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Cyber-Stooges in Tights

The Anonymous hackers might fashion themselves modern-day Robin Hoods, but with their launch of Operation Israel, they have shown their true colors wearing the black and white keffiyehs of the Palestinian terrorists. Conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain aptly describes the Anonymous collective as “amateur ass-clowns,” seeking to tilt the balance of powers in a Middle Eastern conflict that could flare up and become an Armageddon.

For his impertinence, Anonymous launched an attack on McCain’s website ( over the weekend, while simultaneously defacing several hundred Israeli websites and wiping out the database of the Bank of Jerusalem (although it was subsequently restored). The stated altruistic goal for all this thuggery: Maintaining Internet access to the Gaza strip. That’s so laughably thin, even Joe Biden could recognize it as malarkey.

Face it: The Anonymous hackers have thrust themselves into a subsidiary position as cyber-stooges for the Holocaust-denying Ayatollahs and their terrorist brethren. They are not Men. They are not Devo. But they probably should stock up on tights. 

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