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French Reject Sharia

French citizens march to support their values and culture, and to protest against radical Islamists migrating into the country, establishing separatist communities following Sharia law. The French media blacked out coverage of the march, which occurred this past Monday in Paris.

Author Renaud Camus, who helped to organize the event, has been outspoken in his criticism of the media for refusing to address the shortcomings of multiculturalism in France. Asked why the media angers him, Camus (no relation to Albert) replied, “Because they impose (almost) unanimously a system of interpreting the world that is a formidable machine for not seeing, not saying, not understanding…. Supported by threats, it serves to dissimulate what is happening: that is to say the changing of people, the Great Replacement, the reverse colonization.” H/T The Astute Bloggers

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