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Dirty Democrats Strike Again

It looks like the hapless Texas Democrat Party is up to its political antics again. On the surface, Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted for attempting to remove the head of the Public Integrity Unit (PIU). Turns out the PIU chief was booked for DWI and was aggressive and belligerent to arresting officers on top of that. But what the official media coverage is leaving out, is that the PIU head honcho was also guilty of failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. Wild Bill analyzes the ridiculous charges against Perry and how the Democrats have elevated breaking the law to an art form–much like their master in the White House.

Frenchy’s Luck Runs Out

In our hilarious video of the week, check out this French bulldog’s frustration as he tries, but cannot, reach his prize. Funny stuff posted by Piotr Nowak. And come on back to LOL next Tuesday for a rerun in the lighter side of life.

Buried in Litigation

“Everything lawyers do takes too long” is consumer reporter John Stossel’s postscript to his personal opinion of the legal system in America. “We need law and lawyers to keep the peace,” he says. “But you should avoid using them.” Tune in to this edition of Liberty Pen as Stossel explains how the only benefactors in our legal system are lawyers.

Debunking the Black Myth

Ferguson, Missouri, resident Jonathan Gentry takes rioters, protestors and faux civil rights activists to task on YouTube in the aftermath of the tragic shooting last week that left teen-ager Michael Brown dead. Newmax’s Steve Malzberg, who interviewed Gentry earlier on his show, comments on clips from the YouTube post in this edition of “The Steve Malzberg Show.” The video is riveting and hard-hitting as Gentry destroys the myth of black victimization in our inner cities.

U.S. Debt Enough For Michelle

Jodie Miller reports that the national debt has increased by $7 trillion since President Obama took office. “Wow! That’s like enough for two whole Michelle Obama vacations,” she says. In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features Thomas Sowell, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, Laura Ingraham, Jewish voters and the San Antonio Spurs.

The Global Warming Hoax

The “Trifecta” crew analyzes recent evidence that could ultimately label global warming as the second-greatest hoax of alltime. The trio of host Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Kruiser discuss a recent article by Chrstopher Booker in Britain’s Telegraph landed another blow against man-made global warming. Says Whittle, “For 30 years now, what he correctly describes as one of the most accurate temperature data sets in the world, those recorded by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Adminisration (NOAA), turns out that that data has been fudged.” The “Trifecta” panel explains in this edition of of PJTV. And, oh yeah, Whittle reveals what the greatest hoax of alltime is.

Hand-in-Hand With Israel

Get your passports ready. Wild Bill has come up with a cool way to support our closest ally and frustrate the Obama Administration all at once. “Israel is one of our greatest friends and a vitally important strategic ally and I, for one, am sick and tired of the way our government and the United Nations have treated Israel,” Wild Bill says. So what’s Wild Bill’s solution. Listen to the details in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

Westerners Join Muslim Jihads

While President Obama attempts to deflect the barrage of foreign policy critics from his own party, his administration is now confronted with the growing problem of American Jihadis. Amy Holmes, host of “The Hot List” on The, shares some incredible stories of Westerners leaving home to join Muslim Jihads abroad.

Get Ready For Ebolacare

“Several people in New York and Ohio are being tested for the Ebola Virus,” Jodi Miller reports. “So President Obama is about to announce the rollout of his latest program–Ebolacare. Miller also highlights Nancy Pelosi, U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, Russian bombers and Joe Biden in this edition of NewsBusted.

Anybody Out There?

The one question that has baffled us for millenia is: Are we alone in the universe? With more than 500 trillion suns like ours in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, more than 100 trillion galaxies and the increasing number of exoplanets in the universe, it is nearly impossible to think that there is nobody else. Hybrid Librarian takes a look at this mystery and nine others that have stupefied our greatest minds.

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