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Sea Monster is Missing Link

Scientists say the discovery of Cartorhynchus-Lenticarpus, the first amphibious sea monster ever found, is indeed the missing link between land reptiles and aquatic reptiles from the Jurassic Period. In this edition of SourceFed, Joe Bereta gives us more on the reptile that has been dead for 248 million years.

A Dangerous Monopoly

It’s a fact that everyone wants the products they buy to be safe to consume or use. So what is the safest route–the free-market system or a government-run program? Professor Howard Baetjer, of Towson University, explains that under the free-market system, competition among certification firms allows the process to work as it should and prevents under- or over-testing. And the firms have no monopoly. On the other hand, government holds a monopoly on safety standards that may result in over- or under-testing of products. “A monopoly government agency faces no check on this kind of caution,” says Baetjer. “If an agency rejects a product that’s safe, or takes years for additional tests, the manufacturer cannot turn to another certifier. No other certifiers are permitted.” Listen to the rest of Professor Baetjer’s case for a free-market system.

A Lesson in Survival

In an incredible display of self-survival, grit and determination, a 1-year-old elephant, who strayed from his mother at the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zambia, survives an attack from 14 lions. The dramatic video was captured by a group of international journalists who stumbled upon the confrontation upon game drive through the safari. H/T New York Post

It’s Opposite Day For the Left

If you listen carefully to the litany of proclamations and assurances from the Obama Administration and the progressive left over the last few years one thing is certain: Everything they’ve said has had an opposite outcome. Conservative political commentator Andrew Klavan has labeled the phenomenon Opposite Day. In this edition of Truth Revolt, Klavan lays out a laundry list of promises from Obama himself that did not come to fruition.

Real Democrats Exposed

Wild Bill for America has tossed his hat into the political firestorm surrounding comments by Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber. Democrats are finally telling the truth, Wild Bill says, after Gruber admitted that lying and deception were major factors in getting the Affordable Care Act passed. “They admit that they rely on deception, lies and dishonesty to ram corrupt policies down Americans’ throats,” he says. “Because in their opinion, we the people are too stupid to know what’s good for us.” Tune in to hear more of Wild Bill’s thoughts on the Democrats’ condescending rants.

Understanding Ebola the Key

Jennifer McQuiston, an infectious disease specialist with the CDC in Atlanta, says educating and reassuring people on the Ebola Virus will play a major role in conquering the outbreak. “Ebola is a disease that is quite frightening to people. The more you know about it, the more frightening it becomes,” McQuiston says. “But what I would say to people is that understanding the disease, understanding how the virus is transmitted, how it works, should actually be reassuring to the American public.” Watch as McQuiston tells NewsMax TV’s anchor J.D. Hayworth about the origins of Ebola.

Evolving into the Future

The rapid advancement of technology will play a large role on how we evolve as human beings. For instance, our future relatives will more than likely have eyes that become unnervingly larger and blink sideways to avoid cosmic rays. They will also grow as we colonize alien planets in dimmer environments. Discover nine more evolutions to the human race in this edition of Alltime 10s.

Liberalism Or Infantilism?

Political commentator Bill Whittle says people who call themselves liberals have bumper-sticker philosophies that are liberal. “They’re not even leftists,” he says. “They’re infantile.” Whittle dissects one of these undeservedly self-righteous positions and compares the modern liberal to the real deal in this edition of “Firewall” on Truth Revolt.

Forbes: Putin Most Powerful

Forbes magazine has ranked Russian president Vladimir Putin the world’s most powerful person. President Obama came in second,” Jodi Miller reports. “But it’s really not fair, because in Russia being president is a fulltime job.” Miller also features illegal border crossers, TSA, Kim Kardashian, Willie Nelson and Bruce Jenner in this edition of NewsBusted.

Obama Continues Defiance

Even though the Obama Administration and the Democrats received a shellacking in the Midterm elections, our Commander in Chief is turning a blind eye to it all. “You’d think after a wildly lopsided election, we could forget about politics for a while,” says Joe Dan Gorman of Intellectual Froglegs. “But no, Obama the Destroyer will not be denied. Obama gives a speech like he won. After the brutal shellacking that he took, he says he heard the two-thirds of America that did not vote.” Tune in as Gorman analyzes Obama’s defiance and the recently ignited healthcare controversy, starring MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber.

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