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Vermilion Pleasure Night

Today’s Trillion Dollar Movie isn’t a movie per se, but a full one hour’s worth of highlights from the truly eccentric and original Japanese comedy and variety show called Vermilion Pleasure Night. We present this collection — in its entirety, with English subtitles — because so many of you seemed to enjoy the surreal VPN skit “Cathy’s House” that we featured a few months ago. In fact, our “Cathy’s House” post still is attracting new readers, and ranks among the most-viewed Call Me Stormy posts of recent months — although nothing can outpace the popularity of the  all-nude Femen activists staging an anti-Sharia protest outside the Egyptian embassy in Sweden. Go figure!

Getting back to Vermilion Pleasure Night, the late-night show is akin to  SCTV, with all of the skits either taking shape as parodies of existing TV programs or conjuring up bizarre, hypothetical programs that might air in some alternative universe or at some point in the distant future. VPN does differ from SCTV, though, in some key respects. It has the kind of visual quirkiness you often see in Asian movies or TV shows, but not so much in North America. Also, nearly all of the cast members are women, and gorgeous ones at that.

Besides “Cathy’s House,” recurring skits that have proven VPN staples include “Midnight Cooking,” a “torturous” cooking show, “The Fuccoon Family,” revolving around the adventures of a family of mannequins, and “One Point English Lesson,” full of risque jokes about pickup lines. Twenty-five episodes of Vermilion Pleasure Night got produced, each 25 minutes long. This compilation, thus, is roughly equivalent to two back-to-back episodes. Enjoy, and do return again next Friday for another Trillion $ Movie.

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