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America’s Oldest Hate Group

Alfonzo Rachel makes an observation on the Democrat Party from slavery days to today and how they’ve never changed their views. Plus he zeroes in on the progressive belligerance of the NAACP. “Their world view is backward,” he says. “It’s funny that they call themselves progressive, like I say, left-wingers are about as progressive as cancer. They’re loyal to the Democrat Party–America’s oldest hate group.” Check out the video as Zo elaborates in this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

The War On Work

I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but the absolute road out of poverty is work. But that simple formula just isn’t working (no pun intended). Since President Johnson declared the War on Poverty nearly 50 years ago, the federal government has spent trillions trying to improve conditions to no avail. We are no better off today than we were in 1965, says Cato Institute social economist Michael Tanner. “Truth is,” he says, “the War on Poverty is actually a War on Work. It has both discouraged work and ensnared people in hardship.” In this episode of Prager University, Tanner explains why work is the only answer.

Darth Vader Outpolls Hillary

“A new poll finds that Darth Vader is more popular than Hillary Clinton,” Jodi Miller reports. “You know what that means. Star Wars fans have chosen sides on the War on Women.” Miller also touches on the VA Scandal, Bill Mahar, President Obama and Michael Moore in this edition of NewsBusted.

As the World Burns

Once upon a time, Democrats didn’t hate America. Nowadays, they malign our country at every opportunity, their insults pelting the landscape like a monsoon. Joe Dan Gorman calls it the Sabotaging of America. “Every aspect of America has gotten worse,” he says. “Our economy, our security, our border, our healthcare. Go down the list. And we better get back to theJudeo-Christian values that our Constitution was built on.” Gorman explains further on this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

The Inside Scoop On Comedy

Did you know that the original title of the Married With Children comedy pilot was Not the Cosbys? Or that Mike Myers was offered the role of Shrek at the premiere of Saving Private Ryan? These are just two of 39 facts about comedy in this episode of Mental Floss with host John Green. Enjoy and please continue to tune in to LOL for a stroll through the lighter side of life.

Secret Facts About Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda planned to kidnap actor Russell Crowe before the 2001 Oscars. Although Crowe is from New Zealand, the act was part of a larger plan to take out American celebrities to destabilize the culture. This is just one of nine stunning secrets about the world’s most recognizable terrorist organization. Check out the nine other facts in this edition of Alltime 10s.

Struggling With the Truth

The IRS Scandal is the controversy that keeps on giving. First, the IRS testifies before a Congressional Select Committee that allegedly missing computer hard drives containing crucial e-mail evidence are irreparably damaged. Then more hard drives fall victim to the same malady. Fast forward a few months and poof! the very same hard drives, says the IRS, aren’t really that badly damaged and maybe, just maybe, some e-mails can be salvaged. So what really is going on? A host of Fox News anchors and reporters dissect and analyze the scandal in this edition of LibertyPen.

We Stand With Israel

When a young Israeli girl wrote a letter to Wild Bill asking why Americans stand with Israel, she received a compassionate answer. “Our hearts are the same when it comes to defending the poor and oppressed,” Wild Bill told her. “As Americans, we share our land with the poor from around the world. You share your land with those who are not wanted in their own countries.” Tune in and check out the rest of Wild Bill’s message.

Capitalism is Best

Since President Obama took up residence in the White House, the debate began in earnest: socialism versus capitalism. While the national consensus is Obama leans toward more government and socialism, the majority of the country opines that good old-fashioned entrepreneurship and capitalism is the way to go. Georgetown University associate professor of philosophy Jason Brennan says in his new book, “Why Not Capitalism,” that the notion holding the most appeal with academics is that while socialism is unworkable in practice, it is still the best way to society in theory. “Such thinking neglects the fact that even in utopia, people will have significantly different visions of life well lived.” Join Brennan as he explains his vision to Reason TV’s Rob Montz.

Loners Of the Universe

Rogue planets, young, large celestial bodies that aren’t tethered to any star, are the latest discoveries in our vast universe. Caitlin Hofmeister, of SciShow Space tells us that astronomers believe there may be 50 percent more of these free agents than normal planets. Listen in as Hofmeister explains how we found them and how they were formed.

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