking cloud behind her. Most corporate logos have occult / esoteric meanings.

    In fact Washington DC is awash with freemasonic and ‘illuminati’ symbolism which is all hidden in plain sight.

    Although political people present themselves as god fearing Christians they all scurry off the Bohemian Grove every summer to dress up in red robes and worship their favourite ancient owl deity. ….. also depicted in the streetplan surrounding the Capitol Building.

    The mass media and entertainments industries are also run by the same groups and that is why it’s also saturated with occult symbolism which most people are too dumbed down to see. Everything from the Superbowl Shows to Lady GaGa

    I think one of these fake ‘9/11 truth groups’ (all of which are designed to muddle up the facts, distract from the evidence and lead truthers around in circles) even incorporates the lighted torch symbolism. Go figure…

    Obviously, the vitriol you’ve poured upon this poor, misguided lady shows that the controlled opposition ‘truth movement’ has done its job well! That job being ‘divide and rule’…. (or perhaps that should be ‘compass and square’)

    • I would agree with you that this lady is misguided, but “poor?” Nah. She defaced Delacroix’s best-known painting, completed in 1830. It’s a stretch of the imagination to connect a work of art that’s nearly 200 years old with a contemporary conspiracy cult like the Truthers.

      Your post is interesting fodder for debate, though. In recognition of all the effort you put into it, I’ll be presenting “The Slave Queen of Babylon,” aka “I Am Semiramis,” starring Yvonne Furneaux, as Friday’s Trillion Dollar Movie.

      • I meant ‘poor’ as in ‘unfortunate’ …as in ‘misguided’. Of all the organisations to promote I cannot think of a less deserving one. And that’s saying something.

        Of course we are both assuming this lady’s objective was actually to promote AE911.

        It’s just as possible that her intention (or perhaps the intention of the person who might have set her up to do this) was to incite moral outrage and anger, thus fanning the ‘us vs them’ flames which help to keep the masses in a perpetual state of ‘outraged, indignant ignorance’ (divided and ruled).

        As I touched on in my last comment, ‘9/11 truthers’ and ‘9/11 official story believers’ only appear to be on opposing sides. In reality they are on the same side.

        They both believe in outlandish and simplistic conspiracy theories (a baddie in a big dark cave did it/ a baddie in a big white building did it). Neither group ever, ever, ever, ever address the evidence. Neither group clearly define (in term of the evidence) what the actual crime was that their chosen baddie was supposed to have committed.

        Football teams and their fans are also ‘in fierce opposition’ on the surface and yet they are also devoted to playing, funding and supporting the same game. But to the outsider looking in, all football players and fans look and act essentially the same.

        The same is true with conspiracy theorists. It doesn’t matter to the outsider looking in which conspiracy theory someone ‘believes in’, they all behave the same way. Their views are based on belief, speculation, theorising and group conformity/ consensus/ hierarchical obedience…. not evidence.

        The TRUE opposition is between those who ‘believe in’ off-the-shelf conspiracy theories (whether officially endorsed or not) and those who take the time to actually examine the evidence and apply critical thinking to it (knowing that belief, speculation, theorising and consensus conformity have no place in determining the truth).

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