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How Airplanes Stay Airborne

Have you ever wondered how mega-ton airplanes stay airborne? A wonder of science, for sure. But more precisely, it’s a byproduct of Newton’s Laws of Physics. “Airplanes stay in the air because of one simple fact,” says Henry Reich. “There is no net force on them. And with no net force, an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays that way.” Join Reich in this edition of Minute Physics as he explains the phenomenon.

The Russian Bear Squeaks

Taken aback by a Russian man’s letter bashing America, Wild Bill climbs on his patriotic horse and lashes back in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Obama Pulls a Fast One

Dick and Eileen Morris wrote in their book, Power Grab, that President Obama would be unable to get cap and trade through Congress, therefore opting for the executive action/regulation route. Well, the Morrises were spot on. “Obama now wants to take the whole issue of climate change and environmental regulation away from Congress and to vest it entirely in the executive branch by concluding a treaty on climate change.” And the details get stickier as Morris explains in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

How ISIS Gets Its Money

The ISIS coffers are overflowing in riches, raking in up to $2 million a day. But how on earth did they become so well-funded? Buck Sexton of The Blaze Network takes a close look at three areas where these Islamic terrorists line their pocketbooks. Find out where in this presentation of the Buck Sexton Show.

Life’s a Beach

From unnaturally colored sand to a spot where cows and humans frolic in harmony, Danger Dolan counts down the world’s 15 weirdest beaches, such as Barking Sands Beach on Kaua’i Island in Hawaii. The beach gets its peculiar name from the sounds it makes when visitors stroll on its sand. The sound comes from a unique blend of sand granules made from quartz grinding together. Tune in and enjoy the details on 14 other weird beaches around the world.

Obama a Pseudo Christian

President Obama’s recent diatribe ripping Christians, when he jumped into the brouhaha over the Indiana religious freedom law, has pundit Alfonzo Rachel red-hot under the collar. “Obama remarked at a prayer breakfast that he’s concerned about less-than-loving expressions from Christians,” Rachel says. “Well I get concerned to. I’m concerned that Obama is an opposer who’s as much a Christian as RuPaul is a female.” Listen to more of Rachel’s response in this charged edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

A Climate Change Reversal

“At Howard University, President Obama discussed the effects of climate change on public health,” Jodi Miller reports. “It seems that global warming is causing more and more of us to get frostbite.” In this week’s NewsBusted, Miller features Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, Yemen, Ellen DeGeneres and Rahm Emmanuel.

Shut Up and Listen

Tom Yorton, CEO of Second City Works, says the single most important skill we could have in our arsenal is listening. “You have to work at listening. You have to practice it,” says Yorton, whose Second City Works is the world’s leading comedy theater and leading school of improvisation. “I think the biggest thing about all of our stuff with improvisation is it’s the idea of being in practice and not just taking it for granted.” Listen to the rest of Yorton’s logic in this presentation of “Big Think” on Liberty Pen.

Misinterpreting the Bible

Many Christians interpret the Holy Bible in different ways, but host Elliott Morgan of Mental Floss says there are many misconceptions that have been attributed to the religious tome that will surprise you. Morgan does his best to debunk these mistruths.

Muslim Wives Now On the Menu

Sheik Abdul Aziz broke the news recently that Muslims are now allowed to kill and eat their wives under very specific circumstances. The declaration has taken many aback, including Wild Bill, who says, “As a Christian I really have to admit that I don’t understand the way you guys treat your wives. See, God commands Christians to love their wives so much that we would lay down our lives for them.” Tune in to this edition of Wild Bill for American to listen to Wild Bill’s litany of civility.

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