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ISIS Ideology Extreme

Describing the ideology of the terrorist group ISIS can be a bit confusing and frightening, too. Buck Sexton, who hosts a radio show on The Blaze Network, says the term that best describes ISIS’ interpretation of Islam is Salafi. “In a modern context, the term Salafi refers to a puritanical version of Islam, one that tries to make its adherents live life as closely as possible to the early Islamic leaders.” Tune in as Sexton devles into more of the ideals practiced by ISIS.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

In this timeless episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, guest star Johnny Cash captures the spirit of Thanksgiving with his stirring rendition of A Thanksgiving Prayer. May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless America always.

Myths of the Silver Screen

There’s no doubt the Silver Screen is deeply entrenched in Americana. Hollywood entertains us, excites us and makes us cry. But Hollywood has been known to bend the facts for effect, creating myths that many believe to be true to this day. Such as flying through an asteroid belt is deadly because of the density of the mega-rocks, making them impossible to avoid. Truth is, asteroids in space are miles apart and there is a billion-to-one chance of colliding with one. Check out nine other Hollywood myths that will blow your mind in this edition of Alltime 10s.

College Costs Soaring

The cost of a college education continues to blast through the roof, burdening students and their families. American University economics professor Daniel Lin says there are two major factors contributing to the skyrocketing costs: supply and demand and government subsidies. Join Lin in this edition of Learn Liberty as he searches for a solution.

America’s Relationship Map

Not married? Ever wonder where all the singles are? Turns out most singles live in frigid Alaska. Trisha Hershberger and William Haynes dissect America’s relationship map in this edition of SourceFed.

African Depopulation Exposed

The Alex Jones Channel reports that Kenyan Catholic bishops fear that a current World Health Organization vaccine campaign to provide neonatal care to young women and girls is actually a mass sterilization exercise. The Alex Jones Channel takes an in-depth look at the project it has labeled “Operation Depopulation,” which is covertly sponsored by the Kenyan government.

Middle Ages Never Happened

From President Obama controlling the weather to entire periods of history that apparently never happened, the following are the 15 worst conspiracies of all time. For instance, German publisher Herebert Illig claims the Middle Ages never happened, but was a creation of forgeries and manipulations by the Vatican, books rewritten and false accounts created. That’s just one of many bizarro conspiracies in this edition of Danger Dolan.

Minimum Wage Hike Kills Jobs

The New York Times, recognized around the planet as the bible of the progressive left, actually got it right back in 1987 when it editorialized that the perfect minimum wage was $0.00–zero! The Times opined that “the minimum wage is an idea whose time has passed.” Says David Henderson, editor of Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, “So economists and the liberal paper were on the same page. Why? Because they understood that a minimum wage does not guarantee jobs. It guarantees only that those who get jobs will be paid at least that minimum.” Henderson explains in this edition of Prager University that hiking the minimum wage might well lead to unintended consequences.

Sea Monster is Missing Link

Scientists say the discovery of Cartorhynchus-Lenticarpus, the first amphibious sea monster ever found, is indeed the missing link between land reptiles and aquatic reptiles from the Jurassic Period. In this edition of SourceFed, Joe Bereta gives us more on the reptile that has been dead for 248 million years.

A Dangerous Monopoly

It’s a fact that everyone wants the products they buy to be safe to consume or use. So what is the safest route–the free-market system or a government-run program? Professor Howard Baetjer, of Towson University, explains that under the free-market system, competition among certification firms allows the process to work as it should and prevents under- or over-testing. And the firms have no monopoly. On the other hand, government holds a monopoly on safety standards that may result in over- or under-testing of products. “A monopoly government agency faces no check on this kind of caution,” says Baetjer. “If an agency rejects a product that’s safe, or takes years for additional tests, the manufacturer cannot turn to another certifier. No other certifiers are permitted.” Listen to the rest of Professor Baetjer’s case for a free-market system.

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