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A Kaleidoscope of Color

Isaac Newton pegged it correctly when describing the colors in a rainbow. But terminology and technology changed drastically over the years, nearly eliminating the colors indigo and violet and re-introducing purple. Henry Reich explains in this fascinating edition of Minute Physics.

Dems Abusing Black America

Four Chicago activists stunned the progressive left by going on record with a shocking message to black communities. Their simple missive: It’s the Democrat Party, not Republicans, who are responsible for oppressing Black America, specifically African-American politicians and President Obama. In a stirring interview with Rebel Pundit, black activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward laid out their concerns. “They’re not pushing a black agenda, they’re not pushing a family agenda, they’re pushing a neo-liberal agenda,” says Paul McKinley. “Black leadership is abusing us, the Democratic Party is abusing us.” Listen to their heartfelt pleas from inner city Chicago.

Created By Crazy Accidents

From wallpaper cleaner turned into a children’s toy to laughing gas that nobody knew could stop you from feeling pain, Danger Dolan counts down 15 innovative inventions that were created by the craziest of accidents.

Our Future in Peril

Spending in our country has always spiked to exorbitant levels during wars, but settled in peacetime. But after dropping following World War II, spending has spiraled out of control. Political pundits are forcasting the destruction of our society, or worse yet, another depression. “We are going broke, and the response of our politicians is not to cut anything, it’s to double down on idiotic policies that will increase our debt,” consumer and investigative reporter John Stossel says. Stossel points out the culprits threatening our future, then focuses on the forces that have made life better in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Free Oil With 3rd Obama Term

“Analysts say a weak economy is causing less gasoline use, resulting in falling oil prices,” says Jodi Miller. “So basically the worst the economy is, the lower the oil prices. So if President Obama could serve one more term, oil would be free.” Miller also reports on the Midterm Elections, Obama’s ISIS strategy, Chris Matthews and Kris and Bruce Jenner in this edition of NewsBusted.

More Airstrikes, No Troops

Reason TV’s Zach Weissmueller hit the road to Venice, California, to pose questions to its citizens about the military intervention against ISIS in Iraq. The interviews are also part of a Reason-Rupe Poll on the subject. Among the most common responses were our support of U.S. airstrikes in Iraq, but strong opposition toward boots on the ground. Check out more of Weismueller’s sojourn across the country and Reason Foundation Emily Ekins’ analysis.

Banned in America

From banning plastic bags in many areas throughout the country to making tanning devices illegal in California, 2014 is turning out to be a BANner year. The Blaze’s Amy Holmes takes a closer look at various items that were banned in various parts of the country in this edition of “Hot List.”

The End Of Our Rock-Star Prez

With his approval numbers dove-tailing and still obstinately pushing his progressive garbage down the throats of his flock, President Obama is about to meet his political maker in 11 days as Republicans are poised to win the Senate and control Congress. What will become of Obama’s final two years? Will he make an effort and compromise, or will he hold scornfully tight to his veto power? The “Trifecta” crew of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott discuss the new political frontier which is about to unfold.

Obama’s Ebola Failure

Despite the stark differences in opinion among Democrats, Republicans and Independents, there’s an issue that comes along once in a long while that unites us all. The threat of an Ebola pandemic is one of them and the majority of Americans agree that a ban on West Africans traveling to America is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, says Dick Morris, our illustrious president is flouting any such notion. “The entire country understands the need for a flight ban,” Morris says. “Dozens of nations have enacted flight bans on West African travelers, including about 10 African countries that have adopted it. But the United States refuses to do that.” In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, Morris explains why President Obama’s failure to listen to Americans is a huge mistake.

Our Politically Correct Military

Investigative reporter John Stossel says he’s happy with our military keeping us safe from foreign attack and satisfied that we’re–for the most part–at peace in this ever-crazy world. But Stossel points out that it seems that our military is more preoccupied with environmentalism and political correctness. Afghanistan war veteran Aaron MacLean joins Stossel in this edition of Liberty Pen to discuss if it’s appropriate for our military to pursue green energy schemes and whether it is the proper venue to conduct experiments on political correctness.

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