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The Trump Factor

With all his bombast and controversy, Donald Trump continues to confound the political establishment with what has so far been a wire-to-wire performance in the polls. The Trump Factor has many political pundits second guessing their views, including Dick Morris, who asks, “Can Donald Trump actually win the nomination.” Listen to his analysis in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Nations Struggling to Survive

Be it economic imbalance, political turmoil, overpopulation or ethnic division, Top Lists takes a serious look at 10 countries that might not survive the next 20 years. Check out the countries in peril and be prepared to be shocked.

Respect Your Rights

The First Amendment of the Constitution provides us with our most precious rights. If one so wishes to desecrate the American flag, he or she is protected under the First Amendment. But why, asks Alfonzo Rachel, would someone want to do this? Especially in front of veterans. Well it happened recently when a protester shouting obcenities began stomping on Old Glory in front of an American vet. Says Rachel, “That flag represents we the people who understand the balance of freedom. It does not represent those who take liberties with other peoples’ rights.” See the rest of Zo’s logic in this edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

Obama Watching After ISIS

Jodi Miller is reporting that, “According to The New York Times, ISIS leaders are taking steps to ensure the group’s survival. And obviously, so is President Obama.” Also landing on Miller’s hit list this week is Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Taco Bell and the August heat wave in this edition of NewsBusted.

The Power Of the Lens

In this video blog by Perfet Life, a moving collection of iconic photographs from the last 100 years demonstrates the heartbreak of loss, the tremendous power of loyalty and the triumph of the human spirit.

The Wrong Side Of History

If you opposed the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage, you were on the wrong side of history. Opposing the legalization of marijuana branded you as stuck in the past. According to whom, you ask? President Obama, of course, who’s also tossed out the term, “the right side of history,” with abandon. Obama has flirted with these Marxist terms throughout his six-plus years in the White House, but is there really a wrong side and right side? “What unites both terms is arrogance and cowardice,” says nationally syndicated columnist and best-selling author Jonah Goldberg. “The notion that history is moving in an inevitable direction is ancient. But in modern times it’s main champion is Karl Marx.” In this edition of Prager University, Goldberg explains further, including why the terms have different meanings domestically and abroad.

Another Black Monday

Fox News Business Channel’s Stuart Varney reacts to Monday’s 1089-point collapse in early trading, the biggest-ever drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Dow recovered slightly, closing the day with a 588-point drop. A visibly excited Varney tells viewers, “I do believe the circuit breakers kick in if you hit 7 percent. We’re at 6.4 percent now, if we hit 7 percent the action closes down on the New York Stock Exchange.” The market eventually reached 6.62 percent, but rallied late, avoiding a shutdown.

Faster Than Speed Of Light

From animals that are made for speed to the fastest movement we know of, Danger Dolan counts down the 15 fastest things known to mankind. The list examines humans, animals, missiles, cars and, of course, extraterrestrial objects, such as stars. Check out what is the fastest object in the universe. Faster than light, if you can believe it!

One Nation Under God

Speaking to a men’s breakfast at a prominent church in Daytona, Florida, Wild Bill issued a challenge to a typical American church in light of the country’s fall from moral grace. “I challenged the men to be men of God, to do their duty as ambassadors of Christ,” he says. “The Christian church withdrew from the American culture, and guess what took over. I told the men that Ronald Reagan once said that, ‘If we ever forget that we are a nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.”

Obamas Out to Destroy Hillary

Political pundit Dick Morris says that there’s no doubt Hillary Clinton can trace her current political chaos to the Obamas. Just check out the evidence, he says. “Based on my experience in politics and in Washington with a Democratic president, you cannot have so many people climbing all over the Hillary case and hitting her and leaking stuff and contradicting her and pursuing investigations without at least the tacit approval of the Democratic president,” Morris says. “It just wouldn’t happen that way.” Listen to Morris further explain his thoughts in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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