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Bullets And Babes

Wild Bill says that the best way to push back against the gun grabbers is to own a gun. “The armed American citizen is one of the greatest symbols of freedom in the world,” he says. “And, of course, the liberal left are constantly scheming to eliminate that right.” Check out Wild Bill as he talks bullets and babes and has an interesting visit from Junior the pit bull.

Science Can Be Crazy

It seems some of the scientific discoveries that have dramatically changed our lives over the years still remain mysteries. Take the disappearance of ancient Europeans. Scientists recently analyzed 37 skeletons discovered in Central Europe and dating between 7,500 and 2,500 years ago, revealing that the genetic lineage was transformed approximately 4,500 years ago. More study showed that these ancestors had dark skin and light eyes, but researches are still unable to pinpoint what caused these radical changes. Learn more about nine other crazy discoveries that science can’t explain in this edition of Hybrid Librarian.

Berdahl Charged With Desertion

The Pentagon has officially charged Sergeant Bowe Berdahl with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, two of the most serious counts in the military. Unless all charges are dropped at the pending Article 32 hearing, the equivalent of a grand jury, Bergdahl is looking at spending the rest of his life in jail in found guilty at trial. CBS News correspondent David Martin explains.

Obama April Fool in Chief

“Next month President Obama will appear on the cover of The Economist magazine,” Jodi Miller reports. “It’s their annual April Fool’s issue.” Miller also takes issue with Eric Holder, gene manipulation, college binge drinking, the Rolling Stones and Madonna in this edition of NewsBusted.

Parasites Infiltrate Economy

The CATO Institute’s David Boaz in a chapter of his new book says society is made poor by various parasites who enrich themselves by manipulating government. The chapter is “The Parasite Economy” and the book is titled The Libertarian Mind. Boaz tells John Stossel that these parasites are no longer interested in pleasing their customers but in using government to force people to give them money. Boaz elaborates in this edition of Liberty Pen on PJTV.

Genius Is As Genius Does

Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, who developed the general theory of relativity and perhaps the most famous equation of all time, never actually took a test to determine his IQ. But experts put it somewhere between 160 and 190–genius level, of course. In addition to his mass energy equivalence formula, E=mc2, Einstein became a popular icon in popular culture for sticking his tongue out in photos. Check out nine other geniuses who roamed the planet, including a few whose IQ topped an amazing 200, in this edition of Top 10 Media.

Exposing Skewed Liberal Views

If you disagree with the views of socialists such as Angela Davis, former leader of the USA Communist Party and Black Panther Party, that’s your prerogative. Recently, Davis was invited to speak at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and despite opposition from a few, she had every right to speak. Period. But the other side of that balance is that some may not agree with what she says and that, too, is OK. Period. “Lord knows you liberals go all out to express your disagreements with people, despite all that tolerance and acceptance and that so-called open-minded preaching you all do,” says Alfonzo Rachel. “You even push until people cancel engagements, like Condoleeza Rice did at Rutgers. But, of course, liberals always feel that their mean-spirited, hateful and bigoted protests are are always justifable. You guys are true Democrats. The KKK felt like their bigotry was justifiable too. The Nazis felt their bigotry was justifiable also.” Join Rachel in this explosive edition of “Zonation” on PJTV as he digs into the skewed liberal view of institutionalized bigotry and capitalism.

Ray Stevens Vs. Taylor Swift

Ray Stevens makes a triumphant return to the music scene with his new single, “Taylor Swift is Stalking Me,” from his new album Here We Go Again in this edition of LOL. Keep your eyes peeled for more on the lighter side of life on LOL in the near future.

Is the American Republic Done?

Joe Dan Gorman says he received a message from a good friend in Kentucky, wondering why no one has declared a time of death for this American Republic, because it’s gone. Says Gorman, “They’re not shredding our Constitution, they’ve shred it. Our Legislative branch has violated its oath, our Execuvite branch has violated its oath in too many ways to list here, our Judicial branch is a carnival of circus freaks, overruling elections to promote their radical leftwing agenda. And then our untouchable Supreme Court, they’ve already ruled once that it is constitutional for the government of the Land of the Free to force all its citizens to buy a product or face government penalties.” Joe Dan calls it liberal tyranny. He also touches on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail woes, the raising of the debt ceiling, Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli-U.S. tension in this mesmerizing edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Bibi Beats Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu’s surprisngly smashing victory in last week’s Israeli elections had major implications across the globe. Not only did he overpower Israel’s left-wing Labor Party, but he tossed a monkey wrench into the Obama Administration’s plans for the Middle East. Dick Morris analyzes the election results and what turns out to be a punishing defeat for President Obama.

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