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Obama the Spendthrift

President Obama’s damage to America’s economy is terrifying, but the scariest thing is what he’s done with our national debt. To put it in perspective, America incurred $10 trillion in debt from the George Washington administration to the end of President George W. Bush’s term. In six years since, President Obama has added another $7 trillion in debt. Political pundit Dick Morris says we won’t even realize the gravity of this monstrosity until interest rates return to normal. Morris explains in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Big Brother is Watching You

The concept of Little Free Libraries in neighborhoods across America, where you can take a book and leave a book sans any regulation, is rapidly growing in popularity. Unfortunately, Big Brother wants a piece of the action, too. State officials are threatening to tear down these neighborly libraries unless communities involved apply for an expensive permit. Writes Connor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic, “The power to require permits is the power to prevent something from ever existing.” Join Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle as they discuss how Americans lost the “private” from private property in this edition of “Trifecta” on PJTV.

The Dark Side Of Authority

David Eagleman, a neuroscientist from Baylor School of Medicine, joins consumer journalist John Stossel as they take a look at how rules, titles and a lack of direct responsibility can entice good people to do evil things. Eagleman and Stossel give their insight on the dark side of authority in this edition of Liberty Pen.

No Clue On ISIS Strategy

“Newly confirmed defense secretary Ashton Carter says he understands President Obama’s ISIS strategy, which is remarkable, because not even President Obama understands President Obama’s ISIS strategy,” reports Jodi Miller. Also in Miller’s crosshairs this week are Homeland Security, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, State Department, Yemen and the latest marijuana study in this edition of NewsBusted.

Customer’s Not Always Right

We’ve often heard the motto, “The customer’s always right.” But nationally syndicated, conservative talk show host Dennis Prager says that is wrong. He explains the customer has obligations, too, and should never take up the time of a salesperson if he or she knows beforehand that they are going to purchase an item somewhere else. Tune in to this edition of Prager University and listen to Prager’s logic.

King Obama Vetoes Keystone


President Obama continued his dangerous journey of placing politics before duty to the American people by summarily vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline late this afternoon. The $8 billion project, which received strong support from the American public, would have provided much-needed work for thousands of construction workers across the heartland of America, bolstered Obama’s anemic economy and taken a giant step toward energy independence from the Middle East. “By choosing to veto this piece of legislation, he is choosing Washington lobbyists and special interests over the needs and desires of the American people,” says Wyoming Senator John Barrasso. Speaker of the House John Boehner called the veto a “national embarrassment.” The bill now goes back to Congress where the likelihood of an override is unlikely because of insufficient votes for the two-thirds majority needed in both houses.

Hole-ly Moly!

From home-swallowing sinkholes to picturesque natural caverns, Danger Dolan counts down the 15 strangest holes on the planet.

Mall of America Targeted

Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group Al Shabaab has taken the terror game up a notch by calling for attacks on Western malls. The Somalia-based Islamic terrorists have specifically vowed to target the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the largest mall in the United States. “I’m very concerned about the serious potential threat of independent actors here in the United States,” says Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson. “So through our intelligence bulletins, through working with state and local law enforcement, through working with the FBI, we take this kind of thing very seriously.”

How Measles Returned

Wasn’t measles eradicated in the United States years ago? Well, it’s baaack! But how? Hank Green says the disease has been back for about two months and the Center for Disease Controls says it could gain a foothold unless we get vaccinated. The current strain, Green says, comes from the Phillipines and might well threaten an endemic in our country. Tune in to this edition of SciShow as Green explains the unlikely comeback of the disease.

The Muslims Are Coming

A loyal citizen of the United Kingdom recently penned a letter to Wild Bill, warning of the impending Islamic invasion of the United States. The Brit wrote that the Muslims arrived in the UK peaceful and quiet and built mosques. Then the outrageous demands began, followed by Sharia Law and no-go areas for non-Muslims. And violence–rape and beheadings. “They want total domination. Fight for your freedom America, because they are coming your way,” he wrote. Wild Bill had an immediate response. “What you describe is the Muslim pattern. They do the same thing in every country that allows them in. The moderate Muslims are in it just as much as the throat cutters.” Listen to the rest of Wild Bill’s narrative in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

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