Phalogenics: an honest review of a male enhancement method

Nowadays, a lot of men suffer from infertility issues and other health problems that are highly associated with their sexual life. A variety of methods have made their appearance on the global market and promise to help men fight off those issues effectively. Phalogenics Program is a widely used method that has gained a lot of positive reviews from clients from around the world. Let us have a closer look at its special features and properties.

What exactly is this program?

Generally speaking, the Phalogenics Program is a series of instructive videos that can help men of all ages increase the size and length of their penis and therefore improve their erections and their overall ability to satisfy their partners. Professionals in the field of male enhancement have gathered together and made a program that combines resistance and stretching exercises that can really change your body quickly.

Former clients who have tried out this method have observed some positive results right from the very start.

Significant features around the Phalogenics Program

The most important feature of the Phalogenics Program is its natural approach towards the sexual health of males. This program has a clear and instructive interface, it is easy to use and safe. It doesn’t include consumption of any type of chemical substance or drug and it offers men some great permanent results.

The whole point behind this method is the fact that it teaches you natural ways that can help you enlarge your dick and most importantly tone your muscles surrounding it. The exercises it consists of have multiple levels of difficulty and therefore, you can increase the amount of energy and effort you put into them as you progress.

You can also, combine this program with another popular instructive video-based program named ”Advanced Sexual Mastery” for optimal results.

Major Benefits of the Phalogenics Program

An important advantage of this program is the fact that it provides its results that are good and permanent relatively quickly and most importantly with a natural way. The use of any external device that causes difficulty in handling it or moving it around is not a problem with the Phalogenics method. All you need to have is some free space in your house with a DVD player installed.

Devices, like strap-on tools, are also, not included in this program and therefore the method can be followed by every man, independent of his penis size or other physical characteristics.

No cleanup is required after you perform your daily exercises and that allows you to save some important time and energy. The most significant benefit of this program, however, is its efficacy and long-lasting results it offers users.

Disadvantages of the Phalogenics Program

A small disadvantage of this method is the fact that due to its natural approach and lack of chemical medications, the first results may not appear as quickly as some men may have wished to. In order to achieve some positive results, you need to commit yourself to your goal and perform your daily exercises even when you feel tired or lazy.

However, although you may have to wait sometime before you experience any great changes to your body, you should be aware of the fact that the results will last for all your life afterward.

Comparison of other products

It is true that the Phalogenics Program is not the only available male enhancement method on the market nowadays that provides customers with good results. A popular alternative is a brand named Quick Extender Pro that contains a device specifically designed to help users enlarge their dick.

Although the results from using this alternative usually appear more quickly compared to the Phalogenics method, the whole process is more complicated and the device that should be used on the genital region of men can be annoying for some users, as well.

Another well-known device is the Male Edge Extra one that offers some quick and quite impressive results, but the particular dimensions of the device may not be overly applicable for most users.

Some final thoughts

Overall, the Phalogenics is a good option for every man wishing to enlarge his penis naturally. Although it requires some commitment on your part, the results will satisfy you in the end and make you feel more secure and proud of your body. This will also, make you perform better in the bedroom and it will make your partner plead with you for some more sex.

Combining this program with some natural supplements or manual devices can make the results even more apparent and help you reach some impressive orgasms.

How to Lick Our Partner’s Pussy like a Real Pro?

Lick Her Pussy Now!

Women can sometimes be difficult in the bedroom when the time comes for them to experience their unique orgasm. Their partner should be able to help them in that field. Licking your woman’s pussy like a pro can make her moan and pant until she reaches her climax. That will make her happy and leave her satisfied and ready to make you experience your own unique orgasm. Here are 3 tongue techniques you should master if you wish to lick pussy like a real pro.

Find your way around her clitoris

We all know that a woman’s most sensitive part in her genital region is that little bud, named clitoris. Learning how to lick that part like a pro can really make your partner moan and beg you for more. Experimenting with different movements and watching for her reactions will help you find the type of movement she prefers.

In any case, start by licking the outer parts of her pussy and slowly move inwards till you reach her clitoris. Give your girlfriend time to adjust to your movement before you increase your pace and do not hurry for any reason. When you finally reach her clit there are two basic techniques you could follow: you could either move up and down with your tongue or move in circles.

Ideally, men should alternate between those two movements and focus on the woman’s breathing before they change their strokes to more intense ones. When you see that the her orgasm is really close, gently flick the hood of her clitoris. You should however, be really careful to avoid hurting one of the thousands nerve endings that end up in that region.

Alternate between licking to sucking

When you see that your woman gets closer to her climax, you could try to move from barely licking her pussy to actually sucking it. It is important to remember that sucking doesn’t apply to the clit alone, but to the broader area of her pussy. Sucking should never be too forceful, however, cause it can easily turn the whole experience to a displeasing one.

It is also important to avoid keeping a steady rhythm when you focus yourself on sucking. Intensifying your efforts and stepping back for a while before continuing can really blow your girlfriend’s mind. Another useful tip is to flatten your tongue as much as you can when you are on the licking phase. Sharp tonguing will probably just hurt here sensitive region and make her uncomfortable.

The technique of motorboating

The act of motorboating is one of the most successful techniques men could try in order to make their girlfriends reach their edge. It is also, pretty simple to master. All you need to do is to slowly blow out on her pussy, letting your lips vibrate back and forth. The first thing you should do however, is to start by kissing her lightly on her pussy.

Continue to barely touch her on her pussy and then blow out. Alternate between softer touches and harder and longer blows. This will make her crazy and she will start begging you to let her reach her climax. That’s your time to increase your effort and help with your hands and mouth. Touch her belly, her inner thighs and boobs and watch her face to see her reactions.

Be careful to avoid pushing her too quickly towards the edge because it can ruin the whole building up just as quickly. Another advice is to let her use her own fingers down there if needed. Just like we know what works best for us, women also, user their hands a lot down there.

Having a healthy sexual relationship depends a lot on mutual satisfaction. Men usually worry about pussy licking and they don’t know where to start and how to proceed. Learning some basic and proven techniques is not that difficult. It actually depends a lot on learning to watch for your woman’s signs of pleasure and using those signs to continue to satisfy her until she reaches her climax.

A woman’s pussy is in general, a lot more sensitive than a man’s organ and for this reason it should be treated with care and patience. Letting your partner enjoy the moment when you try to get her off will definitely make her feel special and happy to have you as her lover.

Volutrex: is it the top male enhancement product out there?

Volutrex ExtremeA lot of men suffer from fertility issues, nowadays. Fortunately, there are a lot of supplements that can help men of all ages enhance their sexual life. One of the most well-known natural formulas is called Volutrex.

It is a natural semen enhancer that can help men with inadequate sexual appetite develop a better sexual health. Following, we are going to have a more thorough look at this product and its special characteristics.

A general description of Volutrex

Volutrex is an overall natural formula that can help men acquire a more pleasant sexual life. Its unique combination of ingredients, along with its many testified positive reviews guarantee the product’s efficacy and safety.

Users have experienced stronger and longer orgasms and an overall improvement in their sexual life. Their sexual drive is also, increased after a while and that plays an important role in their intimate relationships.

What are the special ingredients in this formula?

All of the natural compounds that exist in Volutrex are known for their ability to boost sexual health and increase the frequency and strength of male orgasms.

Maca root, Saw Palmetto, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Momordica and Siberian Ginseng are the most pharmacologically important ingredients of Volutrex.

Maca root can increase testosterone levels, which is the most important male hormone in men suffering from fertility issues. Siberian Ginseng helps you experience stronger and longer erections and Saw Palmetto is capable of enhancing your sex drive.

Yohimbe and Momordica are both capable of increasing the amount of blood and consequently oxygen transfer towards the male genital organ.

Ideal dosage of Volutrex

Receiving the optimal dosage of every supplement can help you experience the best results without suffering from adverse effects. That is the case with Volutrex, as well.

The manufacturer advises users to receive 1 mL of this formula every single day for at least 2 months and about 2-3 hours before each sexual encounter.

Results after using Volutrex regularly

It is true that users have claimed that after they started to receive Volutrex daily, they started to experience an overall improvement in their sexual life and health.

Your sexual appetite will increase considerably, your erections will become longer and stronger and you will also, experience an improvement in your semen production and ability to ejaculate more.

That’s not all, however. When you suffer from a fertility issue, it is only natural that your self-esteem and overall mood will get negatively affected, as well. Your difficulty in achieving strong orgasms, along with your inability to provide your partner with utter satisfaction can really harm your pride and make you insecure. Volutrex can really help in boosting your psychology, and making you more confident.

Average cost of Volutrex

Volutrex is considered an affordable product out there and it can actually be purchased by every user. The average cost of a bottle is about $25.

The range for every single bottle is actually between $20 and $30, but users are advised to purchase more than bottle in order to receive a significant discount.

A brief comparison against similar supplements

Nowadays, there are some other supplements that can improve men’s overall health , as well. Those supplements are as effective as Volutrex in helping men deal with fertility issues and their brand names are Volume Pills and VigRX Plus.

The main difference between those 3 products lies in their active ingredients. VigRX Plus consists mainly of Muira Puama, Damiana, Ginkgo Biloba and Saw Palmetto. On the other hand, Volume Pills are mostly comprised of Zinc Oxide, Xian Mao and Ku Gua.

Another different characteristic of Volutrex is that it is available in liquid form, while the two other products are solid pills.

Apart from those few differences, users should have in mind that clinical trials have testified the efficacy of all of the above mentioned products.

Having a healthy sexual life is a vital part of every relationship. Particularly for men, who are considered by nature the leaders in the bedroom, it’s vital for their mood and psychology to be able to perform well and satisfy their partners.

Volutrex is really able of aiding men deal with any type of fertility issue quickly and effortlessly. After all, if you are currently trying to deal with such an issue, you should have in mind that you are not alone. There are a lot of men out there who are suffering from a similar situation.

VigRX Plus: One of the Best Male Enhancement Products


As men grow up, it is only natural that they lose their ability to experience strong erections and orgasms. This can affect a lot their sexual encounters and it can lead to constant complaints from their partner. There is a variety of supplements in the market nowadays, that can help men increase their sperm volume and perform better in the bedroom.

VigRX Plus promises to do exactly that: to help men regain their sexual capabilities and their long lost self-esteem. Let us have a closer look at the way that product really works.

What are the active ingredients of VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus consists of a really good combination of ingredients that can help men of all ages produce greater amounts of the male hormone, known as testosterone, and therefore perform better in bedroom.

The active ingredients of this product are the following: Asian Ginseng, Muira Puama, Damiana, Epimedium leaf extract and Saw Palmetto. Ginkgo Biloba and Hawthorne Berry are also, important compounds in this formula.

Damiana and Epimedium leaf extract are the two ingredients that are responsible for the increase in the blood flow, as well as the amount of oxygen that reaches the genital region. Muira Puama and Ginseng are two natural compounds that are popular aphrodisiacs.

What’s the ideal dosage?

If you wish to experience the best results after you start using VigRX Plus without having to deal with any side effects, then you should stick to the dosage guidance the company itself proposes.

Ideally, you should take 2 pills of this formula daily for at least a month. Taking those pills about 2 to 3 hours before your sexual encounter will increase a lot your performance.

How does VigRX Plus work?

VigRX Plus is made up of a combination of ingredients that have certain positive properties in terms of male enhancing: they can increase blood flow, as well as the amount of oxygen that reaches the man’s genital region, they act as aphrodisiacs and they can increase the levels of testosterone.

What are the most important results?

Men who decide to start and take VigRX Plus on a daily basis will be most satisfied after some days, when they’ll discover that their body starts to change.

Clinical studies and reviews from clients show that this product is capable of helping men acquire stronger and longer erections, better climaxes, higher sexual confidence and more stamina. That way, your whole sexual performance will get a lot better and you’ll be able to leave your partner satisfied, as well.

How much does VigRX Plus cost?

Overall, this product is quite an affordable solution. You can buy this product from many online retailers, including Amazon or Walmart, but you can still purchase it from its official site and get a 67 days money back guarantee.

The actual price of VigRX Plus depends on the amount of this product you wish to purchase. For a 2-month supply, the average price is about $144, while a full-year supply will cost you about $489.

A brief comparison against similar products

Apart from VigRX Plus, there are other popular products in the market nowadays, that can be as much effective. Volume Pills and Semenax are among those products. If compared with VigRX Plus, we’ll see that they present themselves with some major differences, but overall their performance is a lot similar.

They are all efficient products that have proven clinical results in the field of male enhancement. They may differ to their active ingredients but that doesn’t make a lot of difference to the final result. Volume Pills are mostly full of Xian Mao, Zinc Oxide and Ku Gua. Semenax is mostly comprised of Zinc Oxide, L-carnitine and 2 ingredients that are also, present in VigRx Plus: Muira Puama and Hawthorne.

Suffering from a decreased sexual appetite and difficulties during your sexual encounters can be really frustrating. Fortunately, there are some supplements that can help you experience stronger and better orgasms and regain your lost self-esteem once and for all.

VigRX promises to do exactly that: help men of all ages become the ultimate male beast they used to be in the past. It is a natural formula, safe to use and extremely effective. You will see the first results soon after you start using this product on a daily basis.

The Best Semen Enhancer For Men – An Objective Review of Volume Pills

Volume Pills Review

Let’s agree on one thing, nothing can be as frustrating to you as a man as getting a clear signal that your woman is disappointed by your performance in bed. Yes, sex is more than just a physical activity – how much of a blast you give as you ejaculate can make or break your relationship. Maybe you somewhat feel let down by your own performance, you ejaculate small spurts of semen every time you come and ultimately end up dissatisfied with yourself.

Well, all is not lost if you deliver between 3 ml to 5 ml of semen par ejaculation that’s considered normal but if you want to always have a waterfall of semen then you definitely a need semen enhancer. But there’s a problem. How do you establish which is the best semen enhancer available in the market today?

You might have heard about Volume Pills and maybe read or heard from friends that it’s one of the best semen enhancers available today. Here we review this product by looking at its ingredients, dosage, expected results, price, side effects and wind up by making a brief but insightful comparison against Semenax and Volutrex which are the other best semen enhancers in the market currently.

Volume Pills – A Brief Intro

Basically, these are semen enhancers. What does that mean? It means they make you shoot like a porn star. Yes, they make you shoot a much bigger load than you normally do. Volume Pills are a combination of herbal supplements made purposely to increase the volume of semen and ultimately intensify your orgasms. What else would you and your partner want?

How Do Volume Pills Work?

This product from Leading Edge Health works by enhancing semen production, which includes the semen volume too. These pills work by targeting the glands in your reproductive system to work overtime to produce a higher volume of semen for maximum sexual pleasure. To achieve this feat the pills contain powerful natural ingredients as highlighted below.


As mentioned above Volume Pills contain herbal and natural ingredients which include the following:

  • Zinc: With more than 20mg of zinc these pills provide you with a higher intake of zinc per day than the recommended 10 to 15mg per day. A higher intake of zinc boosts your levels of the hormone testosterone, and hence more than sufficient seminal fluids.
  • Hong Hua Fen: First discovered by the Chinese for its power to increase sperm count and motility the safflower is a vital ingredient in these semen enhancement pills.
  • Drilizen: This is what leads to an improved blood flow not only to your penis but to certain other areas of your body. This means better, harder and stronger erections for excellent sexual escapades.
  • Kua Gua: Also known as bitter melon this ingredient does a fantastic job in reducing the amount of fat in your body. Why is this important? High levels of fats in the body are associated with low testosterone levels which in effect mean a lower capacity to produce semen and the accompanying sperms.
  • Solidin: This ingredient stimulates the brain to produce more dopamine which your body giving you more sexual pleasure and intense erections.

These are not the only ingredients of Volume Pills but they suffice to explain why even doctors claim that these pills can actually help anyone who wants to realize long-lasting erections and significantly higher volumes of semen. Other ingredients include but are not limited to:

  • Drizilen
  • Tian Men Tong
  • Ling Zhi
  • Xian Mao
  • Emblica Officinalis


It’s recommended that you take 1 to 2 tablets per day. If you opt for the latter then you can take one in the morning and the other one in the evening. What results should you expect and after how long?

Expected Results

You expect to shoot much bigger loads of semen and more powerful ejaculations than before. In fact, according to the manufacturer, this product promises a 500% semen volume increase. But that’s not all you also expect greater sexual pleasure and intense erections. All these are what you need for more intense and gratifying orgasms in every session of sexual intimacy with your partner.

Well, but after how long? Don’t expect instantaneous results. Don’t take the pill in the morning and expect to perform like a star in the evening. You have to give the pills time to show their impact. Small gains will start to show in about 2 weeks, but full results appear after about a month or two.

Another good thing about the use of Volume Pills is that in normal circumstances you ejaculate some fairly watery semen in your second ejaculation within an hour from the first ejaculation. However, with the use of these pills, you can still ejaculate thicker semen in your second round.

All these sound great but at what price?


According to the official website, these pills are available in several packages which come at different discounted prices as highlighted below.

  • Platinum Package: A 12 month supply currently selling at $348.95


  • Gold Package: 6 month supply at $250.00


  • Most Popular: 3-month package at $160.00


  • Everyday Value: 2 month supply at $110.00


  • Starter Pack: 1 month supply at $65.00


Do Volume Pills Have Any Side Effects?

Though these pills are made from natural and herbal ingredients it doesn’t mean you might not experience some allergic reaction. This depends entirely on your body and health status. It’s therefore vital for you to seek your doctor’s advice before you start using these pills.

How do Volume Pills compare to its main rivals namely Semenax and Volutrex? Let’s see.

Volume Pills vs and Semenax

Though both are products of Leading Edge Health, Volume Pills contain a unique mixture of herbs and other ingredients. In fact, Volume pills are largely made of Chinese herbs and mushrooms. However, for the same duration of use Volume Pills are slightly more expensive than Semenax.

Volume Pills vs Volutrex

While Volume Pills guarantees a 500% improvement in semen volume, Volutrex promises a 300% increase. On the same note, Volutrex is a liquid supplement while Volume Pills are solid tablets.

With that sorted out, it’s clear these pills can be a big boost to your sex life. Use them as directed and have a fantastic sex life.

How to produce a lot more cum naturally and easily?

She wants you to produce a lot of cum!A satisfying sexual encounter is one of the key elements of every healthy relationship. Unfortunately, a lot of men are nowadays, suffering from a variety of problems when the time comes to get into bed with their partner. Low sperm volume, weak erections and insufficient ejaculations are usual problems that naturally affect our psychology and make us feel ashamed, even fearful of our sex life.

Fortunately, all of these problems can actually be solved once and for all. Whether you choose the most difficult way that includes proper eating habits and consumption of certain ingredients or the easy way that includes some really good supplements, you will soon realize that it was worth the effort!

What are the natural ingredients that can increase your cum load?

There is a variety of natural ingredients, including amino acids, vitamins and nutrients that can really help you acquire better orgasms by increasing your sperm count One of the most well-known substances in this field are the L-arginine and L-carnitine compounds.
L-arginine boosts blood circulation towards the man’s genital organs and that results in stronger and long-lasting erections.
L-carnitine is another popular amino acid that can increase your testosterone levels considerably. Both these ingredients can be found in foods, like chicken, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, lentils and turkey.

What about vitamins to produce more cum?

Vitamins can play an important role in improving the general sexual life of both men and women. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as nutritious foods like spinach, brocolli and asparagus can be really good sources of Vitamin E and D, both of which are essential in leading a healthy sexual life and in producing sufficient quantities of sperm load.
The benefits of zinc
Zinc is an essential nutrient that’s ample in various foods, including nuts, spinach and grains. Zinc is a popular ingredient in the supplements that can really boost your sexual desire and make you more confident in the bedroom, as well. That proves its activity as a natural sperm count booster.
The daily consumption of all of the above ingredients can help your body transform into a real sex machine after some time. However, you need to have in mind that choosing this path requires patience and commitment.
If you are more of the lazy type of man, who wishes to see immediate and long-lasting results, then there is another really effective and safe option you should consider: the purchase of a trustworthy supplement.
There are actually some supplements that combine all of the above ingredients, with the addition of other natural compounds that are known for their ability to boost your libido and help you acquire longer erections, along with a larger sperm volume. Let us see 3 of the most popular supplements.

Volume Pills: a natural sperm enhancer

Made of a combination of natural ingredients, including Zinc Oxide, Solidin, Drilizen and Ku Gua, Volume Pills are able to increase the amount of contractions to your penis muscles and that will result in better, more powerful ejaculations.
Volume Pills are exactly what a man needs in order to lead a better sex life. After you start taking them, you will notice a significant increase in your semen volume, you will experience longer and harder orgasms and most importantly, you’ll regain your long-gone confidence you deserve.

Semenax: a great sperm booster

The key to Semenax’s success lies in its great combination of ingredients. Although a lot different from Volume Pills, the compounds included into this formula, are also, capable of making any man shoot more sperm during a sexual encounter.
After some days of receiving Semenax, you will see an improvement in your overall sexual life and the girls will start getting impressed by your production of sperm once again.

Volutrex: the perfect tool for more cum

Volutrex is a supplement that has received some very positive reviews by users who coped with male problems, including low sperm volume, weak erections and preterm ejaculations.
Its unique combination of ingredients can really boost your libido and provide you with extreme sexual pleasure. It will not only help you regain your leading position in the bedroom, but it will also, make your partner satisfied every time you get into bed with her.
Ejaculating great quantities of sperm, having long-lasting, strong orgasms and most importantly feeling satisfied after a sexual encounter is vital for every man. Although the consumption of certain foods can really help you in that regard, it will take some time before you can see the first results.
Choosing a supplement that can provide your body with all of these essential ingredients, combined together in an ideal formula can be a life-changing experience. Imagine how glad you are gonna feel when your self-esteem arises significantly or when your girl pleads with you to spend some more time in the bedroom.

Stud 100 Review – Is it a Real Solution for Premature Ejaculation?

Stud 100Stud 100 is a spray medication used to not only manage premature ejaculation but to also prolong sexual pleasure during intercourse. Recent studies on potency of delayed sprays globally have backed Stud 100 to be the best. Premature ejaculation can be extremely frustrating, but do we have a solution at hand? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

What are the elements that make Stud 100 a magical drug?


Stud 100 possesses 9.6% of Lidocaine as the active ingredient. Other ingredients include:

  • Isopropyl myristate
  • Stearic acid
  • Mild fragrance
  • A solvent

How does Stud 100 work?

To understand how Stud 100 works, let’s look at two broad categories, the mechanism and how the spray is used.

a. The mechanism by which Stud 100 works

Lidocaine, the main ingredient in Stud 100 is a local anesthetic. It functions to reduce the sensitivity at the glans penis and the penile shaft. By doing so, it lowers stimulation and subsequently delays ejaculation. Reduced stimulation also means prolonged intercourse and hence maximum satisfaction for both sexual partners.

b. How the spray is used

To ensure the effectiveness of this medication, spray the glans and the penile shaft 5 to 8 times. After that, wait for about 15 minutes before any sexual activity. This period is meant to ensure adequate penetration of the drug into the penis. Besides, it also prevents passing the drug to your partner. You definitely don’t want her to be numb too, do you?

Advantages of Stud 100

  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • It’s effective
  • It’s totally safe to be used with condoms
  • It’s indisputably safe to use with oral sex
  • It’s cheap and affordable compared other desensitizing sprays

Disadvantages of Stud 100

  • Some men find it too strong
  • It can’t be used when your partner is pregnant
  • It reduces pleasure

Does Stud 100 possess any adverse effects?

In the right amount, this drug has been proven to be safe. However, in excess, the following side effects can occur:

  • Burning sensation on the penile shaft and glans
  • Rashes that could also occur on your partner’s genitalia
  • Excessive numbness
  • Erectile dysfunction

In addition to the above, there are other side effects common to other anesthetic drugs. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Breathing difficulties

If such bothersome adverse effects occur after using Stud 100, it’s advisable to see a physician.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Stud 100

Question: How quickly and for how long do I see results after application?

Response: The onset of action of lidocaine is about 1 minute. It stays in your system for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Question: Do I have to use a condom with Stud 100 or can I penetrate without it?

Response: With or without a condom, Stud 100 is safe when used in the right amounts.

Question: Will my pleasure decrease while using Stud 100? Would I feel anything at all?

Response: Yes your pleasure will slightly decrease but it will be prolonged. It depends on your preference. Do you prefer maximum pleasure that lasts for a short time or a slightly lower pleasure that lasts for a longer period of time? If you prefer the latter to the former, then Stud 100 is for you. As it delays ejaculation, it ensures long-lasting sexual pleasure.

Question: Can I get a blowjob while using Stud 100?

Response: Yes you can. This drug is safe even for oral sex.

Question: Where can I buy Stud 100?

Response: Locally, you can just visit a nearby authorized chemist or pharmacy to buy this medication. Online platforms where you can obtain Stud 100 include:

  • Amazon
  • Stud 100 Official Website
  • Walmart

Similar Desensitizing Sprays for Premature Ejaculation

• Promescent

Promescent is one of the best sex drugs for those who want to last longer in bed. Just like Stud 100, its active ingredient is lidocaine.

• VigRx Delay Spray

This is an expensive yet effective desensitizing spray that will boost your overall sexual performance. Its active ingredient is benzocaine, a local anesthetic that works just like lidocaine.

• Prosolution Gel

This drug acts by increasing nitric oxide levels hence vasodilatation and increased blood flow to the penis. The result is having a harder and long lasting erection while also delaying ejaculation. Moreover, this gel boosts your libido. Eventually, you will experience an overall increase in your sexual performance.

• Adam & Eve Marathon

This water-based spray has benzocaine as the active ingredient. Benzocaine, like lidocaine, is a local anesthetic meant to delay ejaculation for long-lasting sex. It’s as effective as Stud 100, and not as expensive as VigRx.

In a nutshell

There is a solution for premature ejaculation in Stud 100, an effective drug that also boosts overall sexual performance. Stud 100 has quite a good number of advantages and minimal side effects when used correctly. It’s affordability makes it stand out as the best option. Want to boost your sexual performance? Try it out, will you?

An Undisputed Semenax Review that Smashes Your Sperm Count Humiliation

Nothing beats a man than anything that factually demeans his manhood. A man’s ego is comprised of his ability to satisfy a woman sexually and anything contrary, highly demeans him despite his social class, power or anything else for that matter. Sperm count especially counts in determining a man’s overall capability in bed, and when the case is unfortunate, a man is said to be underperforming. It is time to stop pitying yourself and start looking for ways that will increase your sperm count and help save your disabled sex life.

If you have ever looked at male porn stars in action and wished to be like them, no offense, but you are sexually disabled. You see, its only a cripple who looks at a person walking by and wishes he could walk. The truth is that every man would want to splash out sperm-rich semen like water from a fireman’s hose, but it takes good choices to make it possible.
Your sperm count does not only influence your sexual performance, but it determines if you are capable of impregnating a woman. Women are in most cases blamed when they lack children, but imagine if you were the cause of why she cannot conceive. Anyway no need to worry anymore for the solution to low sperm count related problems is actually simple and it lies within the ingredients that Semenax is made of. Read on this review and become the man you have always wanted to be.

A detailed review of Semenax and why you need it

Without sperm, then there is no fruitful sex and needless to say no life. What’s the use of sex if afterward you can’t accomplish what it was meant to? It’s time you knew that your sperm count is the primary start to the incubation of life. Semenax is the ideal remedy that will not only help increase your sperm count, but it will elevate your overall sexual performance.
For you to have a clear view of how Semenax works, it is important that you get to know what your male sexual mechanism is comprised of. Your male sexual mechanism consists of the muscles that support sexual performance and the liquids that are included in your semen.
The muscles that primarily support sex are:
1. The muscles around the penis.
2. The Perineum.
3. Ejaculatory ducts.
4. The Pubococcygeus.
5. The rectum.
6. The anal sphincter.
Naturally, your body programs your sexual muscles to behave according to the semen available to be delivered. That is why you will behave poorly in bed when you have low sperm count while on the other hand, your sexual performance will be perfect when you have enough semen to deliver. Primarily, Semenax is composed of ingredients that increase sperm count, sexual hormones and the amount of fluid content in your semen.
In addition to your sperm content, your semen is comprised of the following fluids.
1. The seminal plasma.
2. The seminal vesicles fluid.
3. The Bulbourethral gland fluid.
4. The prostate gland fluid.
An increase in your sexual fluids goes hand in hand with the increase in your sperm count. In addition, Seminal fluids act to facilitate sperm health and their ability to swim. Your strengthened sexual muscles, on the other hand, serve to push your semen to the furthest, for stronger and satisfying orgasms.

Semenax ingredients that are meant to increase your sperm count and general sexual performance

1. Zinc Aspartate and Oxide that are scientifically proven to increase sperm count and its overall quality. Zinc is scientifically proven to play a great role in the production of increased quality semen.
2. The Swedish flower that boosts your prostate health for healthier sperm and semen production.
3. The L-lysine amino acid that when combined with zinc increases your body’s ability to produce testosterone for increased sperm production and libido.
4. The L- arginine amino acid that increases semen production.
5. The L- carnitine is an amino acid that’s associated with the ability to boost sperm motility.
6. Pumpkin seeds are the ultimate ingredients in Semenax that boost your overall prostate health and libido.
7. Epimedium Sagittatum plays an impressive role in strengthening your erections. This herb increases blood circulation in your body as well as in your penis which explains the increased strength in your erections.
8. Maca which helps you attain and maintain stronger and bigger erections.
9. The Hawthorne herb that enhances blood circulation for stronger and harder erections.
10 Pine Bark extract that supplies your body with nitric oxide which is a requirement for quality and longer erections.
11. The Muira Pauma herb that improves erections and libido.
As is evident with its ingredients, Semenax goes beyond increasing your sperm count. With Semenax, you are assured of better sexual stamina, erectile strength and blasting ejaculations.

The action of Semenax on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Originally, Semenax was made to increase Sperm count and Semen volume as a whole. Semenax ingredients are also effective in boosting testosterone levels for increased sexual performance and libido. However, there are certain exceptions in the results you should expect in case you are experiencing extreme erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
Semenax is made with active natural ingredients that strengthen your sexual muscles, boost erections, and increase sperm count. This product has been effective in boosting overall sexual performance but in extreme cases of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, the results depends on the individual. A good number of men have reported increased sperm count, and better erections as well, while to some the results have been not as expected.
Expected Guarantees
To further emphasize the effectiveness of Semenax, the owners of this product assure you a two months and one week money guarantee. This means that if you use Semenax and anything short of the expected results is what you get, you will have your money refunded in full.
This money guarantee holds if only you buy this product from its original website. This is so because only the original manufacturer of this product can assure you of the expected quality of Semenax.

The Results Vs the side effects of Semenax

The important thing you should have noticed about Semenax as at now is that it’s purely natural. The truth is that you shouldn’t expect the results of Semenax immediately. Due to its natural sexual and sperm count boosting ingredients, Semenax must first immerse itself in your system for it to work effectively. Basically, you will realize some results within a week but that will be just the beginning.
As of side effects, Semenax has none. This is based on its natural ingredients that have nothing artificial or synthetic. The 120 capsules that come with every Semenax bottle are to be taken in the order of two in the morning and two in the evening for best results.

The recommended place to buy Semenax

To protect you from counterfeits, the manufactures of Semenax have taken it upon themselves to be the sole seller of Semenax. To avoid future disappointments, it is therefore important to make your order only from You don’t have to worry about your location for when you make your order, you will have your Semenax delivered to you. For discounts and great saves, order Semenax in bulk from its original website and you will have reason to smile.
You don’t have to be anybody else to deliver impressively in bed
With Semenax you will not have to wish to be like anybody anymore. Porn stars can fool the rest but not you since you have what it takes to be better than them. Increasing sperm count is just one of the many achievements you can expect from the continued use of Semenax. Sooner or later, your lady will have uncountable reasons to long for your manhood inside her.

Semenax pros

1. Made of purely natural sperm count boosting ingredients.
2. No side effects
3. Made to boost sperm count, sexual stamina, endurance, erectile strength, and libido.
4. Medically proven to increase sperm count and boost male sexual performance.

Semenax Cons

1. Semenax may be a little disappointing to impatient men for it takes time to work as expected.
Studies show that low sperm count is the leading cause of male infertility and low libido. Continued intake of Semenax will not only help men increase their sperm count but will deliver them from being average to pros in bed.

Shoot Ropes Review – An undisputed remedy that will add a new taste to your love life

A good number of people will try to dispute this but you will agree that sex is the most fundamental pillar in any relationship. It is a well-known fact that falling love is one thing while maintaining it is another. There are other factors that fuel life into a romantic relationship and sex contributes the highest percentage. Unfortunately, there is a good number of men who can barely satisfy their partners sexually and wish they could get a working solution. The options that many men have tried have either been unsatisfactory or have failed altogether.

A good sex session requires stamina, firm and strong consistent erections, and a good volume of sperm that spurts out like water from a fireman’s hose. If the opposite of that is what you are currently experiencing, Shoot ropes is what you need. Keep reading for the enlightenment that will not only help you increase your sperm count naturally but will help increase your sex sessions like never before.


What is shoot ropes?

If you are wondering what shoot ropes is, you can call it your bedroom game changer. Well not exactly that, but what else can you call an all-encompassing product that is designed to specifically increase your sperm count as well as improve your sexual performance in terms of endurance and recovery? If you are used to not keeping up, its time to kick in some new energy in your manly capabilities and shoot ropes is that new energy.

There are no exact words to actually describe how shoot ropes works. The only real description will be how impressed your partner will be when you get your shaft deep into her for longer and release into her the heaviest load she’s had in a long time after a session she wished could last a lifetime.

It is important to know that shoot ropes is not only your remedy, but it also the number one preference in the porn industry. You see, porn stars aren’t any better than you or anybody else for that matter. The only difference is that they know what to do. What shoot ropes does is that it guides you on what to do to increase the ability of your body to produce sperm and boost testosterone production.

It is well known that the more testosterone there is in a man, the more capable he will be in bed. Porn stars know this very well and they use it to their advantage. The result is increased sexual performance which makes the average guy think that porn stars are sex gods while women fantasize of a sexual session with them. The only secret between poor in bed and a star in the same is shoot ropes. Nothing else really.

An assumption that you haven’t seen other reviews of semen and penile enlargement pills would be illogical. However, shoot ropes isn’t there to say otherwise about any sexual enhancement remedies but you can be sure that the results will tell the difference.


Who is David Mclaren?

David Mclaren is the brains behind the idea of shoots ropes he is a man who was once in your position but got tired of it and set out to find a working solution. His sperm volume was too low and being the man he was, he couldn’t stand and see himself look like an outright fool whenever he was in bed with his partner. Initially, just like any other man in need of a solution, he had sought out the path of sex enhancement pills at futility.

David Mclaren’s sex life changed when on one specific night when he performed poorest sexually and his partner couldn’t help but laugh at his low performance. Deeply humiliated, Mclaren decided to solve his problem his own way, so he went into intense research.

After a few years of intense research, David consolidated his research with views from sex experts. After testing and proving beyond doubt that his research worked, he started the shoot ropes program whose primary target was men who were or proclaimed themselves poor in bed.

While David Mclaren had to work by himself to get what truly worked, the situation is different for you since you have the solution to your embarrassing sexual weakness within your grasp.


Things to learn from shoot ropes


There are five major bonus parts of the shoot ropes program. Included are an extra two which are available at a limited time. The major five parts are:


  1. A guide to effective supplements that you can expect positive results from. This guide encompasses supplements that are safe for your body to work with. You see, at times your body may create resistance to some supplements while others may have side effects that surpass their advantages. Shoot ropes does the job of filtering for you only what’s best.


  1. Techniques that are proven to work effectively to boost sexual stamina, libido, and ejaculation volume. By using these methods, the Mastermind of this program-David Mclaren- achieved a semen increment of 720%.


  1. Information on the right foods that will play a great part in increasing your testosterone levels as well as your libido. In addition, is the information on the foods you should avoid for better and healthy sex life.


  1. A detailed guide to 12 hints that will greatly accelerate the extent of your orgasms. These methods are used in the porn industry and when you embrace them you can be sure of firm stronger erections. Here you will not only find relevant information on how to combat premature ejaculation but you will also get the knowledge on a device used to double the volume of ejaculation during sleep.


  1. Directions on the habits to embrace as well as avoid so as to increase testosterone levels. These directions do not involve risky synthetic creams and injections that could result to adverse side effects but instead naturally workable ways that will play part in testicle enlargement and increased dopamine levels for increased fat-burning and muscle building.


The bonuses include:


  1. Secrets that will boost the taste of your semen for maximum pleasure for your partner.


  1. The porn star smoothie that porn stars use to boost erection and increase semen volume prior to a scene. Comprised in this package are 9 ingredients and David’s own ingredient and how to take them.


Pros of the shoot ropes


  1. Well explained guidelines that are easy to understand.
  2. Assurance of quick workable results. In fact, some methods offer immediate results.
  3. Safety assurance whereby all the methods involved are natural and add to your overall health.
  4. The methods included in this program are all proven to work as expected. This is further evident with the positive reviews that shoot ropes has amassed so far.
  5. The information is readily available in an e-book which means that you start your journey to sexual prowess at any time.




  1. Shoots ropes involves effort since you will have to practically execute the guidelines for you to see results.
  2. Does shoot ropes work?
  3. The best thing to do to have this question answered is to try shoot ropes. Your results in bed will better answer that.



As opposed to using pills and other sexual enhancement remedies that don’t assure you results, it is best to embrace the use of shoot ropes. Though a little involving, the guidelines involved are proven to work and you can be sure that your efforts will sooner than later pay off.

It’s time you surprised your partner with stronger erections and sexual libido that will make her scream your name in pleasure. That is while you prepare her for a hot heavy load that will splash on her not once, twice or thrice, but until she’s had enough.

Semenax vs. Volume Pills for Enhanced Sexual Performance

A romantic relationship is mainly based on love, care and the trust between the two parties involved. However, there are other fundamental factors that help enhance the quality of a relationship and make it more interesting. Among these factors are desire and sex. Specifically, sex is the backbone of every relationship and every partner should look forward to satisfying their partner’s sexual desires. Unfortunately, there are some men who find hard to take their female partners to the next level. To help solve this problem, Semenax and Volume Pills that are designed to enhance sexual performance. If you have been wondering which to choose, here is a detailed review of both that will help make the right choice.

Semenax Pills

Made with the sole purpose of increasing sperm production in men, Semenax is the ideal sperm boosting supplement for men suffering from low sperm production. Semenax is made with a high dose of testosterone and libido booster ingredients that play the primary role in boosting prostrate health and overall sexual performance.
As a matter of fact, Semenax pills are not only made to increase sperm content and ejaculation intensity but they are also made to treat erectile dysfunction, thanks to the Tribulus Terrestris ingredient incorporated in its making.
Basically, Semenax pills are made with the comprehensive idea of combating sexual weaknesses in men by increasing sperm volume, ejaculation intensity, and testosterone production which as a result leads to improved sexual stamina, confidence, and overall sexual performance.

Volume Pills

As the name suggests, Volume pills are sexual enhancement specifically designed to increase the volume of sperm production in men. The only difference between these pills and the rest is that they are made to give you harder, stronger and longer lasting bigger erections.
Volume pills are made with natural organic ingredients that primarily target your sperm and semen generating glands. These ingredients are designed to make your glands work harder in the generation of sperms. The extra work in your glands reflects in your erogenous muscles which makes them contract more sex during sex and push harder when you ejaculate.
There are three principles applied in the making of the volume pill. These principles involve testosterone boost, erogenous muscle enhancement and finally, increased sperm volume. This in return leads to harder longer lasting erections, enhanced ejaculation intensity, and better sexual performance.
Much as many people may urge otherwise, the fact is that no matter the extent of love and care in a relationship. If the sex is below standard then the future of that relationship is doomed. It is for this reason that sexual enhancement supplements become necessary.
Imagine yourself with harder, and stronger erections that will make her feel the whole of you inside her. As if that is not enough, think of the thick highly loaded orgasms that she will be looking up to not once, but severally as you make her feel the change you have become. Well, if that is what you want to achieve, then consider using the supplement that does not only boost sperm production but takes your erections to another level.